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  1. Yeah I was in TPF for most of my time on CN. I remember me and memoryproblems split off and created a protectorate but that didn't last due to inactivity. The whole NS thing is probably an error on my end, its been a while and the mechanics seem to have changed just enough to confuse me. That sucks to hear about TPF and Pacifica, I seem to remember being allied to them. Or maybe that was NPO (same thing?)
  2. Hey everyone (or whoever is left) Anyone around from circa 2009-2013? I miss the friends I made on this game way back when. Don't know why it popped into my head today. It seems as though my old alliance is no more (TPF) and the top nation is at 6000 strength which seems insanely low from what I remember it being. Hope everyone is good!
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