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  1. mythicknight

    A Valentine from TPF

    Very thick.
  2. mythicknight

    Blood Eagle has been performed

    smoke weed everyday
  3. I also blame Pansy. Shame on you, Pansy. SHAME.
  4. mythicknight

    Let it begin

    Knight in shining armor? Sup, love.
  5. mythicknight

    Hello Planet Bob

    Welcome back. This would be the greatest thing.
  6. mythicknight

    About 8 Years of Mister Haika

    I may be old but the grace of DeLay still courses through my veins.
  7. mythicknight

    Top Five Worst Alliances of All Time

       Indeed.  Some of the greatest times I've had online were part of \m/, and the shenanigans that followed its fall as the diaspora spread roots.  Even now in a thread like this, the memory is still ruining the game™ for people (lol Doch).   Drop me a line when the next get together comes around, I may have to crash it.
  8. mythicknight

    Top Five Worst Alliances of All Time

    ODN CIS Atlantis MCXA NATO King Squirtle
  9. mythicknight

    To the concerned parties

    two words   <3
  10. mythicknight

    Doom Squad Announcement

    Ugh, this one hit me right in the new kidneys.
  11. mythicknight

    Doom Squad Announcement

        You know how to win my heart.