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  1. For the glory of hufflepuff!
  2. Lol. Most people in the game don't randomly attack alliance for "trolling"
  3. FTFY. Ok, so maybe that was a little dramatic, but still. Also, I think I have a FTFY addiction.
  4. I'm not obsessed with the game. He acted like a jerk, so I treat him like one. And it's not like I'm going to great lengths to insult him. I'm spending 30 seconds typing a response to his comment. And why would I need to feel better? I'm not the one making a fool of myself for fun.
  5. "N0 U!" I'm not surprised you can't come up with an insult more complicated then what a 4 year old on a super high would say.
  6. 1. I was joking. 2. I spend less time on this game then you do. (At least in the past 3 days) 3. You stole my joke.
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