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  1. Good to see iyiyth again. MI6 was basically rolled out of existence after Disorder, but it's really hilarious to me that it took basically every other alliance in this game over three years to do it. Sucks to suck, losers. The Oolong Caleaphate will follow the Tea Prophet beyond the end of days. We will reach the Holy Teahouse.
  2. lmao mi6 what a shakespearian tragedy set out to win the world in 2013 got nothin but the short end of the stick instead
  3. I miss the days when ODN considered every treaty optional and didn't follow through on any of them.
  4. Wow I never thought I'd see the day when tASR was dead.
  5. Political nihilism has long since reigned. King William you will get nothing satisfactory from moral degenerates.
  6. How come you can't just appreciate a joke? I doubt it's a coincidence.
  7. NSO was only cool when they were bullying Legion back in 2011.
  8. Who the ever-living-$%&@ are you?
  9. Opaque


    did u unfriend me on fb
  10. Start with the GATO-NPO conflict in Jan. 2006
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