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  1. Good to see.. Congrats to our allies STA and old friends in UPN... oo/
  2. I are Sad :( I remember that night of the Duckroll very well. As a part of Elysium in those days, we had very tight friends in TORN and Valhalla. I was proud to fight alongside TORNers and Valhallans. TORN was a very honorable alliance and though I haven't spoken to members in years, I'll always remember how similar our 3 alliances were in terms of tight, ordered discipline and unending fun and support :) oo/ TORN oo/ Valhalla (a great place to go if you are legendary warriors) :)
  3. The amount of bawwing makes be understand why this is a great thing... Other than that, Thanks to the Lovers and the haters... We appreciate you both! :) oo/
  4. Good luck with your joint venture. I like alliances who forge their own way. oo/
  5. Is that a peanut butter sandwich in your diaper or are you just happy to see me? Congrats on 2 years of bringing the fun... oo/
  6. what is Benedict cumberbach doing at a TPF frat party?
  7. Congrats RR! I know you put a lot of work into this. oo/
  8. Good to see some of the old Purple alliances resurfacing :) May Poseidon protect you... (er Valhalla :))
  9. I say add a moral element. Possibly introduce the option to possess a chemical weapon arsenal. You'd not destroy infra but devastate the population and the ability for the people to live in a certain area (a percentage of total land area unusable for 10 days or so). Make it attachable to the CM's too. It would allow people the choice of a ruthless dictator or regional menace. Of course it would have to have some downsides: loss of trades (only secret trades would be allowed for 30 days after the first launch or conclusion of the war); population happiness drops in half immediately (on
  10. Congrats guys.. Good luck going forward! oo/
  11. Yay us... Now back to the usual pandering and misinformation! *I have NO idea what happens behind closed doors... in front of them... or anything to do with actual doors :P
  12. OG... Bring back your queen! Long live the Queen? Sad to see... I held OG in high regard. They held to a high set of ideals that few were ever able to attain and many failed to make the assent... oo/ Bygone eras :(
  13. AE and RR, welcome to Bob (belatedly). I have some BBQ Baby back ribs... Enjoy your party, you deserve it! oo/ AE oo/ Toilet Paper Factor (setting fire to our infra since ... I'm a bit old to remember...) :P
  14. squeezing oj onto Baby Back Ribs is a specialty of mine... oo/ NPO \oo/ ODN
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