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  1. Jesse would end up meeting with Ardeth at a small café in the Egyptian coastal city of Alexandria. Jesse made sure to keep himself hidden from any prying eyes. He wasn’t really worried about anyone trying to kill him but he was still a world leader and right now he didn’t need that publicity. “Good to see you again Jess.” Ardeth greeted him as he sat down in the chair on the other side of the small table. “Or do you want me to call you Emperor?” He said as a joke. “I think you already know the answer to that question. Anyways I assume that you know why I am here.” Jesse said to him. "We have reports of him from all over the Middle East but the latest is Jerusalem.” Jesse was interested. “Really? Now why would my evil uncle Gladius be there?” Ardeth answered. “The Temple Mount. You know it’s history. Considered a holy site by the Jews, Christians, and Muslims But now… Something big has been found underneath it.” Jesse. “Let me guess. They found Dragon Empire ruins from thousands of years ago.” Ardeth. “Yes. And they still had power as well.” Jesse. “How do you know that?” Ardeth. “Because I was there. My brother is an archeologist who specializes in long gone yet very advanced civilization such as the Ancient Empire. He wanted me there as a bodyguard.” Jesse. “OK. What does this have to do with finding Gladius?” Ardeth. “Because he was there as well in his human form that you described to me. He was the one who funded the entire excavation. He is looking for something big and while we found a lot there I am not sure if we did find exactly what he was looking for. But we did find some medallions like the one you are wearing.” Jesse. “What happened to them?” Ardeth. “He sent them east. We were tracking them but they were taken by Kurdish forces in the area. Now he has tasked his forces in Ghurabaa with retrieving them. Promised that he would help the Caliphate take over the world if they helped him. They have sent their elite forces and they will kill all the Kurds and take back the medallions unless…” Jesse understood what he needed to do. “Unless I find the Kurds before they do.” Ardeth. “I have a friend with them in Baghdad and it would be an honor to fight by your side and save them. I have a plane ready at a local airstrip to take us there. We will leave tomorrow morning. For now get some rest. Even you will need it." The next morning as the plane they were in approached Baghdad there was a Dragon flying above the city and it gave an evil grin when it saw them. "Oh this will be fun." Jesse recognized him immediately as they got closer. "It's him. It's Gladius. He is probably leading the attack on the city. Land the plane safely. I will cover you." Ardeth. "How?" Jesse then transformed into his Red Dragon form and jumped out of the plane. Gladius flew over to him but he didn't attack yet. "So we meet again young Prince. Or should I call you Emperor of Asia now like your people do?" "Doesn't matter what you call me because it won't change what I am about to do to you." Jesse replied. Gladius simply continued. "You may have slowed down my plans in other parts of the world but that's just it. You were never able to stop me completely and you still can't. We don't have to be enemies here. Join me and together we will bring back the Dragon Empire." "I already am. I'm just doing it a lot better and more peaceful than you ever would. So if anything you should be joining me. But since I won't ever be able to trust you not to stab me in the back... I'm just going to end you here." Normal bullets wouldn't be able to hurt Dragons but their claws still could. Gladius would end up getting the upper hand in the fight and slicing Jesse a few times before throwing down into the middle of a large square in the center of the city. The people there would run away in fear as they continued their fight. Gladius continued to mock him as he even let Jesse heal a bit. "You can't win this. I could kill you right now without really trying but I am not going to. You still have so much potential but you are blinded by what your parents and Maelstrom told you. I want to change everyone in order to help them be just like you and me. There would be no more hunger, no more pain, the world will finally be at peace but that's only if we change them all into what we are." Jesse would try attacking him again but Gladius was able to dodge and slice him some more before throwing him into a building. "You can't stop The Change that is coming. Soon my forces will destroy the Kurds including your friend." Jesse then got a message from Ardeth. "The base is under attack. They are everywhere. We don't have enough men to hold out!" Gladius gave him an offer. "Tell your friend to surrender the medallions peacefully and their lives will be spared. Otherwise they will all die." Jesse replied to Ardeth. "Don't listen to them if they tell you to surrender. They must not get those medallions. Destroy them if you can!" Gladius then used a large pistol to shoot the wrist computer that Jesse was using. "I hope you know you just condemned them to death. I am not going to kill you Jesse. I am just going to leave you here knowing that you just killed your friend for nothing when you could have saved him. We will meet again and when we do you will have hopefully made your choice by then. You can either help me change the world for the better or I will destroy you and everyone you love and their deaths will be on your hands as well." As Gladius flew away Jesse's wounds would begin to heal but it would still be many minutes until he was strong enough to get up and fly to the base. When he got there the base was destroyed and covered in dead bodies. In the middle was a dead Dragon who Jesse recognized as Ardeth. He had been killed by Gladius himself before he took the medallions the Kurds had. Jesse sobbed for a bit before promising that he would eventually find Gladius again and kill him and all his forces once and for all. He then flew back to China. If he was ever going to find him again and stop him than Jesse was going to need some more help.
