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  1. You should do a report on when they were the only interesting thing to happen for the time they existed.
  2. Same, only I can't even be bothered to poke it with a stick anymore. Basically it's the same weirdo's who ruined the game occasionally making really odd posts on the OWF. The games age was kind of unique for its time. Bringing in folks from all over the world where the internet hadn't so co-depended everyone that the type of interaction we have now (Discord, social media, et al) was still possible for you to never know your opponents or friends. I don't think you'd find too many young folk interested in the current iteration of the game. The mechanics would need tweaked but as has been mentioned in this thread, and I've stated before -- the circlejerk at the top ruined this game. No one wanted to take a risk or lose a war, or do anything unique. The result is the game is dead. It's a political simulator, but there was a time when you didn't have to ingratiate yourselves with folks who already had decade long established relationships and attempt them to put an axe in their buds head. Needs a makeover, new target audience, mechanic overhaul, and you need new people.
  3. I keep checking back twice a year hoping to see some decent prose in declarations of war, but it seems it's about the same as it has been for nearly 5+ years. Still remember reading logs of the goons 1.0, \m/, continuum days, schattenman leaks... and being so utterly disappointed at the lack of bredth in alliance leaders much later. This game was most fun on the individual alliance level, as OOC friendships tainted most of the global politics and was not as nuanced nor easily surmountable as internal politics. Being in alliances with vibrant personalities and semi-democratic government's was an absolute joy -- and the internal dynamics were simply a pleasure to navigate. But i guess it had to end some day. Once folks started colluding to avoid intriguing conflict and conspiriacies the game started on its nose dive. While admin can be criticized in developing appropiate late game scaling and improvements, the real fault of the games end lies with the players. Lacking ambition and with no purpose other than to create insurmountable advantages rather than forcing conflict (and thereby forcing players to interact with the internal and external communities,) the game predictably collapsed. Congrats on being towers over nothing instead of keeping the game interesting. Shout out to all of the ol' former NATOans, MHAers, R&Rers, AI and MI6ians. Friend or foe, whether fun or not, it was always entertaining.
  4. Now you just have to clarify what a multi is, because based on your current policy and its application I'm not finding a clear definition anywhere.
  5. I have no interest in investing thousands of hours of work in a nation simulator to attempt to break up what amounts to OOC circle jerking for the amusement of a handful of people. That card isn't going to work. It's not 2006 and I'm not 18 anymore with too much time on my hands. Folks have repeatedly gone out of their way to kill the game -- advocating for "change," (re: proposing that large nations become even more powerful,) that has lent its current shape -- a diminishing pool where most "new," nations fall into the wonderful "multi," rule. None of these nations have any impact on the game, of course -- because they require ~ 2-3 years of unhindered growth to get at a moderate size, while those above them grow logarithmicly. Meanwhile, the game has reached a protracted stage where less inclined political folks are weeded out (usually,) before they can reach a position to do anything interesting (In Cybernations, people consider self-immolation interesting.). Those that do find themselves talking to a vast good ol' boys network that will log your address of actual residence in addition to whatever plotting you may dare think about. SE needs a reset, or the plug pulled -- claiming that folks espousing this sentiment are part of the problem is rather ridiculous and contrary to any objective statistical analysis. We've reached a point where there are only 2-3 growing communities within the game, and they're all looking at OTHER games to sustain themselves as opposed to continue to waste their time here.
  6. Totally with you. The "leaders," of today -- if you can call them that -- are completely unoriginal.
  7. IYIyTh


    It all gets ignored by the mods.
  8. IYIyTh


    I totally and wholeheartedly agree with everything said here -- it's really a problem the admin/mods made for themselves and the onus shouldn't be on folks who are utilizing the rule (unless proven beyond a shadow of a doubt they're breaking it ** something you'll never convince me of even if you document them logging on immediately after one another,) to prove they're not breaking it, because it was made legal.
  9. IYIyTh


    Once again, if there is one computer in the household, or even two -- if people are sharing it it's really not that uncommon. I'm really having a hard time justifying any moderation action on that basis or any basis. "HEY I NEED HELP ON MY NATION, HERE LET ME LOG OUT OF MINE REAL QUICK AND WE'LL LOOK AT YOURS." Even if mac/ip/et al are all the same, there is literally no way you can prove even a preponderance of evidence that I think by opening that pandora's box the moderation owes the users they administrate before terminating them for a rule they essentially changed from black and white to gray.
  10. IYIyTh


    I'm confused, someone was deleted for another person in their household having a nation (something the mods say they allowed? Frankly unless the mods are actually in your house at all times, I don't see how any kind of evidence (including logging in at the same time) could be damning,. Two people decide to play the same game at the same time all of the time in other arenas.
  11. IYIyTh

    New adventure

    You can notice at the end i'm kinda rushing and don't finish big -- i'm back home for a wedding sat and mom comes home -- you can hear the garage door at the end.
  12. IYIyTh

    New adventure

    Yeah, i'm writing a song and playing it on guitar. be prepared
  13. IYIyTh

    Its gettin hot in here

    i heard something on the news about advising folks to stay in, but a lot of folks can't afford to not work a day or two. crazy
  14. IYIyTh

    The dragon is dead!

    who are we to judge, it worked!
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