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  4. I haven't seen you around lately. I hope all is well.

  5. Wow. A lot of anger for Target. I hope your work life improves Shuru.
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  8. Green Protection Agency September 2006- October 2006 TimLee of The Republic of BaN was a nation started on the green team. He was eventually recruited by the GPA Senator Machi(Something). He joined GPA as member #911, however being new to the game TimLee started a lot of offense wars and took 200k of aid. He was kicked out of GPA within a week, and got out of paying back the aid due to a loophole in the charter. The Coalition Era October 2006- March 2007 Upon being blacklisted from GPA, TimLee decided to register on the CN forums in Oct 2006. That is when Mashirosen from the Coalition of Dark States recruited TimLee into CDS on an offer of 200k. Once entering CDS TimLee immediately made many friends. He went to work in the Defense and Foreign Affairs Department. In November-December TimLee finally decided to run for Minister of Foreign Affairs with the support and guidance of Shadow Slayer against Abalon. TimLee went on to win the election and hold the Minister Position for 3 more terms. In February TimLee decided not to run for re-election so he bowed out. Later in Feb CDS current Minister of Internal Affairs resigned naming TimLee as his successor. TimLee took the position and filled it for the rest of February. When March came around TimLee decided to run for Minister of Defense. He won a heated and highly contested race. However, TimLee and Selecus Ontaus(CDS PM) didn't get along. TimLee and TheBigBad eventually fell out with SO and decided to start there own coalition. The Coalition Of Legendary Defense history can be found here. Phoenix Time March-July 2007 COLD was founded and became very successful. On March 19th TimLee and Venhith(Leader of VVVC) decided to merge and re-form COLD. From that point forward COLD was a force to reckon with at 800,000 Nation Strength. TimLee was COLD's senator throughout the whole lifespan of COLD. COLD hit a brickwork with recruitment and TimLee met an alliance called TF! led by a man name Slayer99. TimLee and Slayer talked every day for almost 3 weeks when they jokingly talked about merging. However, one day the joking turned into reality and The Phoenix Federation was born. However, TimLee couldn't accept the merger. As his popularity went down many people called for the triumvirate to slimmer down to Slayer99 being the sole leader. When that happened he snapped and ended up posting TPF secrets on public forums earning him exilement for almost a year. He was lucky to not be perma-zi'd. All has since been forgiven and he gets along with them and considers both Slayer and TheBigBad to be great friends. Personal Re-Discovery July 2007-November 2007 TimLee disappeared out of the public eye and got his real life back in order and eventually moved back into activity. The Black Team November 2007- June 2008 TimLee created the Dark Nation Federation. During this time he also help create BPI. He served as the black team senator for 6 months finally resigning from duty in April while a senator. Phoenix Time June 2008 TimLee came back to The Phoenix Federation as a regular member and enjoying semi retirement. TimLee then decided to leave The Phoenix Federation as after his long absence it just wasn't the same place that he left. Orange Time June 2008-August 2008 TimLee was a proud member of the Orange Defense Network during his entire time there. The ODN was a place of great democracy were he rose through the ranks quickly. During his stint in ODN TimLee served as Secretary of Defense and Senior Diplomat to numerous alliances. He also proposed a legislation to expand the terms of government to prolong people in office as the 6 week terms were just too short. Eventually the democracy of ODN proved too much and some of the members viewed him as radical. On August 24-26th TimLee resigned the ODN and entered a stage of retirement. Vengeance August 2008-November 2008 TimLee sat on the AA of Vengeance from August to November with little to no activity deciding where he would end up. Gramlin Time November 2008-Present We will stop here for now.
  9. Another good read and you went mild on me in a lot of aspects. TBB, you are of the better under-rated posters on CN.
  10. TBB, what a great read. You haven't changed any and that's a great thing.
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