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  1. Don't worry. Turning you into a seller is fun, too. 😄
  2. Check to see if you have the appropriate religion and government type. You'll need to buy improvements and wonders to make them happier. For that you'll need cash, and the fastest way to get that is to sell technology to nations whose technology costs are more than your own. Many will be happy to help you with that, since there are a lot of nations who have expensive tech. The going rate is 9 million dollars for 100 tech, and you should be able to buy tech for much less than 9 million dollars. For help in general, I recommend joining an alliance affiliation (AA). While searching for a home can be complicated and take a while, it will help pair you with experienced nations interested in your long-term growth. Look at the ones listed in-game to see which ones interest you. Join the discord servers or forums of any ones that you short list. Once you find a culture that fits you, join them, and they'll look after you. To prevent raiders while you are investigating, you may look at a protection deal with Non Grata. Contact Lyanna at the nation link below. For serving as a temporary tech seller to NG nations, she should be able to arrange a protection deal where raiders or anyone else who attacks you will be attacked by NG nations. Once you find a home, you can finish off your techdeals with Non Grata as you move into your new home. Any AA you join will arrange techdeals to replace Non Grata's techdeals. And if you decide that you'd like to join Non Grata, it's that much easier. That's assuming you don't have an alliance, yet. If you do, then they will help you with money and growth questions. Lyanna https://www.cybernations.net/nation_drill_display.asp?Nation_ID=618150
  3. It's likely that nukes affect a lot of variables, such as infra and tech and military which then compounds to affect bills and collects and aid and improvement slots, and there are bugs when a lot of people try to do stuff at the same time like get nuked and pay bills. While not a substitution for optimization and debugging, the nuke lag at update was probably a quick fix to something that just never got examined thoroughly. Or it did get examined thoroughly and no easy fix could be found. This is a decades-old game with data and systems that have likely been hacked and reworked into a patchwork by different owners. While it isn't complicated on the surface, it wouldn't surprise me if the code is a mess of spaghetti behind the scenes because it was largely created by one person who didn't need to consider making code understandable to others on a team. My sympathies for whoever attempts changes to the game nowadays.
  4. That's just cold, son. Daaayyuuuumm. That's like telling us that, no matter the reps, you have Van Hoo, and we have not.
  5. I don't ever listen to dane0 what are you talking about.
  6. It's okay. We can take care of two rogues. Or the rest if they log back in.
  7. I expected more from you, Grub. At least 1k words on the troubling use of peaches as a negotiation tactic.
  8. I hate this. Non Grata is destroying Bob with these shenanigans. Roll Krihelion, RV, and CCC!
  9. I tried to get you to trade the reps for Van Hoo, instead, but nooooo.
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