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  1. Rayan Thomas

    Something at Delphi

    To casualties! 
  2. Rayan Thomas

    Look something blowing up

    o/ Us Although the new War Flag looks... Meh...
  3. Rayan Thomas

    Imperial Decree - DBDC

    I'm sorry WarGod, did I make you cry? As for the bandwagonning, well aren't you a clever one. Slinging the same mud that you roll in.
  4. Rayan Thomas

    The Network Hungers

    o/ ODN Go get them!
  5. Rayan Thomas

    Imperial Decree - DBDC

    Nice to see you have no sense of fun. Need to reign in on the fun all those young 'uns have huh?
  6. Rayan Thomas

    Imperial Decree - DBDC

    Brb, sending tech to DBDC... o/ DBDC
  7. Rayan Thomas

    Thank you War Posters - Now the OWF is fun to read again

    Enjoy it while it lasts before the 6 months of mediocrity.
  8. Rayan Thomas

    A Rare Announcement from TSC

    Love you Alex. Sad to see you on the other side though... Have fun!
  9. Rayan Thomas

    2D Treaty Web, powered by RI5

    Correct me if I'm wrong, but aren't TIO, NATO and RnR in the Usual Suspects bloc? And if so, why is TIO floating alone by itself (in the MADP filter)
  10. Rayan Thomas

    Pooping back and forth redux

    Cards against Humanity?
  11. Rayan Thomas

    Name this War Thread

  12. Rayan Thomas

    NPO Declaration of War

    Congrats guys! o/ NPO o/ Umbrella
  13. Rayan Thomas

    KOREAN WORLD OWNER Important Announcement

    The Adventures of ... KIM JONG UN! Kim. Jong. Unnnnnnnnnnnnnn.
  14. Rayan Thomas

    Mutant Scorpions from Space II

    TSC is much better than this. SNX is... Well SNX... Good Luck TSC, you'll need it.