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  1. DBDC superiority is viable because the +/- 250 rule makes it possible for superior nation builders to engage nations that they wouldn't be able if they were dealing with the 75-133 rule. Their formula for success via nation advantage isn't viable in other tiers because you can't out build in those tiers. If you do, you're in another tier. Fark or any other alliance can have all the mil wonders they want in a given tier, but there's too many others in that tier for it to work out the way DBDC has. No one group in other tiers is as tight as DBDC (they're maybe the tightest group today) and has as the numbers needed to dominate. Old-fashioned coalition building will still be the way to victory in the other tiers. DBDC is the future of their tier for sure and 15 rulers as well-coordinated as DBDC could do an impressive amount of damage in other tiers as well, but not enough for entire coalitions to PM that tier. That group would have to be at least several hundred with members spread across the right AAs before they could think about being an other tier DBDC.
  2. Only the cool kids can know what the teapot is.
  3. We almost got through a war without people elawyering someone else's treaty for them. The Phoenix Federation. Looks like we need to lay off the beer.
  4. If STA went to war with every alliance they disliked....
  5. I propose we turn perspective on it's head and begin viewing DBDT as a band of upper tier FransJosephs and thus, heroes of the people
  6. Let it be known to all, the fractures in the NPO coalition are STA's fault.
  7. If the goal is encourage more people to play TE and if linking it with SE is feasible, then would it also make sense to provide some sort of unlockable reward in TE for those SE rulers who have never or haven't played TE in a certain amount of rounds? I realize this couldn't be large as TE is too short to allow a significant disparity, but maybe something small after a certain amount of casualties?
  8. We're fighting with TOP in the next war so they let us slip away. Jokes aside, TPF has had it pretty easy in this war, but I didn't know NG and NSO were having similar fortune in their upper tiers as well.
  9. Flag might be fun, but the in-game viceroy may be a hard one to get the community to accept if only because there's no sure mechanism for that to be turned back over.
  10. That's a very good point. It was pretty clear from the outset that several of the alliances carrying the weight weren't in it for the same reasons others were.
  11. This lacks recognition of critical facts. Chiefly among those lost facts is that Eq had very little remaining with which to continue pressuring DH and TOP. The Eq alliances doing the heavy lifting in the upper tiers were nearing the point of exhausting their ability to fight in that tier without sacrificing their ability to be effective in the upper tiers again in future. Had that war continued much longer, the upper tiers on the Competence side would have been able to rebuild, but the upper tiers on the Eq side would not have, at least not to nearly the degree Competence would have been able to. Continuing that war would have served only to create greater disparity in the upper tiers.
  12. I think we all know bellicosity transcends positions, statistics and even reason. To expect otherwise is to forget all previous wars. As for this declaration, I am confident that both blocs can understand the position of the other and this front can remain respectful while allowing for some sporting public jabs.
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