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  1. tJL: Either you're one of the six nations in our top tier, or you're in our bottom tier. This is a legit great answer.
  2. Looks like you're doing well. Nice to meet you and glad to see you're passionate about HR of all things. (My background is similar.) Needs more cat pics.
  3. Max Power

    Sheep inc

    So you're suggesting playing Catan? Works for me.
  4. Hope all's well. Haven't talked in a while but haven't forgotten you guys! Looking forward to what you do next.
  5. Loving this all around. Tons of congrats.
  6. Short-lived treaty. Makes sense considering FA paths and the like. Hope all's well for everyone involved.
  7. I'm not sure what cancelling on MI6 but keeping TOP and GOONS accomplishes. Unless we see more cancellations soon, it looks like you'll be fighting with the same people again, especially if TOP-Polar holds up. It'll be interesting to see the aftermath of this. Cancel a future treaty? How does one even do that? I guess people can call off plans to sign an imminent treaty but this doesn't sound like that. That's never happened before. This must be a new thing. Oh well, first time for everything. The wisdom here is blinding. As for whether STA would have hit Atlas, I don't think ODN would have liked that too much. I distinctly remember fighting in this war for Kashmir and DS, Disorder for AI, and the Kas War for Kashmir again. Even exact deployment as you later specified gets iffy there because of who you're looking to hit. Coalition utility becomes horribly abstract in less cohesive coalitions, too, like how I'm sure you were bursting at the seams to do everything possible to maximize SNX's utility this war.
  8. from the OP: For instance, if you've outright banned tech raiding, there is probably a reason for that, and it just might mean that the more aggressive, amoral alliances shouldn't be a natural fit. I was responding to that.
  9. Alliances can absolutely support tech raiders without raiding themselves. There are two ways to look at this. The less nerdy way is an alliance's belief that alliances in general should abide by their respective moral codes. This takes a relativist view that doesn't force an alliance's views on any other. This is pretty close to how I RP my position in tJL. The nerdier way is to use D&D terminology and call it lawful-neutral. Sure, I want to obey my laws, but I'm not going to go around crowing about whether what do you is right or wrong. A real-world example of this is how the Bismarck administration initiated the Kulturkampf against the Catholic Church in Prussia yet its closest ally was staunchly Catholic Austria-Hungary. This analogy gets zany when you call tJL "Prussia", tech raiding "Catholicism" and Kashmir "Austria-Hungary", but you can see how the underlying principle works. Most CN alliances are monarchies, dictatorships, or something similar, and even the democratic ones are basically oligarchies. Comparing CN alliances to nations before WWI - and the CN war cycle is a lot more like the 19th-century lightning war period than anything since - there were tons of alliances made on friendship, or more usually, marriage. I think let's call it the early modern up to WWI period (c. 1453-1914, which, yes, I understand is an absolutely massive period) is a more accurate analogy for CN than the current world is.
  10. You normally say things better founded than this. Let's all pity RIA now. Come on, people like you, just ditch the clinging to long-dead SF remnants like some CN version of Miss Hathaway and get out there in the world. Funny, because as someone who spent three years in an alliance founded by ex-NONE/LoFN, I recall participating on the TOP/IRON side in Grudge happily and my alliance making a point of rolling one of the alliances that was boisterously on the Polar side (GOD). I can't recall ever hearing a single pro-Polar viewpoint from the NONE/LoFN I dealt with in those three years. I thought you guys only fought in the Kas War.
  11. Congrats! So, who are you going to roll now? Call me when you decide.
  12. <3 Thanks to Kashmir and AI for having our backs, to NSO, SRA, PPO and Kaskus for stepping up the plate, and to those in tJL who stood up most under fire (you know who you are).
  13. *its ZIP codes in Texas start with 7, not 2. Regardless, Happy Birthday! Have fun out there.
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