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  1. kriekfreak

    War Stories

    I think I lost as much tech in 5 weeks now then I did fighting TOP for 1 week.
  2. I'm just here to make fun of SirWilliam.
  3. Why do people always whine about people that played for 5!! years being hard/impossible to pass. THEY HAVE PLAYED FOR 5 (five) YEARS!
  4. I only get muslima and fillipino girls wanting to date me. Not sure why.
  5. April Fools or not, I'm gonna try and poach Gopher from MCXA.
  6. kriekfreak

    Ad Hominem

    It's pretty easy. Myth is a raging idiot and everything he says is retarded = ad hominem Myth, what you just said is retarded = not ad hominem Myth, you are retarded = not ad hominem
  7. kriekfreak

    Ad Hominem

    Yeah Myth thinks everything is an ad hominem when you call him out on his stupidity.
  8. kriekfreak

    Ad Hominem

    I loved how you called out Myth.
  9. kriekfreak


    Alliances should accept that by having allies on two fronts that hitting an ally of an ally is almost inevitable. Whining about it then, or trying to prevent it, is simply a waste of time. Accept the fact they if you aren't clear in your FA, it can lead to problems like these.
  10. This is a good time to make those "STOP FEEDING Gramlins UMBRELLA AFTER MIDNIGHT" sigs return.
  11. And what if we tell you that we won't give them a break sooner?
  12. kriekfreak

    CBs in CN.

    Kalasin is correct. Bi-Polar was split in two parts. First where Polar initiated the attack on \m/ which lead iFOK, FOK and PC to declare on Polaris and the second where Polar peaced out the front as soon as TOP went in on their side, backstabbed TOP and joined the opposing side.
  13. "I will not refrain from assisting my allies in the Mushroom Kingdom" With such allies you don't need enemies.
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