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  1. How did you not even mention that we're EZIing the worst alliance and biggest nation in the game?
  2. I assume you'll be back tomorrow morning for our next session? PS: Please tell evilgm to accept my 4k troops so i can continue to raid him
  3. A man roleplaying as a girl/woman is calling other people a eunuch. My Freud senses are tingling.
  4. Time to purge the black team of the undeserving.
  5. If I ever get into your range, I will perma-ZI you as a rogue. I have thought this ever since I've known you. You're the worst player in this game.
  6. I'm glad to have helped you achieved these milestones.
  7. It sounds like you need soldiers. I will do a 4k soldiers for 200 tech deal. More if you have a FAC.
  8. Not enough teapots imo. Partisan why have you forsaken us?
  9. And what happens when they have to start buying tech?
  10. It's honestly surprising enough that people are still registering for the game. I couldn't imagine ever selling tech for a year just to get a FAC and a DRA. The only real shot at nation growth in this game is to spend $60-120 in donations a month and just get 9 mil and 100 tech delivered to you every round.
  11. o/ Peace and a better black sphere
  12. I thought WAE was going to spend their last years, like their first years, as a tech slave? Hmmm. I guess I was wrong. Poor show.
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