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  1. Overlord Wes

    TE Round 46 Start Date

    @admin r47 when?
  2. Overlord Wes

    MHA Declaration of War

    i love this
  3. Overlord Wes

    TE Round 46 Start Date

    you can also see the countdown in the world demographics page
  4. Casualties are very important to us in TE [and to a lesser extent in SE], but outside of the top 5 for each category the only way to check rankings is by going through every nation page individually and manually checking their stats. Adding the stats to the all nations listing [allNations_display.asp] and/or the nation statistics download .zip would make it infinitely easier and even enable stat tracking throughout a round if someone was diligent enough to save the stats consistently.
  5. Overlord Wes

    Wolves on the hunt again

    just for the record, no
  6. Overlord Wes

    RollLoD2018 is postponed

    looks like @Lord of Darkness lucked out
  7. Overlord Wes

    Da WAE

    I love Bob and everyone still here!
  8. Overlord Wes

    WotN Declaration of War

    I guess the whole war is just rude by default
  9. Overlord Wes

    The Entente Cordiale

    knew about this 5 minutes ago
  10. Overlord Wes

    Next Round (44?)

    Wow, If you gave Wile E Coyote a penny for his thoughts, you’d get change.
  11. Overlord Wes

    Round 44 Start Date

    I bet you did that just to make sure your new nation name was true
  12. Overlord Wes

    RE announcement

    OP is still here kinda! The good old days when every DoW thread got 5 pages of crying about down declares. Now we only get 3 pages of crying if we're lucky!