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  1. I'm sure that you were just as confused as they were.
  2. All OWF arguments should be solved with rigorous comparisons to historical figures. It'll really class up the joint.
  3. You can't have kerchbs back. Nope. But bring back Gopherbashi.
  4. When you need someone to hold you down:
  5. Pewpew to the interpreters. May RNGesus bless those in the last round, and casualties be had by everyone.
  6. For some, there's Krav Maga. For others, Systema or Combatives. For Dudevania, there is only, Ameridote.
  7. We are spanking NG leadership as we speak. BAD burgeroise. BAD. Stop oppressing potatoism! The fries will have their day!
  8. I believe there is a compromise that can be reached. Junka can exist if he moderates his behavior in Order Discords or the forum and waits until he has an actual following before presuming AA status. At the end of the next war, the loser has to accept Junka as a member to rally their membership with FrancoAmerican Spaghettist philosophy.
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