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  1. For the glory of hufflepuff!
  2. Well, loki's declared war on me........I don't know how I feel about that.

  3. Hmm, my favorite book is The Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy. But the book that I think is the best is.....literally any Harry Potter book.
  4. That still is beside the point, your still calling for a revolution without any real meaning or support.
  5. SO. Your saying that since people play the game, a disinterest isn't the problem?
  6. He said "people are starting to lose interest", not "every single person in the world loathes this game and would never play it ever". You assume just because a micro fraction of the Internet plays the game that means it isn't suffering from a lack of interest and there's no possible way your wrong. The sooner you wise up and realize that your wrong about this "revolution" the sooner all of us will have to stop dealing with this ridiculous non-sense.
  7. Oh my gosh, do you hear how stupid you sound right now? Why exactly are you so determined to believe that's a problem?
  8. Exactly, and so theirs no tyranny to fight, and this "revolution" is just an idea for a cool war in which the organized, stronger upper-crust let the micro-alliances know who's boss. End of story.
  9. How are they my opinion? Can you name one person who was FORCED into micro-alliance by the supposed PTB? No? Well then, I guess there is no tyranny to be over thrown and this "revolution has no real meaning.
  10. I said CYBER utopia, YOU were the one who said I said you said that you wanted to make the world perfect. And you did ignore half my argument. What about the other two freaking paragraphs? Did you never learn how to count?
  11. Well it isn't to anyone that still has functioning brain cells. I bet you can't find ONE person who agrees with you.
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