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  1. Congratulations GATO, your prolonged stablity in the flight from CN has been impressive. May you still be here in 15 years! ❤️ IRON
  2. Swap to Totalitarian. Also, once you go over about 40k infra you'll always have a CP score of 0, because you know... logic. Your high land count generates population which hinders your score. Drop your tax rate to 10% when not collecting If you do this and max out your government position you'll have a score of: 588.666 Enjoy.
  3. Haha, fair enough! How is life over in Kashmir?
  4. I see someone has given you us our own special entry on the page... well, this has certainly added an unexpected level of entertainment to my week!
  5. This is by far the funniest response thus far. May your farts always burn brightly Lex. I'm not sure exactly what you're trying to say... so I will smile, nod, and go back to my obstetric emergencies revision. :awesome:
  6. If it is, it should be treated with extreme prejudice.
  7. I mean... it really isn't worth reporting, but I'm genuinely not just beating them up for lulz.
  8. I think it's great watching Rey throw the toys everywhere, it's like he's trying to find something to get annoyed about. Is it because he never lived up to his name? Is he just jealous that despite having... over 100 times more OWF posts than me no-one supports him? It's really quite hard to tell. Oh Rey, were you out to annoy me? That's very sweet of you, maybe next time... I don't know... write a story about how I'm so mean to little nooby nations with no influence on the CN landscape.
  9. Why thank you, it was fun writing it! Incessant: adjective (of something regarded as unpleasant) continuing without pause or interruption. Is probably how most people would describe your use of the OWF. Season 2... probably around performance Review... We're currently working through season 5 xD. Hahahaha, the irony! Never expect Uruk to be able to read subtleties in text my good man. He is essentially a thousand moneys bashing angrily at a thousand keyboards. We're watching on Netflix (what adverts?) So we're just running through them as a sorta post dinner chill out. As am I... May we all continue to piss them off until they leave this little world behind. :smug: :facepalm:
  10. Dear Anonymous User, Firstly thank you for finding the time at 03:59, January 5, 2015 (one presumes UTC) to create for me a little page on the CN Wiki. Despite playing the game for roughly eight and a half years I never found the time, or the inclination, to actually do this myself. I would especially like to thank you for describing my as a "Little shit head." showing you are capable of creating a complete, grammatically correct, sentence to describe someone. That being what it is, I am not exactly sure what I did to piss you off enough to have you create this page be worth your time. Mostly I am just glad that whatever I did whilst watching a repeat of The Office (US) with my lady irked you enough to do what I did not get around to since the creation of CN Wiki. All the best, Blade 619 p.s. I suggest you get some more sleep, it has been shown to make people less grumpy.
  11. HT your replies have been most excellent. Carry on the good work being awesome.
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