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  1. Stark

    The Praetorian Covenant

    o/ legion o/ GATO live long and prosper
  2. Stark

    Eagles, Wolves & Dragons!

    o/ Legion o/ FTW
  3. Stark

    A Farewell to Arms

    Here's to keeping Maroon safe o/
  4. Stark

    Happy Friday the 13th

    Best wishes in your new endeavors!
  5. Stark

    Discord Free Speech Zone and Bill of Rights

    So can I ping everyone or not? Still don’t see that in the channel rules listed here...
  6. Stark

    Discord Free Speech Zone and Bill of Rights

    But disruptive spam is my freedom of speech... discrimination through limitation...
  7. Stark

    A Nordreich Announcement

    I'll drink to your health... and even bring the wine...
  8. Stark

    Essay: Conditions, Peace and Absurdity.

    Interesting philosophical musings. I think that your "embracing the absurd" is really just realism. There is no utopia, so you just gotta roll with life as it comes as you pursue that path towards that end which most likely will never come completely.
  9. Bombs Away!
  10. Stark

    Imperial Decree - New Polar Order

    Still active Maine? And I'm still catching up on old news...
  11. Stark

    Imperial Decree - New Polar Order

    So clarification... I'm assuming this treaty is no longer in operation then?
  12. The Randomly Insane Treaty of Mutual Knighthood OR "Yet more paper..." The alliances the Random Insanity Alliance (RIA) and The Templar Knights (TTK) hereby declare that since we have known each other forever… that will officially continue. (Because this is official…) Article the First If our names are on this treaty we are saying that won’t fight (unless we’re wrestling), spy (unless we’re playing CLUE), or do any other super negative thing that friendly allied alliances don’t do. If this happens, the signatories shall see who has the most nukes and rock-paper-scissors to see who gets to decide the fate of the world. Article the Second Since our names are on the treaty, we are agreeing to share any information we want because we can. Namely, when someone is whisper gossiping, we’re going to pass it along because we’re like that. Article the Third Having said all that, we are all in if someone (other than the parties a heretofore mentioned) picks a fight, we got their backs. Article the Fourth And if one of us decides we want to go out and rough some other people up, we’ll check to see if the other wants to go as a spotter, or if they want to throw punches too… so the option to tag along and ride shotgun is open and available. Article the Fifth We generally take care of the other like siblings. So most of the time if either needs help with band-aids or money… we’ll pass some along. But being like siblings, sometimes we’ll just say to suck it up. Article the Sixth Since we each have guest keys to each other's residences, we need to make sure we leave a good 72 hours notice if we want our keys back, even if you already made extra copies… Affirmed, this day as posted, RIA Government Lord Cactuar Shadow, By the Grace of Cactuar, His Glorious Excellency The Most Holy, Blessed, and Venerable Lord Cactuar of Random Insanity and the Dominions and Territories thereunto belonging, Captain Planet Emeritus, Supreme Pontiff of the Holy Realms of the Cactuar, Defender of the Faith, Guardian of the Funk, Grand Master of the Most Noble Sovereign Military Order of Cactimus Prime, Central Commander of the Nintuar Clan, Leader and Guide of the Rivolucion, The Ultimate Lifeform, Mystic Dragon Emperor of the Cheeselands, Archduke of Disorder, Overlord of Lunacy, Puppetmaster of Chaos, etc. Floridian Council: Cactimus Prime Mogar, Emperor of the Royal Ariana Grande Empire, Minister of Mogar Affairs, Minister of Attention, CN's Psychologist, Captain Planet Emeritus, Frequent nuclear rogue, First!, Master of Amsging, Banned for your Sins, King of Notaries, Dual Member of The Bear Cavalry whether they want him or not, Defender of all of the cybernations females, still working on coming up with more titles to catch up to Shadow, All Around Nice Guy, Also Hello Electron Sponge. Gigantuar Croix, bullied into gov by bRIAn Funktuar bRIAn, bullied croix into gov The Templar Knights Merick – Grand Master Rustikus – Marshal of Defense Riker – Marshal of Foreign Affairs Mandystalin – Marshal of Members Double B – Marshal of Recruitment Konstantine – Elder Council Sergeant At Arms King Irwin – Elder Council The Slam Anderson – Elder Council
  13. Stark

    TTK-NG Non-Aggression Pact

    I guess that's why we made it then... Appreciate you speaking on my behalf for a conversation we never had Lord H. We honor our pacts and treaties. And just to set the record straight instead of allowing random speculation, we are not out to seek revenge.
  14. NG-TTK NON-AGGRESSION PACT This pact of non-aggression is made on this, the 22nd of February, 2018 by and between Non-Grata and The Templar Knights for the duration of six months. Whereas both parties desire to enter into this agreement, the terms are as follows: Article 1: Neither alliance will commence any acts of hostility or espionage towards the other. Article 2: Should a member of either alliance be caught in acts of espionage or hostility towards the other alliance, an official statement and reparations will be required within 48 hours of the alliance being notified. The hostile member must be punished by their alliance, in accordance with the constitution and laws of the member’s alliance, within 32 hours of the official statement. Neither alliance shall provide aid of any form (military, intelligence, finance or technology) to a known enemy of the other, if this should happen then a greater amount of aid must be given to the non-offending alliance within 48 hours. Article 3: Should either alliance come under attack, neither alliance is not obliged to provide any sort of aid. Article 4: As a sign of good faith, both participants are encouraged to provide regular updates to each other regarding major changes to foreign relations, internal events, or members. Article 5: In cases where there is the apparent disregard of the articles of this NAP, either alliance may request an official statement be made within 24 hours stating the valid reasons for such actions (requiring proof) with the allowance that the alliance in breach of this agreement is to pay fair reparations. Only after pursuing these steps, and having been rebuffed, this pact can be broken immediately. Article 6: This pact constitutes the entire understanding between both alliances and supersedes all prior pacts, treaties, and negotiations. Hereto affirmed by, Non-Grata Caustic – God Emperor The Templar Knights Merick – Grand Master Rustikus – Marshal of Defense Riker – Marshal of Foreign Affairs Mandystalin – Marshal of Members Double B – Marshal of Recruitment Konstantine – Elder Council Sergeant At Arms King Irwin – Elder Council The Slam Anderson – Elder Council