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  1. 3 nukes per 50 tech is the going rate. But if you have a coupon, we'll give you an extra nuke free.
  2. Learz


    That would only affect alliances concerned about PR, eh?
  3. Learz


    My horoscope says to be serious today.
  4. Learz


    This brings up an interesting question: is GPA going to be hit again? By which I mean, it's only a matter of time before someone "lulzy" declares on them (personally, I'd place my money on Doomhouse given their use of CB's). GPA is useless at fighting and loaded with tech. The NPO realized that they were sitting on a silver platter and worked them over, so... how long before someone else decides the same thing and hits GPA? Perhaps more importantly, would anyone defend GPA?
  5. Well, says the guy not doing anything then!
  6. Learz


    Heehee, I come. >.> I usually just browse and don't read much
  7. Learz


    That's interesting. We've been completely unaware of all this. We need to start using it more!
  8. Learz


    It's kinda weird that people actually read this. But hey, that's not going to stop me! So, other than me having a chuckle over this post, it raises an interesting question. The Invict-O-Sphere? Apparently we've been in the middle of this for sometime, yet blissfully unaware. I only learned of it quite recently by overhearing a random mention in IRC in a tiny channel that's almost forgotten. I brought the name back to Invicta and it was the first everyone had heard of it. Yet it seems to be mentioned everywhere, by everyone. So my question is, who coined the term? And how did they ever arrive
  9. Says the guy delivering *yet another* massively uneven curbstomp.
  10. @goldielax, you get the gold star for today, but I still expect great things from you! @New Frontier, don't try to turn the subject away from your unoriginality. Besides, your comment can easily apply to your own alliance
  11. Seriously. Invicta has always honored its treaties. So when Dorkhouse declares on one of our strongest allies, a pre-emptive strike with no basis, what did they expect to happen? Obviously, Invicta is going to come in and defend; this isn't rocket science people (well, I guess it might be for some on the other side, but let's not go there). Now, we've gotten used to the trolling; heck, it's practically tradition at this point. But seriously. Y'all have been planing this for a long time, and then when you DoW'ed on NPO, you knew we were going to come in. And what do you have for us? The EXACT
  12. Learz

    To start off with...

    lol, you weren't kidding
  13. Learz

    Oddly true

    http://forums.cybernations.net/index.php?showtopic=96899&view=findpost&p=2571498 Edit: Also, it has come to my attention that blogs show up on the right side, and people actually read this one o.O This was mostly a place to store stuff for me given that I've gotten tired of copying it into my quotes folder So don't expect much!
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