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  1. Doitzel, at least We see each other plain
  2. Once they started throwing a huge hissyfit over the wording of DoWs they themselves approved and asked to include specific wording as such and such and then turned blaming everyone else for it after things got posted at the mere grumbling of certain people outside the coalition (eventually settling on the line that there were "miscommunications" even though everyone knew there wasn't any and they were just rushing to cover their own asses), I knew it was over. I just didn't expect so many more bumps on the road downhill.
  3. mythicknight

    the dog food video

    So have they finally stopped pretending to be different from before? I don't think anyone has still been buying it anyway.
  4. i think i'm the only person that actually loves IM2
  5. So what in bloody tarnation is going on? I come back from extended leave and I see all this Roq drama. Is there a summary somewhere?
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