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  1. Congratz everyone involved.
  2. that's why we didn't ask 😛 and that's why I didn't do any attacks after update lol
  3. I thought it was pretty good. Has a bit of irony since, depending on who you ask, this could be seen as doing exactly what HG said in that quote :v
  4. Time to fulfill our quota. OP declares on BC to give D1 a bit of relief.
  5. non-nuke wars are only good if the sides are relatively even [difficult to accommodate with the dwindling population] . The only way to put up a decent fight at disadvantage is to have better coordination than the bigger side [smaller alliances tend to be less active, and combinations of smaller alliances have a harder time coordinating than a single large alliance]. NS disparity would just get worse as the round goes on if the smaller side has no access to nukes. Using our last war as an example: I was still on vacation when when NLoN declared on OP so I was still unbuilt, thus received no declarations. When I got home about a day later D1 had already declared on them, so I only hit 2 nations that had hit other OP members [the only 2 with any open defensive slots]. I was freshly built fighting only 2 nations while they were a day or 2 in fighting 5 or 6 nations each. As a result I only lost 3 out of a possible 10 defensive ground attacks [including underdog wins]. In the end they got $%&@ed up while I barely suffered any damage at all.
  6. They basically are severely limited this round already. The first legitimate nukes should be coming in a week and a half
  7. I'm pretty sure OP has always agreed to the new year ceasefires, even when they weren't this early in the round
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