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  1. Buds The Man

    The IRON Kingdoms

    I tried really hard to come up with something to say but MEH is all that I could do.
  2. Buds The Man

    Siberian Tiger Alliance Announcement

    Sorry Tyga cant get down there yet to join in for old times sake. Fight well honored enemy.
  3. Buds The Man

    The Complaints and Grievances Union

    this thread needs more Londo. Enjoyed prempting CnG as they planned to roll either way. Your history is a bit revisionist but what ever. Good to see some old faces in here
  4. Buds The Man

    A little white peace note

    o/ Atari Jaguar
  5. Buds The Man

    Death Cookie

    It amazes me how it has been explained multiple times but Hime still doesn't get it.
  6. Buds The Man

    Recogniton of ?

    I have missed you Grub. You have taken your ball and are heading home. What a shame as I thought you would have more of a back bone and fought the whole way down. Instead you throw a tantrum. You should perhaps watch yours. ummm lets take a trip down memory lane with a NO U
  7. Buds The Man

    One Last Time...

    Warms my old warrior hart to see an Anu Drake post. Have fun old one
  8. I with draw previous statement. Carry on
  9. I have received no such poaching attempts and I'm offended. Best thread in a long time would read again. Have fun TBC.
  10. Buds The Man

    Blood Eagle has been performed

    Yes there was a discussion of going in for NG i made it painfully clear that the loss CB was bogus and we should defend NG as it should be considered a different front. THere were more than just a couple of people that agreed but I was only a Vanir at the time so I had no vote.
  11. Buds The Man

    Blood Eagle has been performed

    Joe had gone inactive by that point in that war. It was Levi that had asked the question. Why would I lie at this point what does it serve.
  12. Buds The Man

    Blood Eagle has been performed

    Right as rain here NG was never plotted against and there was never a deal struck for no nukes. Ive seen the logs where Levi simply asked if a policy was still in effect. Smart, probably not but never was a no nuke agreement made. That is utter BS. Your the only one that has a legitimate beef with the second Valhalla but we were far from Cowards.
  13. Buds The Man

    Stinking Armpits. I Cant Take It No More

    I'll throw out an o/ to BAPS have fun.
  14. Buds The Man

    Siberian Tiger Alliance Declaration

    I cannot wish you luck Tyga, though once again STA shows by its actions what an ally is supposed to be. Once more into the fray old enemy though this doesnt quite have the same feel as days of old.