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  1. Hey GDI, I felt my ears ringing so here I am. Basically the long and the short of it is that TPF & NPO didn't talk to each other for a while, NPO started signing treaties with alliances TPF didn't like, TPF started signing treaties with alliances NPO didn't like, and before you know it, NPO cancels the NPO-TPF treaty, and not long after pre-emptively attacks TPF. TPF negotiates peace, spends some time licking it's wounds, cancels all it's treaties, tells everybody who wants to keep playing the game to go elsewhere, and attacks NPO, most people left fought until they had nothing
  2. Should have done this, should have done that, but it doesn't keep me up at night, it really doesn't change anything at the end of the day. That we left a bad ally and their !@#$%* friends who we couldn't stand hanging - doesn't bother me one bit. It's like old PC/ujp people trying to make TPF feel bad for this and that and whatever else from the past, probably the most infuriating thing we can do from your perspective is just not give a $%&@, which we don't. For the record though, we came very close to cancelling the treaty, but you know, like all
  3. I can't tell you how many times we got our asses tanned for the sake of NPO, how many times we stuck in losing wars until they got peace. You know what we got in return? Very little if anything, I can't think of many instances where we were significantly better off for being allied to NPO, so you can $%&@ right off with that "we owed it to you". We made sacrifices for NPO, and as for the rest of you - TPF was never happy fighting alongside the crappy allies NPO had been buddying up to, and we were even less happy with being told what to do and just being expected to fall in li
  4. Surely you can understand the mistake, when you spend so much time in the outhouse, you end up smelling like !@#$.
  5. It's things like this that make me advocate really doubling down on these types of endeavors, if I had any ambition what-so-ever, I'd personally spearhead those efforts. It's far from the first time somebody has done something like that, and to a well functioning alliance it poses no real danger. Alliances always like to control the narrative that their members hear, because that gives them control. These nations you speak of are paying the price for the seeds that their leadership sowed. If they want to face the consequences for offenses they did not commit, that's fine, but don'
  6. If only we had just grown apart and went our separate ways, but you and I both know damn well that's not the full story. Friends drift apart all the time, that's a part of life & you move on. But you start thinking about things like the feeling on our side that since the treaty was resigned, we made a number of sacrifices on your behalf, yet at no point were we really any better off for having the treaty. I was really upset to think about how there was multiple conversations around 2013-14 within TPF about walking away from NPO and forgeing a new path, only to have NPO pull t
  7. As far as itching for war for a few weeks now, we've been going at it with NPO for over two months now, so uh, what took you so long? If you want to fight us, fine, but we just find it disappointing that an alliance of over 400 nations needs to call in their friends to defend against an alliance of under 30 members. Given that we entered this war against such odds, do you think we're upset that we're fighting more people? It's not like NPO should have any problem filling our slots, even getting down to the levels which we are. If anything, we are saddened that some people (your members) are be
  8. Oh no! Not Non Grata, please don't send in Non Grata! That's true, but I'd encourage anybody considering it to remember that we don't have an end-game. We have infra/tech/warchests that were going to be of no use to us in the future because quite frankly, we're not interested in continuing in this realm. If they want to stick out their neck on NPO's behalf, we can't stop them, but they are not going to be any significant setback to us and are only absorbing damage on your behalf. Luckily for NPO, there's never been any shortage of people willing to do that f
  9. If you're really interested in side-stepping wars and saving pixels, you could always go talk to IRON. It should be somewhat easy for you to get a hold of them on account of you being in a bloc together.
  10. It's a shame that saying something and over and over doesn't make it true. Given the way that NPO was routinely beaten down in the years following Karma, the vast difference in the sizes of the side that liked them and the side that disliked them, I stand behind saying that nobody wanted to do anything to do with them, even if it is somewhat of an exaggeration. I don't feel that TPF was ever as dead as you seem to think they are. I don't think that our lack of movement is a sign of inactivity or lack of effort at all - some alliances take treaties more seriously then others. I r
  11. I doubt that. NPO doesn't sever ties with allies until they've used them for everything they're worth, and I really doubt the part about Cortath, as that'd be placing that around the time when nobody (and I do mean nobody) wanted anything to do with NPO. You look at NPO's current allies, and with the exception of NATO, they were all busy during that time either ignoring NPO's attempts to recreate their image or directly participating in planning wars against NPO. At any rate, we didn't stay allied to NPO because it was easy or because we didn't have the activity to do otherwise. Nostalgia
  12. Honestly, that might have been the cruelest thing you ever did to us. You sure didn't do us any favors - in all the time I've been in or around TPF, I honestly can't think of a single instance where we were honestly better off for being allied to NPO. What really keeps me steaming though, is that during the last war NPO talked endlessly about how we had drifted apart, how our goals hadn't been similar in quite some time, which of course is all true. What you may have forgotten is that sometime around the end of 2013, maybe the spring of 2014, TPF underwent a change in leadership and it wa
