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  1. Yerushalayim

    The 'C' word

    Bloody !@#$@#$ hell man. I wish you nothing but luck.
  2. Somehow, I don't think Val's is the AA military anyone is particularly worried about having to face. For a start, it'd mean you'd have to actually fight.
  3. You're right. The honourable thing would be to refuse to enter in the assistance of our blocmates for weeks, or to divert support from them, and to insist on permawar for ourselves, while claiming our actions as a part of a bloc have no impact on anyone else. How [i]dare[/i] Sparta be the last alliance on its front to initiate peace talks. What horrible scum we are.
  4. Too late! We're out, doesn't count, etc etc etc. :P Nice damage, though. We'll race ya to the top again next war.
  5. Sparta withdraws from the Dos Equis bloc. It's been a fun few years, but it's time to move on. Sparta cancels the following treaties: Fark, the Mostly Harmless Alliance, and MI6. To all these friends and partners, we wish you nothing but the best of luck. It's an unfortunate truth that our political interests no longer align, and our paths must now diverge. Perhaps we'll reunite again some day. Until then, enjoy yourselves, and don't forget to stop by for a beer sometime. Additionally, the treaty between Sparta and the New Polar Order has been canceled. Well wishes to old friends. Signed for Sparta- DeathAdder, Basileus Yerushalayim, Tyrannos Faroah, Archephor DannytheKiller, Ephor of Philoxenia
  6. Congratulations. Those are some mighty fine protectors you got there.
  7. o/ OcUK. Enjoy your peace-nap until it's time to fight again.
  8. Wipe me off the map. I'm done here.
  9. I don't see the point. Just treat nukes as another stat to be saved with the stat saving rule.
  10. [Public] Though the conflict in Bulgaria has ended, tensions remain high between Greece and Yugoslavia. Citing the unpredictable, and aggressive, nature of Yugoslavia's responses, specifically the incident regarding a Yugoslav naval group attempting to infiltrate Greek waters, the government has ordered an increase of fortifications along the northern border. The additional reserves, initially called up for the Bulgaria crisis, have now been deployed along the border with Macedonia, while other units are entrenched along Albania's southern border. The government has announced that Greek territorial waters, and those held by Greece as protectorates, are closed to Yugoslav military vessels. Civilian shipping, so long as it pays any relevant taxes, remains free to utilize Greek waterways.
  11. "We would be honoured to provide housing for Northlandic forces in either location. Crete would be the more crowded, being as it is closer to our mainland defenses, though Cyprus has bases assigned to the defense of the Suez. Whether you wish to reach out into Europe, or to West Asia or North Africa, I suppose is the determining factor. I'll have our Minister of Defense coordinate any details with your own military."
  12. [Private] “War isn't always the answer,” Arista set aside her now empty coffee cup, and folded her hands in her lap. She sat across from a small field table from General Kazilieris, at the Greek command center in Bulgaria. “The Yugoslavs are withdrawing, and not a single Greek life was lost. Your way would have entangled us in nothing but bloodshed and violence for years to come.” The general chuckled softly and shook his head, “I admit it, I didn't think the Slavs would be cowed so easily, or that you had the stones do what was needed to remove their political support. You have, however, lost them as an ally.” Arista shook her own head sadly, “No, if they were willing to do this, if they refused to negotiate like this, they were no allies of ours. All I've done is forced them to show their hand, and now we know where their loyalties truly lie. Withdraw our forces, General. I'll ensure that our humanitarian efforts continue through the White Cross.” [Public News Excerpt] The Ministry of Defense has announced a phased withdrawal from Bulgarian territory, proportional to the Yugoslav retreat from the region. This marks what is being hailed as the end of a potentially deadly conflict over the area that borders both Yugoslavia and Greece. The death toll from combat operations are estimated to be 236 lives lost, including Bulgarian citizens and Yugoslav service members. The government has promised to continue supplying Bulgaria with food, medical supplies, and fuel until such a time as such aid is no longer required. The controversial no fly zone, implemented in response to Yugoslavia's declaration of war on the Bulgarian Armed Revolutionary Front, frequently mistakenly called the Bulgarian Liberation Front in Yugoslav government addresses and media, is to remain in place until the Yugoslav withdrawal from the conflict zone has been completed.
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