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  1. Noice o7 Can't wait to see that Steeldor...
  2. Hear Ye, Hear Ye! Steve Buscemi is a rogue Maroon senator and has been abusing his role on the senate by sanctioning TTK nations without cause while making immature and inappropriate accusations of child abuse. We have been ignoring it, because obviously our mothers taught us not to feed trolls. But now he's expanded to non-TTK nations and claiming the sanctions are from us. Not cool Steve. Not cool. Also, stop hiding in PM like a coward. That is all.
  3. Today, bringing the sword and shield in defense of our brothers and sisters to honor treaties, and to protect the Maroon sphere, the alliance of the Templar Knights declares war on the currently labeled Mostly Harmless Alliance and any who give them aid.
  4. o/ legion o/ GATO live long and prosper
  5. So can I ping everyone or not? Still don’t see that in the channel rules listed here...
  6. But disruptive spam is my freedom of speech... discrimination through limitation...
  7. I'll drink to your health... and even bring the wine...
  8. Interesting philosophical musings. I think that your "embracing the absurd" is really just realism. There is no utopia, so you just gotta roll with life as it comes as you pursue that path towards that end which most likely will never come completely.
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