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  1. You should do a report on when they were the only interesting thing to happen for the time they existed.
  2. Same, only I can't even be bothered to poke it with a stick anymore. Basically it's the same weirdo's who ruined the game occasionally making really odd posts on the OWF. The games age was kind of unique for its time. Bringing in folks from all over the world where the internet hadn't so co-depended everyone that the type of interaction we have now (Discord, social media, et al) was still possible for you to never know your opponents or friends. I don't think you'd find too many young folk interested in the current iteration of the game. The mechanics would need tweaked but as has been mentioned in this thread, and I've stated before -- the circlejerk at the top ruined this game. No one wanted to take a risk or lose a war, or do anything unique. The result is the game is dead. It's a political simulator, but there was a time when you didn't have to ingratiate yourselves with folks who already had decade long established relationships and attempt them to put an axe in their buds head. Needs a makeover, new target audience, mechanic overhaul, and you need new people.
  3. The people responsible for the death of the game know who they are. The overall community was never truly at fault. A handful of shortsighted folks lacking imagination and too happy to just churn along with OOC friendships rather than understanding the rise and fall of all is what made this game great. Really just came back to wave to all of the folks I've seen posting their buhbyes.
  4. I keep checking back twice a year hoping to see some decent prose in declarations of war, but it seems it's about the same as it has been for nearly 5+ years. Still remember reading logs of the goons 1.0, \m/, continuum days, schattenman leaks... and being so utterly disappointed at the lack of bredth in alliance leaders much later. This game was most fun on the individual alliance level, as OOC friendships tainted most of the global politics and was not as nuanced nor easily surmountable as internal politics. Being in alliances with vibrant personalities and semi-democratic government's was an absolute joy -- and the internal dynamics were simply a pleasure to navigate. But i guess it had to end some day. Once folks started colluding to avoid intriguing conflict and conspiriacies the game started on its nose dive. While admin can be criticized in developing appropiate late game scaling and improvements, the real fault of the games end lies with the players. Lacking ambition and with no purpose other than to create insurmountable advantages rather than forcing conflict (and thereby forcing players to interact with the internal and external communities,) the game predictably collapsed. Congrats on being towers over nothing instead of keeping the game interesting. Shout out to all of the ol' former NATOans, MHAers, R&Rers, AI and MI6ians. Friend or foe, whether fun or not, it was always entertaining.
  5. Black Tea Matters Movement recognizes the true froods of this universe, the Mostly Harmless Alliance Not this fake habberdashery
  6. Be careful guys wouldn't want up in a world of pain for commenting on how pathetic MHA is
  7. Credit Bear is under investigation for short selling with insider information and integrated automatic transfer mechanisms in game, presumably dealing with technology. He also resides in Umbrella, which was a shock to no one upon discovery.
  8. I will rain down the most torrid of waters upon your face. It will be sweeping, hot, full of flavor, and most importantly -- deadly. I await the day when your entire being has been roasted alive, and its doing will be the arrogance and sheer craptitude that is Umbrella -- not to be mistaken with the morass of futility that is the holy empire of halin.
  9. Listen, just because Umbrella are a bunch of spineless teacists who go out of the way to spy other nations does not mean I truly give half a scone about them. You are dirt. You are lesser than dirt. You are the underneath of dirt of years of decay that is the essence of all that remains. If I could have a guess, you are probably the remnants of dog excrement that has been fossilized by pure arrogance. You need to purify yourself in the waters of Lake Minnetonka. Until that time, steep tight knowing that your existential enemy is preparing to attack you and that your ugly, despicable, narcissistic and completely self-serving ways will catch up with you.
  10. I just want black tea to be treated we treat the other teas. Apparently some people around here don't agree.
  11. This coming from the guy who thinks he's a care bear.
  12. We salute you, follower of the tea ways. I invite you to abandon the Oolong Caleafate, and join the order of Earl Gray, his majesty.
  13. I don't see anything in this post about tea or halin being zi'd, please stay on topic old fart
  14. How dare you. I will post about this some time in the future. Be careful. You may find yourself on the zi list too.
  15. Who's complaining ? Spitting straight fire and facts.
  16. At least you're taking it better than the other way you typically do.
  17. What the $%&@ do you know about MHA from then? Stop jocking on Denzin's dick. He wasn't even a good leader around that time but !@#$ if people try to say they miss him when they never showed up on our boards/knew him. Denzin had more intrigue and effort in his left ass cheek than you have your entire pathetic existence. Before Denzin had his OOC issues WCR ran that !@#$ so hard it would make Roquentin envious -- please leave MHA's worthy members out of your pathetic mouth. I get that this new bunch sucks so much dick they're not even semi-respectable, but pretty low to bring up a late member to try to stoke some !@#$.
  18. I guess MHA could be worse in that instead of its current !@#$%* leadership it could be led by you instead.
  19. I appreciate the attempts to repair our alliance that your pathetic leadership has attempted to fray, but I'm sorry to say I'm cozying up to the New Pacific Order instead. They are shamelessly addicted to eating butthole on an entirely different level. They make Salajol at TOP look like an altar boy when it comes to eating butthole and being BFFs with their skype buddies. They even take grudges to other games because they can't solve them here. As a whole, though, I am greatly appreciative to Umbrella for their support and not turning on the Black Tea Matters Movement like they have the majority of their allies in their pathetic, disgraceful, contemptuous history. It's really appreciated that Umbrella has not remained a !@#$ stain of the unjust war and is actually worth a damn nowadays, and totally not just NPO's !@#$%* who bend over whenever NPO asks for it. Umbrella is a true bastion of hipsterism that must be preserved so that in thousands of years when people want to know what the definition of excrement was, we have an easy pictograph to expalin it. I appreciate the rest of the planet in their support of making Umbrella's turd like behavior known. Thanks.
  20. The Black Tea Matters movement is more than capable of enforcing ZI. Halin is already there, he just doesn't know it.
  21. We can't all be like you. Some of us like our women alive.
  22. We respectfully request to keep Halin's obesity problem out of this.
  23. Be careful. I hear they have some pretty terrible poetry they might send you. It's worse than their leadership, and that's saying something.
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