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  1. YOU WOULD POST ABOUT THOSE TWO BUT NOT ME?????????????????????????????????????????????/
  2. Basically i joined this newb alliance that doesnt no nothing for the !@#$% and giggles. They are super active, but need help. they have 86 alliance announcments and dozens of comments on each one. I suggested DT cause i figured theyd take anyone . They just need some guiding [18:38:25] <Damaged> napoleon: [18:38:27] <Damaged> Hey man [18:38:38] <Damaged> Stay on here [18:38:42] <Damaged> its confiusing at first [18:38:42] <napoleon> Ok I'm in now join the alliance ASAP [18:38:52] <Damaged> Why asap? [18:39:07] <napoleon> As soon as possible join the alliance [18:39:16] <Damaged> Why asap? [18:39:17] <napoleon> Join the alliance! [18:39:24] <Damaged> I will [18:39:26] <Damaged> dont worry [18:39:27] <napoleon> Now or I'm leaving! Join it! [18:39:31] <Damaged> dude [18:39:35] <Damaged> please slow down [18:39:35] <napoleon> Join [18:39:38] <napoleon> Join [18:39:39] <Damaged> I WILL t [18:39:40] <napoleon> Join [18:39:43] <napoleon> Join [18:39:46] <napoleon> Join [18:39:47] <Damaged> this game takes months [18:39:49] <napoleon> Join [18:39:50] <Damaged> we have time [18:39:52] <napoleon> Join [18:39:54] <napoleon> Join [18:39:56] <Damaged> napoleon: [18:39:57] <napoleon> Join [18:40:00] <Damaged> Please shut the $%&@ up [18:40:01] <napoleon> Join [18:40:04] <napoleon> Join [18:40:06] <napoleon> Join [18:40:09] <napoleon> Join [18:40:12] <napoleon> Then join [18:40:14] <napoleon> Join [18:40:14] <Damaged> i wont join if you keep saying join [18:40:16] <napoleon> Join [18:40:21] <napoleon> Then join [18:40:26] <napoleon> Then I'm out [18:40:28] <Damaged> Look, I want to talk to you about The Alliance [18:40:34] <napoleon> What! [18:40:49] <napoleon> I won't say nothing unless you join [18:40:49] <Damaged> I need government [18:40:56] <napoleon> What kind [18:40:59] <Damaged> I am the most experianced player by far [18:41:02] <napoleon> And for what [18:41:02] <Damaged> Aything [18:41:09] <Damaged> I know this game inside out [18:41:19] <napoleon> What? Cn [18:41:27] <napoleon> Ok so??? [18:41:27] <Damaged> Yes [18:41:34] <Damaged> You need to get protected [18:41:35] <Damaged> and allies [18:41:39] <Damaged> or you will be rolled [18:41:42] <napoleon> I am protected [18:41:43] <Damaged> by people like goons [18:41:45] <Damaged> by who? [18:41:50] <Damaged> Your own alliance doesnt count [18:41:55] <napoleon> Why? [18:41:57] <Damaged> You need foreign Allies [18:42:00] <napoleon> Why [18:42:08] <Damaged> because GOONs has 100 people with allies [18:42:16] <napoleon> Yeah so [18:42:18] <Damaged> and you have 20 people who dont knwo the game that well [18:42:25] <Damaged> you would get crushed in war [18:42:25] <napoleon> We do [18:42:31] <napoleon> No not really [18:42:39] <napoleon> Well kinda [18:42:41] <Damaged> I am going to refer you to an alliance that will help you [18:42:56] <Damaged> douglas1989r: you on? [18:43:01] <napoleon> So will you just JOIN the te on cn please?! [18:43:23] <Damaged> I am at war [18:43:39] <Damaged> I cannot abandon my alliance You need to know more about politics [18:43:41] <napoleon> On the tournament edition join! Now! [18:43:53] <napoleon> Then I'm out of here! [18:44:01] <Damaged> Bye! [18:44:09] <napoleon> Join [18:44:10] <Damaged> Ill talk to someone else [18:44:12] <napoleon> Please [18:44:15] <Damaged> thats willing to listen [18:44:17] <napoleon> Cherry [18:44:23] <napoleon> On top [18:44:28] <napoleon> A fee first [18:44:41] <napoleon> For me to listen [18:44:49] <Damaged> i dont do fees [18:44:54] <napoleon> What do you want to tell me?? [18:44:55] <Damaged> Im doing you a favor [18:44:58] <napoleon> Just tell me [18:45:00] <Damaged> you need protection [18:45:07] <Damaged> you can get millions of money [18:45:11] <napoleon> You got 5 minutes [18:45:29] <napoleon> I'm busy tell me NOW [18:45:29] <Damaged> you dont tell me what to do [18:45:35] <Damaged> your busy? With what? [18:45:44] <napoleon> YOU GOT 5 minutes [18:45:49] <napoleon> Help family [18:46:03] <Damaged> dude, ask an experianced alliance to protect you [18:46:14] <napoleon> Then help me now [18:46:15] <Damaged> I can tell them you are super active and they will like it [18:46:34] <napoleon> Ok then tell them, what would they do? [18:46:34] Damaged invited Big_Foot into channel #dgoods [18:46:39] Big_Foot [iceChat77@coldfront-E70FC778.dhcp.krny.ne.charter.com] has joined #dgoods [18:46:44] <Damaged> they would protect you from other alliances [18:46:45] <Damaged> Big_Foot: [18:46:50] <Damaged> tell napoleon [18:46:52] <Damaged> about protection [18:46:57] <napoleon> ok please