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  1. Official Announcement from the Bills Reduction Agency (BRA) The Bills Reduction Agency (BRA) has been collecting past due notices from Children of the Morrighan for the past 44 days. We currently only have 2 bill collectors on staff and I fear the other has gone inactive. Thus far, I have collected 76,305 Infra, 43,224 and returned 537,388 Infra back to its rightful owner. The Bills Collection Agency has opted to outsource its current accounts in collection and you may view them below. Shimmer, Head Collections Agent tl;dr (It's longer than the announcement) I have been attacking CoTM since some time in January. Nothing personal, but they are a majority black team alliance and hitting Sparta would be cliche. Got bored with CN and wanted to burn some pixels. Posting their top 25 WC info in case they decide to join this war. There are some juicy details like 78 million dollar WC's and someone has close to 30B. What a variety. Probably going inactive after this fun ends. Running out of nukes sucks. yolo.
  2. Shimmer

    A brief note from GATO

    Glad to see you are all still around.
  3. Shimmer

    Anyone around from the Old Days?

    Sept 2006.
  4. Shimmer

    Good Bye, Good Bye, Hello

    So. Pax is leaving neutrality? My body is ready.
  5. Shimmer

    Imperium Decree regarding Sengoku

    As Lord King and Savior. I demand Sengoku continue this aggression indefinitely.
  6. I heard Sparta was "moving" to the "new" pink team.
  7. Shimmer

    10 years

    Congrats Doch. I am about three months away from the decade milestone.
  8. MI6 has had internal strife since it begun. There will always be more drama there than on the OWF. It's partially a product of strong personalitys. It will have it until it disbands or bob ceases to exist. Anyways. Always happy to see MI6 get rolled. Cheers to all.
  9. Shimmer

    Never Say Never Again

    Happy to see this finally posted.
  10. Shimmer

    Freelancer goes nuts

    I like Freelancer. I dislike LH. That is all.
  11. Shimmer

    Rest in peace Keelah

    Very sad. I hope his family is able to find peace in this difficult time. He was a class-act admin and gave a lot to the game as a player throughout his time in CN especially in CN's early years.
  12. Shimmer

    Monsters Inc News!

    War is an option for Lander Clan since 1/30/2015.
  13. We base all our decisions off your postings.   What can we do to extract the maximum number of tears from berbers? Whatever that answer is usually where we go.