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  1. The econ minister in me is cringing so hard at this. How do you guys have 5 SDIs and 0 DRAs? Please for the love of Bob get everyone to buy a DRA, this is beyond terrible.
  2. Yeah, I ignored you because I was trying to avoid this war. You delivered a dozen CBs all on your lonesome. MI6 burned far more bridges than TBC ever did and I think I would know since I was talking to both sides.
  3. Yeah I am because a place I called home for 2 years is turning into a constant punching bag because of one person's ego.
  4. MI6 will never change, that much has been clear to me for a long time, and should be clear to you all now. My disillusionment with MI6 when I left was because leaders before me, far better than I could ever hope to be, had failed. MI6 revolves around Chim every time he runs, and he is elected like it was nothing. Sadly, this leads the rest of Bob to view MI6 and Chim as interchangeable--the same. And can we really blame them? Whenever Chim isn't in government, if gov does something he doesn't like, he meddles. He has his finger in every backroom pot deal that ends up undermining the legitimate government, proving yet again that he is the one truly in control of you all. People say "Well then, why not just kick him out?" Those people are idiots. Doing so would lead MI6 to the burnt out husk that TL is referring to, all because of this ridiculously stupid personality cult. I spent a lot of time cultivating relations with TBC when I was MoFA in MI6, realizing that it was a natural treaty. Instead, those relations went to !@#$ because Chim decided that his ego was bruised. Instead of acting like an adult, Chim lashed out even more. This very war occurs because of that childish, impulsive behavior that should not have been tolerated from the beginning. I hate to say I told you so but this once, this one time, I will relish it because I !@#$@#$ told you so, you arrogant pricks. You can't keep sitting in MI6, fawning over how great you are while making yourselves the burr in everyone else's ass. THIS is where that brings you. Until you stop thinking Chim is god, this is exactly what you will continue to get, and what you deserve. If you EVER want to be something other than the receiving end of his abuse and manipulation, you know what you must do. Otherwise, well, you've made that bed. Time to sleep in it.
  5. Are you comparing 20k NS that wasn't asked for to 600k that was?
  6. Oh really Kaskus? That's just what I've been wanting too!
  7. The citizens of Bomberland also reserve their right to club Polar Bears as their meat is a prized delicacy and their pelts are required furniture in every Bomberlandian home.
  8. Seal clubbing is a fundamental right of the citizens of Bomberland a right which we will never give up. We must have our seal jackets for the harsh winters!
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