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  1. Vincero


    Kind of remarkable given there's still 10+ new nations made every single day, and assuming a fair bit of the ones that don't stick still take the full length of time to slowly expire into inactivity.
  2. There's a few more arms to twist. We shall see! Thanks for the welcomes all.
  3. Hello denizens of Bob - I get the sense it's damn dreary on these forums, so I'm doing this because from what I can see its the first one in a long time and it seems like you folks could use a pick me up. (thank me later) You'll have to forgive us as we're going to eschew a Flag, or a preamble to some sort of ridiculous charter, or really any of that usual nonsense until such time as it becomes necessary and relevant, but all of this is to say that from the depths of quarantine come the Wayward Sons, a new(!) Pink team alliance consistently of mostly returning rulers who have been absent from this here world for the past few years and now see an opportunity to re-engage. We're coming into this clean, and without much in the way of prior baggage or formed opinions with regard to most of the alliances that are still around. Looking forward to hopefully dealing with many of you in the time ahead in our endless pursuit of whatever it is we are all after here. Shout outs to those who already have reached out since we arrived, you know who you are.
  4. Vincero


    As someone who made a new Nation for the first time since ~2013ish over the weekend (and even recruited another poor sob to come back with me!) I can confirm that the COVID situation may be an opportunity here to hopefully reinvigorate the playing numbers some. Also, Hello!
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