  2. Jesse flew to the golden Bahamut statue at the top of the snow covered mountain in his Dragon form. It was always peaceful there and the monks who lived at the monastery kept it in good condition. Like many in the past such as Jesus and Mohammed he also had visions where he was able to talk with him directly. This was the nearest place where there was no interference when he did so. He closed his eyes while kneeling in front of the statue and when he opened them he was floating above clouds with a huge Golden Dragon in front of him. “Welcome. It has been a while since we last had a conversation.” The Dragons voice boomed all around him. Jesse replied. “Yes. For a long time now there has been peace on Earth but… I am afraid it’s coming to an end.” Bahamut already knew what he was talking about. “Ah. You are worried about the Ghurabaa Caliphate.” Jesse. “Should I not be worried about them? I mean in a way they claim to be doing this for you anyways.” Bahamut replied to that. “People have been doing good and bad things in my name since they were first created. Whether they truly are or not… That is for you to find out yourself. Do you remember the most important lesson I gave you?” Jesse answered. “Everything is not always as it seems.” Bahamut smiled. “Indeed. The same applies to what is going on now.” Jesse. “Are you saying that their leader is a…” Bahamut. “Again that is something for you to find out yourself. Or perhaps have you agents find the information for you.” Jesse. “Ardeth? What is his connection to this?” Bahamut answered. “Much more than you know. But again even if I know the answer it is still something you have to find out yourself. Do you remember the other important lesson I taught you?” Jesse knew it. “History always tends to repeat itself even if it is in ways different from before.” Bahamut was glad he remembers. “Exactly. Find out what is truly going on with Ghurabaa and you will also find the other answers you are looking for… And perhaps some you were not.” Jesse closed and opened his eyes again and he was back in front of the statue. A monk went over to him and gave him a golden medallion with Bahamut’s symbol on it. The monk told him why. “We were told to give this to you when you came here. Bahamut said you would know what it meant.” Indeed Jesse did. In the past the medallions were used in order to give humans Dragon abilities just like he had. Did Ghurabaa have access to one or more of them. If so did they plan on using it to strengthen their army? There was only one way to find out. “Time to go meet with Ardeth.”
  3. Shanghai Imperial Royal Palace Jake told Jesse what was going on. "Good news first. The world is in great shape. We got a war going on in the Middle East as someone is trying to create a unified empire much like the one Salah al-Din had during the Crusades although this guy is taking it to the next level." Jesse didn't see a problem there. "So what is the problem. They have been warring against each other there since the Dragon Empire fell thosands of years ago. If someone can actually succeed in finally uniting them to make things more peaceful there I would consider it a good thing. Sure many will still die but it will save a lot more in the end... Especially if we don't get involved at all?" Jake was confused by this. "What do you mean by that?" Jesse answered. "If they want to keep killing each other in the Middle East than I say let them. They will sort it out even if it takes another thousand years to do it. The whole reason they did terrorist attacks was because people were getting themselves involved when they shouldn't have. There are some things we just shouldn't be involved in and this is one of them. Why? Are you worried about them trying to force Islam upon us? Im not. Allah, Bahamut, he has many different names all over the world but in the end it doesn't change anything. He created Humanity for reasons we may never understand and as Dragons it is our job to protect them and fight the battles they can't. However this isn't one of them." "What if they try to attack us?" Jake asked him. "Then we would burn it all and make them wish they were never born but right now they have no reason to attack us just as we have no reason to attack them. And I would like to keep it that way." Jake finally agreed. "Understood. Will put our friend Ardeth on standby just in case we need more information on them." Jesse. “Yes but for now he is just an observer and nothing more. Should be easy for him since he has been doing it since he was born.” Jake. “What if they try to kill him for some reason?” Jesse. “He might look like a human but he is a Dragon like us. If anything I would be more worried about what will happen to anyone stupid enough to try.”
  4. Won't have to worry about that. Polar is on the same side since they have wars against these Umbrella MHA imposters as well And yes I mean you.
  5. Claims to only want peace. Proceeds to try and insult other alliances. Yea that seems about right.
  6. IC: I told you this would happen if you continued down this path. You have brought all of this upon yourself and your mockery of an alliance. OOC: To be honest most of us have actually been waiting for a war like this for quite some time. So the OOC part of me has to thank you for this
  7. Yea after learning a bit more about them I found I needed to change it a little bit. They are really the CN equivalent of terrorists but those who do leave to join them are the definition of traitors. Luckily no one in the MHA really are traitors. Found out these guys behind this are really what is left of Umbrella trying to use our alliance name against us. So I will just call them Umbrella terrorists from now on. Whether they really are traitors or just Umbrella terrorists makes no difference though. They will be defeated all the same.
  8. I wish you good luck in this endeavor
  9. Eh if you want to join up against them than feel free As for our enemies... nothing else I care to say except that I know what they really want and that this will be over soon.
  10. I think this thread is for him actually going against you.
  11. Sure. After you surrender. I don't do trades with traitors.
  12. You obviously have not been here on CN that long because anyone who has would know that Mealstrom is one of my best friends on here! You might as well just surrender now because that is the only way this will end. If you don't than you and anyone supporting you shall drown in nuclear fire and then when the fire clears the dragons will move in to eat what is left. One way on another it ends here!
  13. Yea the war already started when the traitors attacked last week. This is just making the war Official Like the United States declaring war on Japan just after the attack on Pearl Harbor.
  14. And for those that want to support us feel free to send anything you want All help is appreciated against these traitors!
  15. I am not usually one for big speeches or formal messages but we will not just sit back and watch CN equivalent of terrorists try and make a mockery of our great alliance. The true MostlyHarmlessAlliance hereby declares war on the Umbrella terrorists of Mostly Harmless Alliance and anyone else who supports them. If they do not surrender immediately than you can guess where this will head next and we will make it our goal to make sure that it does not end well for them. Signed by the MostlyHarmlessAlliance Triumvirate Jesbro Amy Winehouse Qldvespanut This is what happens when you wake a sleeping Dragon! EDITED: Found out the truth.
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