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  1. I hate all of you. Death to the infidels and what not.
  2. Your nation so swole brah

  3. Time to come back homeĀ 

  4. ~ I'm sorry to $%&@ with your !@#$ Carson, but I don't know how to contact you.. Please message me on Facebook, Ba

  5. About six months ago GATOans and North Stars came together to fix the ever persistent problem of trades within our shared sphere.The first Operation: Save the Whales was a blazing success with the completion and fixing of over twenty trade circles in a mere four day period. This operation was to be a show of commitment to the brown sphere that both alliances share; a commitment that still exists and will persist until the dying day of the cyberverse. Today, we are here to announce the second iteration of Operation: Save the Whales. This time with three times the ambition, twice the staff, double the time period, and all the necessary tools. We also cordially ask any and all alliances interested in fixing their trade situation to consider taking part in this program and where we will take the burden of sorting through the trade mess for you. We will accept members of any alliance without trades, we again cordially ask for trade information or at least permission to message your members without trade circles and offer them one. Some things to note: All circles will be on Brown. No exceptions. Nations signing up for trade circles will be required to post here or by messaging a member of either respective government. Signed: NSF crv24 - Emperor Astro - Regent GATO Jaquesparblue - Assembly Chairman DarthCyfe6 - Minister of Foreign Affairs Overlord Wes - Minister of Domestic Affairs
  6. If you're looking for a small tight knit community that can still provide you with economic benefits then I invite you to join the NSF: http://www.ns-federation.net/ http://forums.cybernations.net/index.php?/topic/116832-north-star-federation/
  7. DT didn't withdraw anything, the offer we sent was denied by your government and took off the table when they walked out on talks. They gave us no idea that they were planning on discussing the terms so they were agreeing to an offer that no longer existed as it was already taken off the table.
  8. why should we even have to pay reps at all? I personally refuse to give anything to CSN expect more nukes.
  9. happy b-day from crv24

  10. updating my status... duh

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