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  1. This is such beautiful work! So many memories, time to make some more.
  2. At least change your alliance in your profile so TIR doesn't get your bad publicity :gag:
  3. [quote name='AnecdotalRabbit' timestamp='1341286453' post='3002111'] I tried to not hurt you.... too badly. [/quote] mhm, you know just how much pain i like
  4. Won one, lost one, and my super soldiers are immune to nuclear attacks <3 u Bunny
  5. [quote name='Stewie' timestamp='1341225274' post='3001711'] <3 you barti!! Have fun in GOONS [/quote] <3 you too!! And I'm sure I will [quote name='Timberland' timestamp='1341226606' post='3001717'] I was hoping it was a dow but instead was a disbandment, sad to see. [/quote] Oh, the thought of the title being mis-interpreted never even crossed my mind And on the plus side we'll get to see a lot more of one another
  6. [quote name='Sardonic' timestamp='1341199033' post='3001515'] T5E will be missed. The AA is under the protection of GOONS for two weeks. [/quote] Thankyou [quote name='USMC123' timestamp='1341199214' post='3001521'] Adios T5E. Does this mean we get rabbit back? [/quote] Unfortunately [quote name='Chuck Normis' timestamp='1341199220' post='3001523'] Upon which the AA will be raided by GOONS. [/quote] Of course [quote name='Mogar' timestamp='1341199322' post='3001527'] unfortunate to hear, disbandments suck. [/quote] Thanks, but it's not so bad. [quote name='Emperor Marx' timestamp='1341206813' post='3001620'] We hope you like it here. [/quote] I hate it already [quote name='Demag' timestamp='1341206983' post='3001627'] Hi coldie. Anyway sad disbandment is sad. [/quote] A little sad, but good to move onwards. [quote name='AnecdotalRabbit' timestamp='1341208858' post='3001653'] Note to GOONs, because Krath is going to get pissed, he is active only on weekends for the duration of the summer so not sure if he can do much; you might need to extend your protection of the T5E AA until he returns to full activity. Just saying. /me touches USMC, yes baby, you get me back [/quote] I'll be texting Krath later [quote name='Eumirbago' timestamp='1341210214' post='3001667'] Awww, you guys are great people. Sad to see you go Nonetheless, thank you for giving me the opportunity to war and hope nothing but the best for you guys And it's always Krath :> [/quote] It was fun having you, however short it was. [quote name='Spaarlaamp' timestamp='1341210590' post='3001670'] Hey Barti and Coldie! Good run [/quote] Hey And yeah, we had our fun.
  7. [center][img]http://images.wikia.com/cybernations/images/d/d7/5thEflag-1.jpg[/img][/center][center] [/center][center]You know that scene, at the end, where they are in the glass thing, and um, touching each other...[/center][center][url="http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DHI9pAeFKCU"]Link[/url][/center][center] [/center][center]Due to coldie and I being much too busy with other things... The 5th Element will be disbanded as of now.[/center][center] [/center][center]I don't think I'll write a long long speech, because, well, it's not needed.[/center][center] [/center][center] [/center][center]We've had a fun time chilling here with our friends, but all things must come to an end. I'd like to thank everyone who supported us and wished us well, most especially our friends and protectors, GONS.[/center][center] [/center][center]T5E fought alongside GOONS and their allies in the TOP\IRON-NpO War, to a resounding victory, so it's always nice to quit while you're ahead.[/center][center] [/center][center]Fans of myself or coldie will be pleased to hear we are sicking around, and wearing GOONS tags from here on.[/center][center] [/center][center]Enjoy the rest of your night.[/center][center] [/center][center]-Barti[/center][center]T5E Triumvir[/center]
  8. The nation of Beardo was created on 2/5/2009 8:44:24 AM. Since then, I've achieved many things. Starting my days in iFOK which was only 30 days old at the time, I worked my way into government through hard work and enthusiastic recruiting. Later stepping up to become a Triumvir and help lead iFOK through a dark period of inactivity and back to prosperity. While in iFOK, I fought in the Karma war, The Bipolar war and the PB_NpO war. As an alliance we never lost a war, something I'm rather proud of. In March of this year, after being less active for a while, seeing iFOK getting closer to merging, and a few other reasons, I decided it was time to set up a new home for myself. On 3/26/2011, along with coldielox and KingKrath, I declared my new alliance, T5E, protected by the lovely GOONS. Recently we tagged along with GOONS and attacked GDA, giving T5E our first victorious war. And that's my story so far. 3 years. 1095 days. I'd like to thank some people, who helped me greatly. coldie, because you are magic and I love you <3 Phoenix, for... everything. MikeTheFirst, arexes, ikMark, Spaarlaamp, Erikz, and all the old iFOKkers. You guys were awesome, I'd not have made it to even 30 days without you all. GOONS, especially Sardonic and JT Jag, for protecting us and not tech raiding us. (Well, yet ) All my friends on IRC, you know who you are, you've made it worth sticking around.
  9. You'll need to keep a copy of this to go with the others. Good luck


  10. Maybe you should just list who you're not at war with o/ NEW
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