  13. Somehow I find it hard to believe that you're actually disappointed about that.
  14. OsRavan, I'm sorry you feel that way. I'm also sorry that attempting to say things a little more politely then Judge X qualifies as "BS rhetoric" in your book. I did so not to obscure the facts, but to extend a little courtesy your way of giving you clarification you asked for while not telling you to " $%&@ yourself and the horse you rode in on". I'll be sure not to make that mistake again. I think you have to admit there's a fair bit of difference between us saying we'll fight NPO until we get tired of it, and other "permawars" we've seen where an alliance with vastly superior numbe
  15. Well Judge X's response was a little more abrasive then I would have put it, but it's basically what it is. If you're wondering if this is just going to be 3 weeks where we fire off all our nukes and go on our ways, I'm afraid that's not what it is. I wouldn't say eternal in that we intend for it to last forever, or that we're going to prolong it as much as we can. Some of us have sizable warchests that we want to put to use (not me so much, however). I really don't know how long this war will last, it could be a few months, it could be a year or longer. It all depends on how dedicated
  16. Basically, the situation is that we have members who have spent a long accruing funds that they'll never need (not me so much though) The way things have gone, the lack of excitement in the political arena coupled with the fact that our activity has been exceptionally poor with no real solution to fixing it as a result of the overall decline around here, we decided that it was time to get out of the picture. A fair number of our members who still had some passion and drive left have migrated elsewhere since the conclusion of the last war, but some of us - lacking that passion and drive, have n
  17. A fitting exit, although I tend to think it'll be a prolonged one.
  18. You can't even extend the man the common courtesy of calling him by his chosen name? (I know, but geez.) Also, good war and whatever else. Until next time.
  19. Well duh, they're going to double back on Polar or something.
  20. I imagine the tone of alot of people would be different if IRON honored treaties and defended allies the same way STA does, or you know, at all.
  21. Be honest, on a scale of 1 to infinity, how dirty did fighting alongside Tela make you feel? No, I'm pretty sure Judge X is right on the money there. By the way, how is rebuilding Echelon to it's former glory going? I noticed the other day that it would appear as if my tech is relatively safe.
  22. As I understand, there was one alliance in particular who we were fighting who demanded it. I was never told exactly who, but I'd put my money on MCXA . Now that this is over, I have no qualms about saying that MCXA is a terrible alliance, which should be of no surprise to anybody. Particularly interesting was their attempt to threaten an 15 member alliance with war for sending us 400 tech over a 10 day period. Outside of MCXA, everybody else was pretty good, and it was a pleasure. But honestly, "we admit defeat" is just a bunch of words, no different then "I love you" in that you really d
  23. Are you telling me Sparta couldn't even handle NATO and TIO without having to call in their thug-friends? All this talk about Sparta being much improved has obviously been lies :v:
  24. Well, don't take my visiting your app thread as a sign of anything except me needing a good laugh today. But I don't know, to be honest the signs of turning an alliance around are difficult to read, not that it's particularly relevant, you will not turn Echelon around because it's not possible. There are next to nobody left in Echelon, and looking at the war declarations, those who have been a while aren't the active ones in Echelon. You can't revive an alliance by simply giving it new members if there's no old members through which to give the alliance identity and culture, it'd be no differe
  25. I looked at the war declarations today and "doing well" wasn't exactly what jumped to mind. And I think the reason why people thought Echelon was gone was because there was zero activity going on, in fact all their leaders up and quit and that's how Tela came to power - by necessity. To be honest, the fact of the matter is that Echelon is dead. I went over to their forums and read your application thread, and I had a pretty good laugh. Good luck "reviving Echelon". That'd be nice to see, but at this point there's really nothing left to revive. Also Rotavele, the OWF is a poor choice of venue
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