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  1. KoRT, TTK, CCC, it's been a pleasure fighting with you all over the past few weeks. Hope you all had as much fun as we did! o/ casulaties!
  2. I keep seeing a lot of questions about the CB, and it's pretty simple. We found KoRT to be in violation of social distancing guidelines and had more than 10 people around the table. We've come to ensure that proper social distancing is practiced moving forward :). What better way to ensure 6 feet apart than a few nukes?
  3. Imperial Decree For the entirety of the New Polar Order's existence, we have practiced a belief that we will honor our agreements to the letter as we are asked by our allies to go into action. We have also made sure to maintain some simple wartime procedures that any adult alliance can follow; one of those is not aiding an alliance currently at war with another. Pursuant to Article 69 - Life at the Outpost of the treaty we share with our Cowboy friends and that the Children of the Morrighan do not share this same mindset when it comes to war, the New Polar Order hereby declares war. We look forward to meeting your nations on the battlefield. EaTeMuP - Emperor AlmightyGrub - Minister of Truth, Imperator Emeritus Emperor Jason - Minister of Peace Terminator - Deputy Minister of Peace Quantum Leap - Minister of Love bluesam3 - Minister of Plenty
  4. Happy Birthday young padwan!

  5. A rather bittersweet moment. Sad to see your alliance go, but we welcome you to Polaris with the most open of arms. o/
  6. The amount of Zessa in this announcement makes it awful... Congrats!
  7. Oooh, congrats to our new allies on their other treaty announced tonight.
  8. <3 Duckies. Hail our new found bond as allies.
  9. That was the only way I could convince Matt we should cancel it, plus we were unhappy with where things were going. And you're right, a little IRC fight is no reason to leave a bloc. But the continuous mistreatment of an allied government member for over a month, about a month and a half really, is. And Matt was gone for a few days before an election that was not supposed to happen, and before it was over AiD got the forum founder to remove his access, while still the leader of -AiD-. Again, most people would say that is couping your leader.
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