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  1. armpit


    Glad that's all cleared up. Thanks for a fun scrap.
  2. armpit


    Stop being such a ninny. You took a cheap shot and got all pissy when it was returned with interest. Still it's all good, the more cobras I get to stomp the happier I am.
  3. armpit


    Load of old rubbish.
  4. armpit

    Positive Menstrual Attitude

    Why all this love for Layton. I recall he attacked me during the Kashmir episode, got his butt handed to him and deleted shortly afterwards. Granted I don't know the history but I was less than impressed.
  5. armpit

    Imperial Decree - New Polar Order

    On the contrary Termy. Jo teaches us loads of stuff. He's all like "see what I do, don't do that!" I gave him 5 stars on rate my teacher.
  6. armpit

    Ain't no future in yo frontin

    Hey Canik I bite your ankles, I thought we had something special man, but you playin...
  7. armpit

    Ain't no future in yo frontin

    I think their handful of nuclear capable nations would need to come out of peace mode first....
  8. armpit

    Ain't no future in yo frontin

    Wait I take it back. I think we've been attacked by a combined total of 12 infras..
  9. armpit

    Ain't no future in yo frontin

    Pfft we don't even know what two of those words mean. So when's the attack gonna start?
  10. armpit

    Ain't no future in yo frontin

    I'd like that in writing please