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  1. Didn't Terry Howard get incredibly mad and try to buy all of CN at one point?
  2. lol. The Red Team password was apple1. The blue team password was something like icecubes?
  3. Spock, Nice to see that you are still around. Credit where credit is due.
  4. What was the password to old black team forums? This was back in the days of CDS, LoSS, and GOONs.
  5. Remind me to send you some tech and money when this is over.
  6. ITT I learned Polaris in Occulus. When did this happen?
  7. Tbh. How do you fix cybernations? You create a 2.0(new permanent game). Fix the game mechanism, launch an app version, and recognize the game is going a more discord style. The methods of alliances communicating have evolved quite a bit over time.
  8. 6,328,188 Attacking + 8,872,821 Defending = 15,201,009 Casualties #50. Time to climb.
  9. lol. I reactivated my nation to lob some nukes. Guess I'll just spread some wealth. Cheers all 🍻
  10. Reminds me of the time I fought iFoK and declared war with the reason of something like iFOK harder than you. Good times. RIP GOLD.
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