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  1. Warchests are temporary, casualties last forever.
  2. Seems like a cheap way to get some casualties to me.
  3. I back Master Hakai on principle even if I nuke his friends. When will the Doom Quid games end?
  4. Too bad Jason8 won't tell me the status of firingline's wifflebats. That's the real crime here.
  5. So...you've already broken the wiffle bats? I'm not giving you any of mine!
  6. Enjoy your war games don't hoard all the wiffle bats.
  7. Famous Bob Philosopher Quote: No ruler is defeated if they have acquired casualties. Except for dane0.
  8. That Shark week didn't have a DoW. I've never been trusted with doing a DoW because I'd make it a story rather than an ironic statement of how totally chillax we be about the sitch really bro. That one didn't really have communication from gov, either, and I dislike that you're underestimating my abilities to make bad jokes. Guess the Shark Week is in the eye of the beholder. Of course, Stewie and I are not involved with this Shark Week, so you have a fair point there.
  9. Mattering is always subjective. Do we matter more to CLAWS or Doom? Probably not. Do we matter more to Kap? Definitely. The assertion ultimately has no objective meaning or claim to status.
  10. For the answer, you'll have to indulge my vanity and forgive all the missing photos in the post below. The years have not been kind.
  11. This is unspecific. Are you wanting the exact ingredients of our chum? It's just fishheads, although Caustic contributes a certain something. All of us are scared to ask him what it is.
  12. Shark week was good times. Too bad half the images from my post didn't make it through the years.
  13. Or you could literally just look in-game, bruh. There's a link for that. Edumacate yoself.
  14. It's not about the size of the web, Unkajo. It's okay, we still love you.
  15. You'll always be out secret squirrel, Hoo.
  16. I'll take 2 mill for making someone into a tech seller any day of the week.
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