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  1. Duderonomy

    To Camelot!

    3 days after DoW to deal with the issue? Eh, better response time than most AAs nowadays.
  2. Duderonomy

    Don't deny the aNiMaL

    You know, we don't often agree, but when we do... By executive order, dueling nations will not be allowed back onto Maroon.
  3. I've prosecuted a war entirely on techdeals before, even unfavorable ones. If the AA in question has a newbie aid program like NG (there's a reason anyone over 2 months old has an MP), then getting them to 3999/4999 for wonder building is easy. By the time the rogue saves enough to buy up to that level, the newbie has acquired an MP/SDI and a few nukes along the way. Then they can start doing real damage. Even better if the rogue starts burning through their warchest faster to reach 4999. Combine that with tech farms that simply sit at the lower tiers and bust apart rogues, and you get a good portion of nations that can fight back until the rogue has no meaningful impact on the bigger AA. Only techdeals can save the rogue, and that either invites reprisals from the top tier, or can only be obtained from DBDC or GPA, who are generally immune from reprisals. Whether either chooses to deal and at what terms may not break well for the rogue.
  4. Duderonomy

    To Camelot!

    I thought that this was simply an excuse to quote Monty Python, and I'm quite disappointed in all of you. Stop repressing NPO, Mandystalin.
  5. Duderonomy

    To Camelot!

    I'm invincible!
  6. The clout that BONES once gave you. Deny it if you like. But the rage quit says otherwise.
  7. You're probably right about this. Pretending that SPATR wants peace is disingenuous at this point. They've lost what they really valued, and are just ragequitting now.
  8. Duderonomy

    Fun in the SUN

    There's this funny aspect of warfare: when enemies are terrible, there's no need to coordinate against them. Why spend a lot of effort when you can just do your attacks and win, anyway? Perhaps your mouth is a bigger threat than your military.
  9. Given that lots of nations have multibillion warchests, perhaps Spatr is being used as a case study in dealing with them. Science.
  10. Duderonomy

    Kashmir needs more SUN!

    I will say that I will happily sell 9/300 6/200 within my AA or to certain treaty partners, especially to those that have sent me war aid. That sort of relationship deserves consideration. Too many people don't consider the value of a good buyer that will forgive or delay payment during wartime. Given the number of buyers that I used to get offers from, I always prioritized the ones that gave me aid. Heck, I supplied Buscemi for years because he kept me going even as he bounced through ZI multiple times. But open market rules are a little different. What if Kashmir chooses to sell to a potential enemy? Or someone who'll twiddle their thumbs and get upset with slow deliveries during wartime? There's a certain risk premium for that. And if they have full slots, that's what the market will bear. Sad fact is that buyers are plentiful, sellers are few. Supportive buyers are worth their weight in gold, but that is not what Kashmir is seeking. Kashmir wants cash. And I will mention that I have continued techdeals during wartime for a similar risk premium. I don't think they are being unreasonable. Edit: And ultimately, I think a dismissive attitude towards sellers in general and any sort of contribution that they make is part of the reason for the lack of them. People tend to stick around where they are appreciated.
  11. Duderonomy

    Kashmir needs more SUN!

    Hate to tell you this, boss, but supply and demand is a cruel master.
  12. I'll admit to destroying cruise missiles on accident in prior wars. One of the perils of fighting on the phone. My favorites are nations with HNMSes but no MP. Just what are they hiding in those silos? It's a mystery!
  13. Duderonomy


    More fun to knock nations into dust. We've known from the beginning that this would be a long war. Soon all of the nukes and infra will be gone. Then those of us at the bottom can easily continue on aid while the top earns money. With the nation builds that I've seen, it'll be easy to grow while knocking guys back down.
  14. Duderonomy

    Invicta Announcement

    Junka does not read prior answers, but postures instead. Not surprised.
  15. Duderonomy

    Invicta Announcement

    The legend lives on.