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  1. How did you not even mention that we're EZIing the worst alliance and biggest nation in the game?
  2. I assume you'll be back tomorrow morning for our next session? PS: Please tell evilgm to accept my 4k troops so i can continue to raid him
  3. A man roleplaying as a girl/woman is calling other people a eunuch. My Freud senses are tingling.
  4. Time to purge the black team of the undeserving.
  5. If I ever get into your range, I will perma-ZI you as a rogue. I have thought this ever since I've known you. You're the worst player in this game.
  6. If I write you a song will you reconsider? Thanks a lot for all your time, Gopher. You're much better than all of us combined.
  7. Biggest Losers Umbrella Applicant (-1.10) We're number 1! We're number 1!
  8. Are you insisting that our epeen can grow larger?
  9. You can come for it, but I must warn you: you don't want this work.
  10. Gopher, we're doing this all for you.
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