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  1. I might hope that this incident will teach alliances not to take on protectorates that they are not actually capable of protecting, but I imagine that hope would be misplaced.
  2. A Joint Display of Arrogance Preamble The below signatories, Umbrella and The Dark Templar (DT), come together on this fine day to recognize and formally express the fact that we are unequivocally better than all of you. I. Peace Among Your Betters Umbrella and DT agree to resolve all problems and disagreements through civil dialogue and to never attack one another. More importantly Umbrella and DT agree to disagree on which of us is actually better. However we're pretty sure that it's Umbrella DT Umbrella DT Umbrella DT Umbrella DT Umbrella DT Umbrella DT Umbrella DT
  3. I called this almost a year ago. Go me. Congrats to everyone involved.
  4. We must make me GOD's viceroy so I can guide them on the correct path.
  5. They didn't. Also best of luck to our allies fighting GOD, but I doubt they'll need it.
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