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  1. Except you are pulling that tactic too :huh:
  2. Maybe next time ;) I'm feeling Howlin' For You
  3. Seven Nation Aftermath We're gonna fight 'em off A seven nation Aftermath can't be held back We're gonna nuke it off Taking their time right behind our backs And we're laughin' to ourselves at update Because we won't regret Back and forth through our minds Behind a cigarette And the message comin' from our eyes says, "Leave SNX alone..." Don't wanna hear about it Every single one's got a story to tell Everyone knows about it From Chimaera of MI6 to Letum of NPO And if we catch it comin' back our way We're gonna serve it to you And that ain't what you want to hear But that's what we'll do And the feeling coming from our nukes says, "Find a home..." We're going to Pacifica Far from peace for the war We're not gonna withdraw Make the tech drip out of every pore And you're bleeding, and you're bleeding, and you're bleeding Right before the lord All the words are gonna bleed from you And you will think no more And the stains comin' from your blood tells you, "Go back home..." Signed for the Christian Coalition of Countries, Shergzus - Chancellor Llanowar Elf - Vice Chancellor Jesusfreak - Minister of Defense Yeshua Solomon - Minister of Economics Lilwierdward - Minister of Internal Affairs Wes the Handsome - Minister of Foreign Affairs Signed for the Coalition of Royal Allied Powers, "A great evil came over the lands neighboring CRAP. As Jubjub and his Armies of Darkness began his great purge, it became clear confrontation was inevitable. So CRAP gathered its army in the nameof Zort and his son Harvey the Wonder Hamster and charged headfirst into the impeding darkness knowing full well that their people and land would be burned; for they understood that one must first fall before one can truly rise." ~The Book Of CRAP 7:11.14 constapatedape - Triumvirate of CRAP Liltrekkie - Minister of Finances, Minister of Kitten Konsumption Tiagoroth - Minister of Foreign Affairs, Overlord of Aftermath Sarahleigh - Not Even Gov, Liltrekkie's Deaupty, Kitten Kannibal, Sexy Secretary Signed for Invicta, /s/ Ellis - President /s/ President Gunn - Chief of Staff of Invicta /s/ xR1 Fatal Instinct - Minister of Foreign Affairs /s/ Jon32492 - Minister of Internal Affairs /s/ KingWilliam - Minister of Finance /s/ Contra - Minister of War Signed for the North Atlantic Defense Coalition, Aurelius - Secretary General and Chairman of the Atlantic Council (on behalf of the Atlantic Council) Signed for The Templar Knights, Teredona - Grand Master of The Templar Knights Signed for the United Purple Nations, Seuwp - Head of State Robster - Second in Command and Minister of Foreign Affairs Altheus - Minister of Defense Hansarius - Minister of Internal Affairs
  4. Noticed this nation is sanctioned on blue by Sheldomar of Displaced Calvinists, yet has managed to retain all of his trades.
  5. The North Atlantic Coalition of Countries Preamble In recognition of our Brotherhood, strong Friendship, and with regard to continued Prosperity, the North Atlantic Defense Coalition (NADC) and the Christian Coalition of Countries (CCC), hereafter referred to as “the signatories”, do hereby enter this Treaty of Dual Membership. Article I The signatories pledge to open up their forums to each other's members to the extent of allowance as standard membership, except in the case of mutually agreed upon exceptions. Voting rights will not be extended to visiting members, nor will the ability to run for office, be appointed to an office, or otherwise partake in the governance of the host alliance. Article II The signatories remain responsible for the conduct of their respective members, and therefore pledge that civility, tact, and intelligent conversation will be the order and rule of the day. Article III The host alliance retains the right to revoke the mask of any visiting member, for any reason. The signatories pledge to work to solve any incidents or disagreements that may occur as a result of this agreement in a timely and gracious manner. Article IV In order to ensure that the respective cultures of the signatories are treated with the respect they merit, visiting members must abide by any and all rules specified by the host alliance, with relation to forum use. Article V Both signatories pledge to give their utmost effort in maintaining and growing the relationship that this agreement represents. With this in mind, this agreement may only be canceled by a signatory after all other courses of action are attempted. In this case, a notice to cancel must be made 72 hours beforehand. Signed for the North Atlantic Defense Coalition, Tiagoroth - Secretary General Aurelius - Deputy Secretary General and Foreign Affairs Minister Signor Boredom - Internal Affairs Minister Aloysius - Military Operations Commander Scotia the Brave - Finance Minister Signed for the Christian Coalition of Countries, Britishdude - Chancellor Llanowar Elf - Vice Chancellor Les Paul Supreme - Minister of Internal Affairs Wrath of God - Minister of Defense Ruler the White - Minister of Foreign Affairs
  6. I'm disappointed that you haven't joined us yet. This is my seventh :P For comparison, the previous longest serving Secretary General was EmperorCharles and he served six.
  7. North Atlantic Defense Coalition Government Elections have ended yet again, and I get to maintain the illusion of democracy. Secretariat Secretary General - Tiagoroth Deputy Secretary General - Aurelius Cabinet Minister of Foreign Affairs - Aurelius Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs - Kharn Minister of Internal Affairs - Signor Boredom Deputy Minister of Internal Affairs - Luke C Military Operations Commander - Aloysius Deputy Military Operations Commander - bgorre1013 Minister of Finance - Scotia the Brave Deputy Minister of Finance - XxHouseArrestXx Atlantic Council Zygon Chunky Monkey XxHouseArrestXx Luke C
  8. Poor IRON's flag ceased to exist.
  9. I think you forgot a certain update.
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