tell them [18:47:00] <Big_Foot> who's napoleon? [18:47:06] <napoleon> I need the money [18:47:08] <napoleon> Me [18:47:10] <Damaged> hes in a small aa that is newbie [18:47:23] <napoleon> What? [18:47:28] <Damaged> You can get 24 million tommorow if you help me help you [18:47:32] <napoleon> Both join alliance now [18:47:36] <Big_Foot> napoleon is a n00b? [18:47:40] <Damaged> [18:47:44] <Damaged> pretty much, yea [18:47:48] <napoleon> My slots are full [18:47:59] <napoleon> ? [18:48:05] Big_Foot [iceChat77@coldfront-E70FC778.dhcp.krny.ne.charter.com] has left #dgoods [18:48:12] <napoleon> Anyone??? [18:48:17] <napoleon> 2 minutes [18:48:24] <Damaged> dude, ask DT to protect you [18:48:41] <Damaged> you used to be in odn, waht happened? [18:48:44] <napoleon> Who's DT [18:48:59] <Damaged> Dark Templar [18:49:13] <Damaged> they are great [18:49:15] <Damaged> #dt [18:49:17] <Damaged> go there [18:49:23] <napoleon> No I wasn't. I was still in pending. And Ghast destroyed our alliance. So I figured to join them [18:50:02] <napoleon> If they do will help me then tell them to message me [18:50:11] <Damaged> no [18:50:15] <Damaged> you have to approach them [18:50:26] <napoleon> Ghast banned everyone from our alliance and now we joined back together [18:50:42] <napoleon> Why? Why can't you tell them about me? [18:50:50] <Damaged> how much money do you have? [18:50:58] <napoleon> Breaking even [18:51:13] <Damaged> well these guys have billions of dollars [18:51:16] <Damaged> http://www.cybernations.net/nation_drill_display.asp?Nation_ID=101523 [18:51:18] <Damaged> contact this nation [18:51:27] <Damaged> tell him you are seeking protection [18:51:34] <Damaged> tell him you are active
  3. 0.00 - Your Population is Very Unhappy Im the best leader in CN, it should be 100.00
  4. i acvtually would kick your ass at chess
  5. Hello my comrades. I heard the war was over tonight. I am a little late to the party, but it will all be okay. Alex knows now and Alex can act. Alex presents the winner with the medal, as soon as he figures out what happened. You must speak your mind clearly, people. Alex must know. Thank you for your time, Alex Translation: yo, when this war be over? I be like, maybe when the war is over to someone, they like you serious gur? war been over, son. I be like, da fuq you takling bout? you aint tell me? Which Raises a good point. Why did you not tell me, gur? I be like, yo this war better be over yo. Yo gotta tell me, baby gur. Okay, im calm. But for realz, dawgs. Yall gotta shout louder. Now who won the war again and who was warring who? Yo i rooting for da team dat won. dats all, homies.
  6. Dear tk, Thank you for your concern. And you were not involved in my first nation, btw. And I will try to do that.
  7. Dear BMTH, I will stop that now. I guess I was just in a playful mood and wanted attention. Thank you for your concern. Dear im317, I did apoligize to Ghost last night. Thank you for your concern. Dear Methrage, Thank you for the advice. I will keep that in mind. I shall not repeat the same mistakes anymore.
  8. Thank you for your comment Neo Uruk. I do that a bit. I will do my best to stop that. I will improve.
  9. What are your reasons, malkavian?
  10. I will be on irc all night if you want to talk to me.
  11. so my therapist says i need to make amends to people i dont like or dont like me. That we need to talk it out or whatever. I figured good practice for real life is if i did it in CN first. Anywho, Ive been kicked out, discarded, and denied by many alliances. Only way I get it anymore is if I convince someone to let me in. This is the last time I will treat and be treated bad. My bad history: 1. Atlas. I screwed up there. I started playing around, being annoying. After about 10 strikes, they were on the verge of kicking me out. I got in an argument with half the people. I was tearing them apart. So I left before I got kicked. 2. I moved from alliance to alliance, just drifting. 3. I found a micro alliance called LAW that I got kicked from for being !@#$%*y on irc and insulting people. 4. I went to RIA. They actually got annoyed with me. This is RIA, okay? I left to create an alliance. 5. Promethia. For the first month, I was perfect. Everything was going well. Then some RL issues came up and I took it out on them. I got kicked after trying to blackmail someone and I banned people on irc, and a bunch of other stuff. Basically everything after that was the same. I could go on and on. Anyway, Im on a mission. If there is a reason you do not like me, please comment or message me on forums about it. I will respond to all people who comment. I am ready.
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