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  1. DBDC superiority is viable because the +/- 250 rule makes it possible for superior nation builders to engage nations that they wouldn't be able if they were dealing with the 75-133 rule. Their formula for success via nation advantage isn't viable in other tiers because you can't out build in those tiers. If you do, you're in another tier. Fark or any other alliance can have all the mil wonders they want in a given tier, but there's too many others in that tier for it to work out the way DBDC has. No one group in other tiers is as tight as DBDC (they're maybe the tightest group today) and has as the numbers needed to dominate. Old-fashioned coalition building will still be the way to victory in the other tiers. DBDC is the future of their tier for sure and 15 rulers as well-coordinated as DBDC could do an impressive amount of damage in other tiers as well, but not enough for entire coalitions to PM that tier. That group would have to be at least several hundred with members spread across the right AAs before they could think about being an other tier DBDC.
  2. Is that the guy on first?
  3. There's too many cookie cutter alliances, I'd say Rush is just about right there.
  4. The people asking for reps were in the minority by a very large margin and some of us, TPF, said we wanted a few k tech (though we were stamping our feet there a bit like pouting brats, so even that wasn't a serious demand). Reparations was a debate internally to Eq that never was going to go anywhere. The idea of the extended war came up during that same discussion as did the no internal aid term and form the best I recall, the longest suggestion was multiplied by 2, then offered to Umbrella. This is from memory at this point, but I'm pretty sure the longest term suggested was 3 months.The logs of the offer to Umbrella was the first place anybody I know saw 6 months. At some point shortly after that log was posted, Brehon has said he offered it as 6 because if we wanted 3 months, we have to haggle down from somewhere beyond there. Before peace was reached, many held the view that wars fought during an extended period would amount to a draw and would be pointless as a result. The no aid term was getting some heavy heat for being dropped if for no other reason than it couldn't be enforced. Brehon agreed to what I suspect in the end is what people would have accepted at least enough to not be driven away by them being offered, he just did it before many important players were ready two. Two? Really?
  5. I agree with this. Eq didn't have the ability to do more meaningful damage than it would have incurred on itself to begin with. Ultimately, peacing out was the correct decision, but getting there should have had a couple of more steps. A better consensus needed to be built within the main players of the Eq coalition to avoid the results we see today. As it was, NPO was essentially the odd-man-out among the alliances who went in on the first night (who were also the major players). There were some AI gov who also saw it was time to peace out (and again, it probably was), but IRON wasn't happy with it and significant portions of AI were not okay with it either. Consensus was needed with those groups as well. That the secret deal with ODN and NG wasn't a good move goes without saying.
  6. The place will miss ya. Rush Sykes is large personality around this place.
  7. Roadie


    I fail to see how the Twin Tower thing satirizes anti-Muslim stereotypes. Some use the theme to satirize stereotypes, others not so much.
  8. MT has point there, OPSEC is horrible. If you want something quiet anymore, you have to tell nobody and forget about yourself.
  9. We all became friends. There's less pressure to do things properly.
  10. Roadie

    CN Artwork Repository

    We should get a tally on how many alliance flags in use were created by D34th.
  11. I myself have never made any economic missteps. Evar. I've collected with Labor Camps on at least two occasions, bought infra without them once, I've also bought infra and collected with the wrong gov type several times. These kind of missteps are oddly easy to make after a war. We get in our peace time routines for so long between conflicts that we start to miss things when it's time to build. It's been a long time since most rulers have had to decom GC's for example.
  12. You, Sir William are my frigging hero for asking this question. My fingers are sore just logging into the channels. I'm working with frozen claws by the time the first conversation begins.
  13. I don't have much to add to this discussion, I just wanted to tell Omni he's brought up a very good question. This is among the better blog questions I've seen here. Credit where due, Omni.
  14. TPF will be charging the heinous reps so NPO doesn't have to.
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