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  1. So the final straw has broken the camel's back in my eyes... the US government cannot get anymore corrupted then it is with a scumbag president who spews !@#$%^&* about threatening to veto the bill, and then withdrawing all threats... needless to say I am pissed. What are your thoughts on this bill that collectively takes a !@#$ on the bill of rights. Sections 1031, 1032 and 1034 allows for the indefinite detention of U.S. citizens... Citizens of the United States are statutorily excluded only from the "requirement for military custody" in Section 1032, which provides the executive branch discretion whether to indefinitely detain U.S. citizens within military detention centers, or alternatively in the Federal prison system. Thoughts??
  2. I will also be on the show Brehon Also, I am over 3 because I have a penis.
  3. I reached bill-lock a few times in the DH war, I asked for aid from one of our banks even if it was just 3mil, it was enough for me to get out and do some damage. I mean if a nation has permission from a gov member and it's all good, no hard feelings about surrendering then yes it's not as bad, however, often they will just up and leave without a single word, not even a "sorry I stayed under your protection and then wimped out when the time came to defend the same alliance that has been protecting me". Then, to me, it becomes desertion, and that is one of my biggest pet peeves in CN.
  4. I've always wondered about the "protected" status alliances offer to POW's. I do not think very highly of people surrendering, as to me, it seems they are deserting their alliance for their infra. Infra can be re bought, it takes a lot of effort to patch up a trust for someone, and sometimes not at all. What this all leads up to is that, you can't really "guarantee" immunity to those that surrendered, as their own alliance members may end up attacking them for desertion, subsequently the former alliance member attacking the POW will be attacked by the same alliance they are already at war against. It's a cycle that makes no sense to me. Thoughts?
  5. Sometimes if I'm browsing the forums and nothing really catches my eyes, I look at ban appeals just for the hell of it, to see why people were banned, and if they are given a chance to reedeem themselves. I have found that many of the bans were for trivial things, or even emotionally driven during times of war where tempers are flaring, and tension is devastating. I have also found that many of the bans were for multi's (and in most cases the appeal is denied rightfully so) but some of the multi's are just newbies (who seem to be more active then the frequent, create and leave newbies, considering they are appealing) that simply, out of force of habit from other annoyingly long ToS's did not read the rules, and therefore rerolled multiple times to get a good resource set. With all of this said, there are some bans that are well-earned and obviously do not deserve any form of a second chance, but among them there are those dedicated players that simply did not think before acting in times of aggression, or in personal feuds with other players, and even with that taken into account, most if not all of those cases are still denied. This troubles me, because as we know, CN has seen better days regarding player activity, especially with new nation building games popping up now and again. So I know this is a futile blog post for the intended purpose, but I would like to see admin slack the rules in those instances, where the player was in good standing, and is sincerely sorry for what he/she has done to get banned.
  6. Ok so i think we have all had some !@#$%* times on the interstate, and some either fun times or WTF moments. I shall share some of these WTF moments that i have collected over the past 4 years. Some of this you may find hard to believe, but i promise you it is all true. 1. Was driving down I-77 one time, late to a friend's concert, i was going at least 90 MPH praying that a cop wasn't around, when i see this convertible with pimped out rims, and an insanely loud motor, pass me like I was parked. Now i looked at him as he passed and the guy was pretty old ( at least mid 60's by the looks of him) he must have been doing at least a 100 or more, and his license plate read: BAD2BONE 2. Once again I was driving down I-77, I was going around 65 MPH or so, and this pickup truck drives up next to me, in the flatbed of the truck, three dudes were all standing in the back pissing off the side of the truck. 3. This was an experience that took place on my way to a concert called the "Carolina Rebellion". Traffic was backed up the ass, and wasn't moving at all for at least an hour. Now normally i would be pissed off at this traffic, but these 3 cars in front of me who were apparently all buddies, went to the grassy area and set up some lawn chairs, a grill, and a cooler. They invited me and my buddy over(we were "parked" right next to there party. And we drank some soda's and ate some burgers in the middle of heavy traffic. I have more but it's 245 am and im tired of typing so yeah comment, or share some of your WTF experiences whilst driving the interstate
  7. yeah i agree fully that the media just needs to stfu. Although I highly dislike the American legal system, personally i think its a joke on account of my friend getting sued by an armed robber in the vicinity of his home when he broke the robber's jaw (armed robber won). But back on topic, you have to be proven guilty, you can't just assume that she is, and therefore hate her guts. On another note, I second MP's opinion of Nancy Grace being a !@#$%*
  8. idk you but i shall spam you

  9. Kind of like how it's gotten old that you try to mock GOONS by leaving the S at the end uncapitalized?as you can see GOONs clearly tried to mock memoryproblems by capitalizing his name, and as i have his back, i kindly returned the mockery to GOONs by not capitalizing the s in GOONs -GDIOh god, this is such a dumb response. In the english language you automatically capitalize the first letter of proper nouns, like names, and the first letter of the first word in a sentence. That was a product of good grammar, not mockery. In an acronym like GOONS, you capitalize all the letter because each one stands for an important word in the acronym. I can't believe you actually just used that as an argument. A conscious effort is being made here to mock and attempt to anger members of GOONS. As you said, You got to pick one or the other, either quit the misspelling or quit your !@#$%*ing and moaning when they do things like this. I ind it humorous how you guys actually thought I was being serious when I accused GOONs of mocking mp by capitalizing. AS for the way I say GOONs, I simply don't capitalize the s in it, out of not having any respect for you. Its that simple, and you can't really do anything about it. Can you? As for the creator of this blog, your argument of going into only GOON based threads is not completely correct. The previous episode were you first quoted mp took place in a NPO thread to all of her allies, not really related to GOONs at all in any sense. And honestly, I would like you to explain what about his post was so "stupid". He was thanking NPO for our alliance, and stating that the recognition is not why we fight side-by-side with them. So please, by all means elaborate and enlighten me
  10. Kind of like how it's gotten old that you try to mock GOONS by leaving the S at the end uncapitalized? as you can see GOONs clearly tried to mock memoryproblems by capitalizing his name, and as i have his back, i kindly returned the mockery to GOONs by not capitalizing the s in GOONs -GDI
  11. RV i enjoy your posts every time just cause its fun watching you mess with people
  12. Honestly, i can't lie and say that i didn't enjoy the first one... but only the first one. Now it just seems that you consider any post that insults/goes against GOONs a terrible post and decide to attempt to mock it via youtube using your own terrible voice to butcher most of the words. Just please stop, it got old fast, and now its just a way to mock people that go against GOONs by "reading" their posts (don't really understand how repeating what they said in a retarded voice "mocks" them) Cheers, GDI Crossfire
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