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  1. It would be pretty interesting if this game were would have a app (if there isn't already one). I think that would kick start popularity with today's gamers. Thoughts?
  2. Yeah it's fun to see where the game is now, it's a shame that it isn't as active anymore. This game is a gem and yeah you probably don't want to remember that but it was really funny. Everyone was freaking out about the forums possibly getting shut down due to TOS agreement violations.
  3. Hey guys, Hechal here. I was wonder if anyone is around that was active around 2006-2008? I was just thinking about CN and thought I'd give it a try. I used to be in the NPO, helped with the NpO when that kicked off and was a member of the War Council for both organizations a couple of times, and went to Vahalla for a bit from what I remember. Also if you were active around during those years (I forgot the clan) but do you remember when that trolling alliance posted the gross image? 😂
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