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  1. Congratulations GATO, your prolonged stablity in the flight from CN has been impressive. May you still be here in 15 years! ❤️ IRON
  2. Swap to Totalitarian. Also, once you go over about 40k infra you'll always have a CP score of 0, because you know... logic. Your high land count generates population which hinders your score. Drop your tax rate to 10% when not collecting If you do this and max out your government position you'll have a score of: 588.666 Enjoy.
  3. Couldn't have said it better myself!
  4. According to Admin's magical score calculator... IRON is, one again, the current highest scoring alliance. Keep up the good work team!
  5. Good to see you guys alive and kicking! Tough luck for the UCR... not sure of the rationale for the action... but who care!? GUN PORN!
  6. Got a message about this a week ago but guess who didn't check their inbox *facepalm*. However, I'm assuming you're referring to this? Blade 619 of Antropomorphica Independent Republic Of Orange Nations ditchboy00 of Ditchopia Siberian Tiger Alliance 11/27/2013 12:14:11 PM to 2013-12-04 Reason: Someone spied you? http://cybernations.lyricalz.com/war?nation1=40973 We were having issues with DBDC spying on us around that time so I asked you seeing you'd had an undisclosed attack. I am more than happy for Admin to disclose my spy logs in their entirety and should my recollect
  7. In the spirit of "a war on one is a war on all", The Independent Republic of Orange Nations formally enters into the war against Viridian Entente in support of Anarchy Inc and our Equilibrium Coalition allies. May the bloodshed be swift and terrible. Signed, [i]MCRABT[/i], President [i]Mia[/i], Secretary of State, IRON Councilor [i]William Blake[/i], Deputy Secretary of State, IRON Councilor [i]Shan Revan[/i], Minister of Awesome, IRON Councilor [i]Imran Ehsan[/i], Minister of Internal Affairs, IRON Councilor [i]Blade 619[/i], Minister of Defense, IRON Councilor [i]Baron Aaron[/i], De
  8. by smaller team I'm refering to say... 3 of you who share 3 targets (offensive) and have 3 random targets (defensive) each. You would only be able to attack the 3 shared targets effectively at an extremely high cost. Admittedly to have odds like these you really would have to be on the losing side. There's also the point that if you're an unaligned nation who gets jumped by 1 or more people who has 105 defending fighters... you don't stand a viable chance of victory.
  9. usually the root admin can only be changed by another root admin, as you'lll notice, coups are usually started by people who command a great deal of respect within their alliance.
  10. However it does then mean that if you're in the smaller (or losing) team/alliance then your chances of ever "winning" in the air are horrifically slim?
  11. I'm happy to help you set up a new set of forums for free.
  12. During the last war I got quite some time to play with my aircraft. One major observation was that if an enemy had 105 defending lvl 9 fighters it is almost worthless trying to attack them, your chances of getting any damage on enemy infra are incredibly slim and you lose vast numbers of aircraft (the most expensive for of warfare) in the process. Does anyone else feel that the number of attacking aircraft should be increased? or something be done to address this ballance? it is especially off when you include wonders such as the AADN.
  13. Can you honestly say that you'd consider making an alliance under your control, who trust you to make the best descisions, spend 8.33 months paying vast sums of money and tech to someone they'd tried to destroy?
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