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  1. If I ever get into your range, I will perma-ZI you as a rogue. I have thought this ever since I've known you. You're the worst player in this game.
  2. If I write you a song will you reconsider? Thanks a lot for all your time, Gopher. You're much better than all of us combined.
  3. No one wants to write 5 page papers on why Francoism isn't or is dumb anymore. No one wants to flesh out an alliance wide philosophy. This game is basically dead and everyone knows it so they don't want to dedicate too much time to it.
  4. I think you forgot all of the useless microdrama from years past.
  5. People who think NYC rappers are actually good shouldn't talk about rap.
  6. imagine thinking Andre isn't the greatest rapper ever.
  7. Polardoxia has been a term used before you even created your new persona.
  8. Yo, man, I'm going to need you to keep your !@#$%* opinions to yourself, because no one wants to hear it.
  9. Stop playing with your friends in little clusters. Play to be king of the hill if you want politics to be fun again, if not then find something enjoyable like war or building your nation. There's many things to do in this game, but you have to find what you want to do.
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