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  1. Overlord Wes

    Positive Mental Attitude

    with ODN and TLR, yes
  2. Overlord Wes

    How to Cure an Infection

    I just hope at the end of this all our analyses come up clean 😕
  3. Overlord Wes

    TE Round 46 Start Date

    @admin r47 when?
  4. Overlord Wes

    MHA Declaration of War

    i love this
  5. Overlord Wes

    TE Round 46 Start Date

    you can also see the countdown in the world demographics page
  6. Casualties are very important to us in TE [and to a lesser extent in SE], but outside of the top 5 for each category the only way to check rankings is by going through every nation page individually and manually checking their stats. Adding the stats to the all nations listing [allNations_display.asp] and/or the nation statistics download .zip would make it infinitely easier and even enable stat tracking throughout a round if someone was diligent enough to save the stats consistently.
  7. Overlord Wes

    RollLoD2018 is postponed

    looks like @Lord of Darkness lucked out
  8. Overlord Wes

    Da WAE

    I love Bob and everyone still here!
  9. Overlord Wes

    WotN Declaration of War

    I guess the whole war is just rude by default
  10. Overlord Wes

    The Entente Cordiale

    knew about this 5 minutes ago
  11. Overlord Wes

    Next Round (44?)

    Wow, If you gave Wile E Coyote a penny for his thoughts, you’d get change.