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  1. nah, my cancer's chronic, it doesn't go away. Won't kill me, either.
  2. I'm okay, still have cancer, but been off chemo for two years, probably gonna have to start up chemo again sometime soon, but hey
  3. There was no hacking or spying involved in that - anyone with an ambassador mask could see any embassy.
  4. I believe Dilber was in NSO when I set up the forums? Or maybe when the stuff came out? I dunno, it's been over 7 years, even with my good memory, the CN stuff isn't at the front of my mind anymore (thankfully)
  5. MK never hosted NSO. NSO was always on their own hosting. I helped them set up their forums like 6 months to a year before that leaked post was made, then I had them change all of their passwords - it was literally confirmed by Dilber (I think? Or some other NSO gov member) at the time.
  6. Why do you believe this obvious fake stuff for 7 years ago? It's not true. Like SW said, probably like 70% of the stuff on the list is true, and for some reason, rsox felt like stirring !@#$ up.
  7. yup it is still an interesting fabrication though
  8. nope, everything on there is not true this is 100% false: "hosting a big donation drive to make the world forget our evilness"
  9. hi everyone doing my end of the year check-in to see if CN is still alive wonder how admin is oh my god his daughter turns 12 in March doesn't she now I feel old
  10. bros here, popping in for his twice yearly check of the forums
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