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  1. kriekfreak

    Non Grata update

    Good luck friends
  2. kriekfreak

    List of Alliance Leaders

    Why not hold a vote or think of something else that is good solution.
  3. kriekfreak

    Raken Surrenders to Valhalla

    A lot of new elements in Umbrella at this current point did. It's not very surprising.
  4. kriekfreak

    Raken Surrenders to Valhalla

    Congratulations to my friends in Umbrella, especially Raken en Natan. xxx
  5. kriekfreak

    A Non Grata Announcement

      Do you got anything personal against NG or what? It's absurd that you posted this for multiple reasons. 1) this is not the place, 2) reeks of bias 3) people waiting for months on end for a decisions by mod team and this one gets announced like it's the second coming of jesus h.christ.
  6. kriekfreak

    The End of the Dinosaurs

      Hah don't flatter yourself. We think the same of you as we thought about Invicta. Actually you are lke identical twins.
  7. kriekfreak

    The End of the Dinosaurs

    Deinos. Did I win anything?
  8. kriekfreak

    The End of the Dinosaurs

    This is a great announcement. I'm happy to see you disband. I'm just sad I wasn't the one who put the last nail in your coffin.
  9. kriekfreak

    This Week in GATO

    In defense of GATO, GATO did fine this war. NG as a whole doesn't have anything to comment on, except maybe a couple of minor points we have already discussed.
  10. kriekfreak

    End of Hostilities

    So you went in weeks (6-8?) later than all of your allies and peaced out after 2-3 weeks? Goddamn joke of an alliance you are.
  11. kriekfreak


    No problem Hime, your time will come soon.
  12. kriekfreak

    War Stories

    I think I lost as much tech in 5 weeks now then I did fighting TOP for 1 week.
  13. kriekfreak

    Umbrella-AI Propaganda Thread

    I thought this was a propaganda thread not a literacy one.
  14. Rumours are that Allarchon had twins: O ya baby and Michiel de Ruyter. Both son's of the devine being, they cannot be defeated.
  15. It's good to know that opportunistic behaviour is still ingrained in your fine alliance Randella. I hope others will remember it just as much as I will. Good luck with looking over your shoulder for the rest of your life.