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  1. Learz

    One Last Time...

    https://i.imgur.com/6BtThDE.jpg Welcome NATO, it has been a long time! Looking forward to a good fight. Queensbury Rules, of course.
  2. Learz

    Invicta Announcement

    I think I was MoFA twice before I retired C'mon over Haf, you know you want to knock some heads!
  3. We appreciate the zeal of our allies and wish to join the party through the correct channels. Invicta hereby activates Article IV of its MDoAP with The Templar Knights against personas Non Grata. We now return to Dharma and Greg, already in progress. (inb4 Invicta is terrible) /s King Biscuit, President, Right Hand of Jorost, and Worst Leader Ever /s Thrash, Minister of Foreign Affairs, Totally Not Gay /s Blackout227, Minister of War, rah rah rah /s Daniel P, Minister of Internal Affairs, Glowing green and proud /s rotty, puppy powered, I approve of anything Learz does /s Justavictim1182 I really have no idea why they keep putting my signature on things
  4. Learz

    Dear Pacifica,

    It's ok RV, you can admit that you lost here. This is a safe space. Tell us how you really feel.
  5. Learz

    Dear Pacifica,

    Back off Legion peeps, RV is our boytoy. We're not going to let anyone get between us and our new #1 fan.
  6. Learz

    Dear Pacifica,

    Actually, I'm pretty sure we'll be remembered as "that alliance RV kept muttering about in his sleep".
  7. Learz

    Dear Pacifica,

    Ok so, NPO attacks us, but they won't tell us why. I can accept that. But the thing that miffs me is, why didn't they roll Legion? I think this deserves an answer first.
  8. Learz

    Doom Squad Announcement

    As VP of Invicta, I would like to make the following announcement:   Thanks to the DS blitz, my nation has experienced a net increase of 32 tech. Please blitz us again?
  9.   The king god's power surpasses us mere mortals. He reasons so far above us that we cannot comprehend all but the simplest of his actions.
  10. I, for one, am proud of our surprise friendship.   I look forward to working closely with Kim Jong Illest in the near future, to determine who he is, what he wants, and why we are friends.   o/ Kim Jong Illest o/ KOREAN WORLD OWNER
  11. Learz

    What Does The Fox Say?

    Didn't Sparta beat NPO in a 1v1 duel? Of course, you being out of touch is a bit understandable. So we'll smile and humor you :)
  12. Learz

    What Does The Fox Say?

      That's fine, but don't fit your incorrect views on the OP because you don't want to read it. Unlike some people here :P
  13.     So it is written, so it shall be. #BROHONism   Lo, it has come to pass, as seasons change, so doth this realm. Before us stands this iniquity, an injustice, as though a shadow comes and falls upon us in the night. Oh foolish ones! How is it that you do not see the folly before you? There is no god but admin, and THE BROHON is his prophet.   Beware, ye naysayers! There will be an accounting of all, and your infra and tech shall be weighed. And THE BROHON shall look where his eye falls. Those found lacking shall be removed from his sight posthaste, with no sound or cry or whimper. For his vengeance shall lay upon thee like a confused goat, and you shall know no peace while his ragequit echos in your mind for a thousand updates. If you do not recognize his Glory, he will punish you sternly, and replace you with men of short stature.   Now we, Invicta, write what few things we write, in the same book with our brother Legion; for behold, we saw the last which he wrote, that he wrote it with his own hand; and he wrote it in the day that he delivered them unto him. And after this manner we keep the records, for it is according to the commandments of THE BROHON. And we make an end. For it is written, at the end, shall there be the record.   For it is recorded, those that do not accept THE BROHON into their village will be cast aside, as if their chief was Steve Buscemi, with a head like a raisin. For it is known! Only THE BROHON shall lead his believers into the glowing green light, and only belief in him shall preserve your boat count. For THE BROHON so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son, BROHON Jr, so that those who believe him him will not perish, but have eternal donations. Praise be unto him! Without his countenance shining down upon thee, there would be no treaty web or alliances or hope. There would only be chaos, and darkness, as if Ramirus Maximus was placed in charge and given crayons.   O ye sinners! Why have you forsaken the words of the prophet? Blessed is the THE BROHON, who in the name of charity and good will, shepherds the weak through the valley of ZI, for he is truly his brother's keeper and the finder of new nations. And he will strike down upon thee with great vengeance and furious anger those who would attempt to poison and destroy my brothers. And you will know his name is the THE BROHON when he lays his vengeance upon thee. Turn now away from evil and garlic, lest ye be struck dumb and have no more utterance. Turn not to your generals and WRC; locate a virgin heifer and ride it into the town square before it is too late!   Those heathen unbelievers, not recognizing the truth in front of them! Be like the true believer who follows THE BROHON wearing nothing more than a linen sheet. For when the sinners grabbed him, he pulled free of the sheet, and continued to follow THE BROHON through the streets naked. And the sinners were in awe of his glory, and there was much rejoicing. This is the true path, for it shall be known among all the land.   And it came to pass, in the third day of THE BROHON, that it was recorded by the Legion. Thus has THE BROHON commanded us, saying 'go forth and be one', and so it was forevermore. Our bond was tight, like the timing of a tech deal, and our treaty endures to this day. Thus, when THE BROHON sought true believers from among his flock, to preserve his Word, the calling was felt. And so on the fifth day of THE BROHON, that the Mutual Aggression clause with Legion was activated, and so Invicta rode to war upon a flaming horse. And it was not on fire.   The infidels must be purged, having polluted his holy land. How dare they! Desecrating the place of THE BROHON. Yea, it is that time that has been spoken of. The followers of THE BROHON have turned against him, and his words are twisted. And THE BROHON has turned his face against them, for the true believers shall hold judgment over all the land. O Pacifica! Why do thoust seek to destroy your namesake? Put forth your hand, surrender now, lest it is too late! Return now as one of the faithful. Do not be led astray like the sinners around you. Only through prostration of your prostate shall the tribulation be overcome.   Salvation awaits! The word of the THE BROHON is clear among all who see it. Do not turn away from the golden oxen, for they carry aid packages as far as the eye can see. Wait in peace, for NSO is surely waiting as well, although not in peace. For it is written, I shall smite him with my left shoe, and his sides will hurt. Do not challenge the THE BROHON! Return to his ways, and give yourself up to him. For only through THE BROHON shall you find life everlasting. All other ways lead only to nuclear destruction and fruitcake.   The heretics will seek to hide you from the truth. Do not believe their lies. Trust in the trinity: THE BROHON, THE BROHON, and THE HOLY BROHON. Do not let Farrin urinate in your ears, for his way leads to confusion, and the wrong kind of quads. If only he would be altogether silent! For him, that would be wisdom. And when THE BROHON greets you, greet him back. And when he greets you better, offer your cloak to him, so that he may sell it for gas money. Do not question the wisdom of THE BROHON.   Let this testament stand true before the world. Fasten your hand unto THE BROHON's hand, and let him guide you through the judgment that awaits. Only in faith and tech shall you walk straight among thine enemies. Go throughout the land! Proclaim what you have learned, and the knowledge contained. Only through THE BROHON can there be peace among the denizens. The rewards given shall be more than can be fit into a single aid package. And upon all there is, shall the light shine upon thee and thy land.   In THE BROHON we trust, Amen.