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  1. When you get name-dropped, come back to a thread full of names you recognize, but they're all flying affiliations you don't recognize whatsoever. The **** are the Flying Kiwis or the Bear Calvary? Anyway, that's my obligatory annual check-in done. Hope everyone is well.
  2. Pretty on point. Sup folks.
  3. Late to the party. You were one of the last people to be put in charge of an alliance of Polar's level of relevance that actually was qualified to handle the duty. You did admirably and were one of the nicer only nice aspects of foreign affairs over the last few years. Enjoy your retirement. It is wonderful.
  4. oA on an oD. The grasping kind of seems pointless when you could just declare.
  5. I was pretty convinced we had one from just prior to GOD joining SF but no one can find it anywhere, so it might as well not exist if it ever did.
  6. Huh? Nope. Sounds more like GATO/ODN/TLR insisted on it, for whatever reason. NSF certainly seems well represented on the OWF, not so much the CnG cats.
  7. Prevailing bets seem to be on ODN. In any event, enthusiasm for this planet and it's politics needs to be nutured not destroyed, and it really does piss me off that you're going to take a ton of crap because your three allies were afraid of a micro.
  8. If your allies pressured you into taking this, then you need to find better ones, because they're honestly trash. Mistakes like this can be overcome. I don't know how new/old you are to this, but yeah.
  9. That's unintuitive, but good to know.
  10. Technically, no. At the end of the day IRC is not part of the game universe. I was sorely tempted, but yeah. It's all good. You know how we work, I only let Coldfront lapse. :P You get two months, apparently. My nick only dropped 5 days ago :( Thanks. Only reason I didn't say I'd be more active in the OP is because next quarter has double the amount of class hours for me, haha.
  11. Don't get me wrong: got perfect marks, so it's totally worth it. :P
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