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  1. New Frontier

    The South Has Arisen For One Final March

      Quoting this so Leet doesn't miss it/miss out on the shame.  
  2. New Frontier

    The South Has Arisen For One Final March

      What you're describing is an alliance disbanding.
  3. New Frontier

    The South Has Arisen For One Final March

    The MK scum must be eradicated. No greater evil has ever been allowed to walk this world in peace, and it is peace we shall release them from today.   Attacking the neutrals, the untouchables, the worthless mites of purposeless infrastructure -- that was one thing. But a mighty and ancient alliance such as our own Entente? Nay, I say, this shot we shall not let go unanswered.    All fine nations, true alliances, honourable rules and fine gentlemen from across the realm; to war!
  4. New Frontier

    ODN-Atlas Protectorate

    Excellent move, ODN. I am certain Kevanovia will lead this alliance to great success.
  5. New Frontier

    Justice Dispensed

    Unlike most on my side, I like you. Good luck old pal.
  6.   A) I'm primarily disgusted by the reverent worship of something based more or less entirely on whatever Ivan thought would bore him the least that day.   B) Nothing we did approaches what you did, either on the level of being creepy or being game crippling or being just over the line for a game.   C) You do remember the months you spent trying desperately to fit into our community right?
  7. good lord this is an ooc forum, you don't have to pretend you aren't grossed out by the whole thing
  8. It's poorly written and kind of deplorable on a number of levels tho
  9. New Frontier

    The five stages of CN

    I disagree that only a handful of people are scheming at any one time. Dozens of people are. Of course Archon and Moo's scheming affected more people than that of whoever was leading smaller alliances, but the smaller alliances (or at least some of them) were still scheming -- and even having some effect! Just much less than others were.
  10. My mistake, I misread. My dyslexia got the better of me.
  11. "lulz is not an ideology" is such bullshit.   so much long and sustained success in this game is the result of alliances built around "lulz". ultimately, "lulz" as an ideology is about alliances that care more about the people and the fun in them than the flag or the absurd made-up philosophy named after a cruel, terrible RL dictator (which is a fact you guys should really think about once in a while). 
  12.   Longest lasting community [i]in this game[/i]. Which is demonstrably false. They are - or at least may be, I honestly have no idea but am inclined to believe him - the longest running community in the other game.   And if we're going to go that way anyway, we might as well talk about every other invasion alliance. 
  13.   http://forums.cybernations.net/index.php?/topic/118509-global-feudalism-an-analysis-of-the-decay-of-global-politics-from-a-francoist-perspective/?p=3170921
  14. of course it doesn't - if anything people should be clamouring to be noted for our briefly they've played this game, not how long - but if you're going to puff out your chest and brag about being the oldest alliance you should probably do a quick google first
  15. In which reality has NPO spent more time in CN than GATO has? Did they disband also?