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  1. War is an option for Croatia1 since 12/12/2015. I haven't been in PM for a very long time. Unlike yourself.
  2. I was referring to NoR not fighting. Not you. NoR lower tier sits in PM while others do the fighting. But, hey if others will get destroy on your behalf, great. I Know of another great AA that does the same exact thing.
  3. Just a guess about something. I think your confusion is just normal.
  4. Blah blah blah, all talk no action. I seen what you did there, Dunk'dOnDandy is not very suspicious or anything? and Weiss ?
  5. Well, could get my NS up and nuke your as s, is that what you want ?
  6. End of this nation ? Yeah, no problem. Am rather tired of all this for sure.
  7. Has it not been dead for a while ? Yes, it has and now here we are.
  8. Seems you sent me this . so what were you saying about not wanting me ? poke !@#$%* ... To: HailSatan From: GodsOfDeath Date: 1/6/2018 4:10:50 PM Subject: Peace comes at last(Read immediately) Message: I on behalf of both AGF and Aevrum (as we are about to merge) at the request of Sir Kindle have reached a peace agreement. Sadly we have been forced to surrender and pay certain reparations(which have yet to be finalized)however I believe this is better than continues destruction and nuclear detonations. I have also begun to restructure Aevrum top to bottom. I am currently implementing a new trade circle which will make us immune to sanctions. I will also,as soon as peace is finalized, begin getting us tech trading partners. I am also working with several alliances to get us a protectorate. We will also begin new government positions such as a minister of recruitment,minister of foreign affairs and minister of domestic affairs. I can promise you that we will grow immensely from this peace deal. We will grow immensely and become a world power. We will not only survive. WE WILL THRIVE
  9. Since you're an AA of one, you have exactly that, a chump err chimp.
  10. Hey Maelstrom...... Bad ? To: HailSatan From: General Kanabis Date: 1/2/2018 12:49:59 AM Subject: Proposition Message: Your leader is dead, and those who remain will follow. You seem like a decent fighter, so there's a spot available here in COBRA of you want it. There's no need to quit the game just yet Help us make COBRA great again. yeah no thanks.
  11. Because, I can. It's something you could do ?
  12. Well you could try to poach members like COBRA tried to do.
  13. How high up was Aevrum? I was a little pre occupied with NPO during the rise of Aevrum. Well the leader was banned, not sure if anyone else is actually talking peace to anyone. If they are that's up to them.
  14. wow you make me laugh. TY. Why are you in peace mode again?
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