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  1. Sweet after 55 wars with Cobra I'm 2:1. I may even treat myself to deodorant by way of celebration.
  2. You leave Canik alone mister. He might be a retard but he's our retard.
  3. Well more of a wolf pile really...
  4. Glad that's all cleared up. Thanks for a fun scrap.
  5. Stop being such a ninny. You took a cheap shot and got all pissy when it was returned with interest. Still it's all good, the more cobras I get to stomp the happier I am.
  6. Why all this love for Layton. I recall he attacked me during the Kashmir episode, got his butt handed to him and deleted shortly afterwards. Granted I don't know the history but I was less than impressed.
  7. On the contrary Termy. Jo teaches us loads of stuff. He's all like "see what I do, don't do that!" I gave him 5 stars on rate my teacher.
  8. Hey Canik I bite your ankles, I thought we had something special man, but you playin...
  9. I think their handful of nuclear capable nations would need to come out of peace mode first....
  10. Wait I take it back. I think we've been attacked by a combined total of 12 infras..
  11. Pfft we don't even know what two of those words mean. So when's the attack gonna start?
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