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  1. I am bad person and play dirty, if I had to bribe people with providing them free tech for the next 2000 days of my nation existence to rogue you I would do just that. I am not fair and will never play by someones else rule book. Hitting under the belt and hitting hard, Así me gusta jugar.
  2. I take all the credit in taking down and burning Hime on a stake, its my legacy. You didnt let me roll TIO, or R&R, but I get this, so thank you Roquentini.
  3. Its too hard for the general public to understand that this a burn it to the ground scenario with no ¨peace¨ options. Its like trying to inflate a torn balloon with these people.
  4. Negotiate what? We are doing this to burn the house down, the pour gasoline on the ashes a set that on fire as well. This is the end-game, you can consider this an pseudo official stance, btw.
  5. Is methrage even around? He would be an amazing addition to this send off.
  6. Its the end game, deal with it. It was either you or GPA, but with some heavy s*** posting on my part, everyone got convinced that hitting you and pulling you down with everything else, is far more fun than the boring ones in GPA. At least with you we get the faux moral outrage posting.
  7. I know the alliance disbanded years ago, well maybe years but I am still seeking a list of ex-TIO members and to see if anyone is around. If you have an old TL sheet around somewhere from past wars, please share them, or if you know anyone by now please post their link here. Thank you!
  8. Reviving color politics is a moronic thing, and whoever demanded it should resign from his nation and his alliance. As much as I really dislike NADC I dislike dumb ideas even more. Its a color nothing more nothing less. Appalling.
  9. Actually, I claim this, and myth my offer will always be on the table.
  10. Had fun in the past 4 years with these guys. [ooc]Umbrella 4 Israel[/ooc]
  11. there is a saying in arabic, "he who wears the hat, will reach for it".
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