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  1. Hey GDI, I felt my ears ringing so here I am. Basically the long and the short of it is that TPF & NPO didn't talk to each other for a while, NPO started signing treaties with alliances TPF didn't like, TPF started signing treaties with alliances NPO didn't like, and before you know it, NPO cancels the NPO-TPF treaty, and not long after pre-emptively attacks TPF. TPF negotiates peace, spends some time licking it's wounds, cancels all it's treaties, tells everybody who wants to keep playing the game to go elsewhere, and attacks NPO, most people left fought until they had nothing
  2. Heres an idea. If you want to fight sentinel, attack them. Don't sit around all day and !@#$%* because you think they should come into the war to make your life easier. If you want them so !@#$@#$ bad, make some waves, grow some balls and use the now-established precedent that no CB is necessary. I'd hold my breath, but I'd rather not suffocate.
  3. While MK might have been on top for a longer period, their period on top has been pretty sucky and it's not quite as much of an accomplishment.
  4. You represent your government. I do not. Neither do I have any input on policy.So please, forgive me for expressing an opinion. I am truly, deeply sorry that it led you, the leader of a successful, growing and not-any-kind-of-running-joke-of-an-alliance, down the road of petty name-calling; opening yourself up to being exposed as one who, in their eagerness to fling an insult, can't be bothered to do even the tiniest bit of research.I do hope you can find it in your heart to overlook this transgression. If you name weren't synonymous with 'running joke' I might have put in the effort above.
  5. If its an act of war, then declare war, and stop being such a whiny !@#$% already.
  6. +1 XChat is obviously the best. And actually on xchat, on the connection information, you can set it to run a text file as a script on server connect, just basic irc commands one per line, it can identify you, join all your channels, and if you ever want to change it, its just a text file on your computer. My best advice for people using mIRC, use something better.
  7. To be absolutely honest, I forgot what today was. When I saw the title, I was thinking to myself, now what is today, I mean, I know its the 13th anniversary of the columbine shooting, but what else? And then it hit me.
  8. For the love of the children (and my tax collections), y'all need to stop nuking each other. K, Thanks.
  9. memoryproblems


    Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha. Muck Fizzou! They got exactly what they deserved. All in all, a pretty wild four days of basketball, happy to see the Jayhawks held on to make it to the sweet 16. Now all they've got to do is beat two two half-retarded North Carolina teams full of man-childs to make it to the final four.
  10. boo hoo boo hoo. Some parts of the internet prefer to use peaceful tactics. Other parts prefer to use hostile tactics. Anonymous's attacks use the basic mechanics of the internet and exploit computing ability. Beyond waiting for advances in technology, theres not a damn thing that anybody is going to be able to do about things like this, so people will !@#$%* and moan and try to find those responsible, but more will just take their place.
  11. I was never in favor of "no reps" myself, but nobody asked me.
  12. I guess I had hoped that whining about sanctions was so 2011.
  13. So simple, so beautiful. How I despise that about it.
  14. I also prefer Ham over Turkey, Turkey is an inferior meat for those who hate flavor. Some would say pork is filthy, and perhaps it is, but its tasty. I think there might be a correlation. Every few years my parents will shell out and we'll have prime rib for Thanksgiving, but alas, this year it was just ham.
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