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  1. I made this thread just to summon you mp <3 I miss you
  2. I remember your name also. If you made fun of me, I'm sure it was warranted. Looking back at some of my posting, I'd make fun of me also. Sucks about TPF and NPO, I only remember fighting alongside them. Hailsatan is actually still active though, I found his nation. Sucks about everyone else, I have a lot of nostalgia from back then
  3. memoryproblems Hailsatan JudgeX Brehon Sardonic deathcat off the top of my head
  4. Ah ok, definitely sounds like a political mess. Sad to see that the alliance has ended and TPF was disbanded. I remember fighting into bill lock multiple times on behalf of Pacifica. Its been like 5 years though, so things change a lot, understandably so. I wish I knew what happened to everyone though haha
  5. Still here in the sense that I like to log on every 2 years and tell everyone im back before slinking off into the shadows again
  6. Just remembered my old profile, oh sweet nostalgia
  7. War? Just another day in the life of the terrorist state of Crossfire. Now where is my AIDZ????
  9. Nation Name: Crossfire Nation Ruler: GDI Crossfire Nation Link: http://www.cybernations.net/nation_drill_display.asp?Nation_ID=456372 Resources: Currently (Uranium and Sugar, but I can change to whatever we need to fill the circle)
  10. Congrats Guys, keep growing that precious infra and gettin them nukes
  11. [quote name='Jake Liebenow' timestamp='1334450074' post='2953457'] Why would somebody revive this worthless piece of scrap? [/quote] I could say the same about Deinos We revived solely to piss you off, that's why.
  12. [quote name='JermaniWright' timestamp='1324713184' post='2885496'] so maybe you should be checking your members [/quote] Are you serious right now?
  13. haha dude in your so called "apology" you just keep calling out alliances in public who may or may not have something to do with this to cover your own six. All you have to do is give the information to the parties involved and everything will be forgotten... but instead you just keep digging deeper into your own grave. Swallow what little "pride" you may have left, and do what will save you and your ever-so important pixels in the long run. Edit: Also you appear to think you are famous according to your profile's status update. You are far from it. There have been many that have done the sa
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