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  1. I believe the "they" was MK and the "you" was DoD.
  2. fulfilling the deinos kingdom trifecta and nominating DoD it was truly appalling, definitely ruined the atmosphere in their embassy
  3. Hmmm yes, a winner-operated youtube channel will swiftly resuscitate this failing spreadsheet. I can't possibly see this failing.
  4. As of this post, the alliance of Deinos is officially and formally disbanded by joint decision of the Court of Raptor Lords and the Deinos Assembly. This world is a fading star, and after two years our interest in it has all but completely disappeared as otherworldly commitments expand. We rolled together and got rolled together - making great friends and fun enemies in the process - and it's been the most enjoyable two years of my CN career. Rather than let our great alliance fade along with this world, we've chosen to hang 'em up and walk away with our heads held high. There are more rewardi
  5. If only you were the owner of a nation - and the leader of an alliance! - with the ability to do this yourself. Ah, but we dream.
  6. Congrats and good luck IAA Paragon Ascendancy IAA Odyssey MI6. I trust you'll enjoy tremendous success.
  7. rsox is nice and i like nice and therefore i like this announcement glory to our mushroom overlords.
  8. Congratulations to the new government, and to the departing for their great service and for no longer having to tell people that they're elected government members of an alliance of nations in the geopolitical simulation game CyberNations.
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