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  1. Many thanks to IRON and especially to The Warrior for the honourable way in which peace negotiations took place. The terms or should I say lack of terms are quite fitting under the circumstances of this war and a magnanimous gesture on the part of IRON, they reflect the spirit in which the war was conducted. Also my respect to our friends and allies in Sparta for their part in facilitating this accord. OcUK have been pretty much just going through the motions since No CB, but we survive as an alliance mainly due to being too stubborn to die. Whether this continues is a debate for us to have another day. Today we celebrate peace.
  2. Nice to see you are still about. I have enougth to get by for a while. And you are correct we did not have to do this, so far NpO have chosen not to activate the defensive clause in our treaty, they had been made aware that we were available to honour the treaty if required. Sparta also did not activate our MDoAP they just asked if we wanted to come out and play. Why would we not? As did I ;)
  3. Many thanks and TBH, it is quite flattering that OcUK are still remembered by people such as yourselves.
  4. Apologies for my tardiness but I have been quite busy in another place. DoW now posted for clarity. May all fight with honour.
  5. It's so difficult to keep up with politiks these days. I do believe we declared the first war and fired the first shot against them. I was just tardy with the announcement. But hey ho it is up now.
  6. In accordance with Article III of The Beware of Geeks Bearing Gifts Treaty, OcUK declare a state of war with IRON. Signed: MrWhite: Lord Protector DavidMarq: Chancellor Smithy: Proctor Prime
  7. Good to see that my ally has a new ally, from the dealings I had with GOONS not so long ago I can appreciate the merits. o7 Sparta o7 GOONS
  8. I really had no idea, the flag is stolen, the signatures are forged... I do remember a discussion about a treaty with a penguin by the name of MyWorld way back in 2007. It's a long time ago, maybe I signed it then, maybe the bureaucratic wheels turn so slowly that they give the appearance of no movement at all... Yes that must be the case. o7 NpO o7 OcUK
  9. I guess this means the sabbatical is over. On behalf of the OcUK .gov we are honoured to have found such great allies. o7 Sparta o7 OcUK
  10. :o If he is then the chances are that we would be chewing the fat in back channels, we are not so the chances are he isn't. If I was going to speculate on Tiago... which I am not due to the risk of looking like a right Charlie.
  11. Bring back Otto von Bismarck ;) And congrats on the new .gov.
  12. You are right to challenge those that speak without knowing, some may have had a different experience with GOONS than I, but I speak as I find. The facts are quite simple here, there was an unprovoked war on OcUK, there was retaliation against GOONS in defence. The defenders were engaged by GOONS. The GOONS response was measured and limited. The terms for peace that I required would have proved difficult for some that I have experienced in the past to countenance. The conversations that occurred in back channels between GOONS and I will remain as far as I am concerned private, as they should. However I will state that such conversations were civil, productive and concluded in good humour. As for any relationship now between OcUK and GOONS, speaking as a seasoned diplomat, who was once several years ago semi-important on this world, there are some fundamental differences in our philosophies that would negate any sort of close relationship. But I walk away from this conflict with respect for the GOONS leadership I spoke to and the GOONs nations that were engaged in the war.
  13. Ha ha Walford, don't remind me. Now I definitely feel that I have been in this place too long.
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