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  1. So many pages. So few people commenting. May the pixels burn.
  2. Tbh. How do you fix cybernations? You create a 2.0(new permanent game). Fix the game mechanism, launch an app version, and recognize the game is going a more discord style. The methods of alliances communicating have evolved quite a bit over time.
  3. 6,328,188 Attacking + 8,872,821 Defending = 15,201,009 Casualties #50. Time to climb.
  4. lol. I reactivated my nation to lob some nukes. Guess I'll just spread some wealth. Cheers all 🍻
  5. Reminds me of the time I fought iFoK and declared war with the reason of something like iFOK harder than you. Good times. RIP GOLD.
  6. No one was posted here in over a year. I'll drop some love in this box.

  7. This is an even better view. >;)

  8. Nice to see an old friend

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