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  1. Razgriz24

    Why We Fight

    The alliance we face, Supernova X aka "Imperium" of Supernova X, has for a long time held animosity and ill-will for Apocalypse Meow. This has been demonstrated time and again. Every time we try to use diplomacy, they use it to weaken our position and to further their goals of eliminating our fair alliance. We fight this war to put an end to this festering mess once and for all. Let us pray for the salvation of all of those who live in that totalitarian darkness–pray they will discover the joy of knowing freedom. But until they do, let us be aware that while they preach the supremacy of their State, declare its omnipotence over individuality, and predict its eventual domination of all peoples in CN, they are the focus of evil in the modern world. So, in your discussions of the war, I urge you to beware the temptation of pride – the temptation of blithely..uh..declaring yourselves above it all and label both sides equally at fault, to ignore the facts of history and the aggressive impulses of an evil empire, to simply call the war a giant misunderstanding and thereby remove yourself from the struggle between right and wrong and good and evil. We fight for what is right and that is why we are winning. Cat domination is the only domination CN deserves, the domination of winning bigly and then leaving people alone (maybe knock some stuff off their shelves from time to time). -Loving vPOC o/ Apocalypse Meow
  2. As am I... I have a picture I made of you based on what I think you look like and it is based in spreadsheet. Damn sexy though, it gets me revved up.
  3. Bring on the steamed croutons!

  4. Cottonseed Oil: The best way to predict if a big war is coming.

  5. Wake up Pansy! I havent seen you in months :P

  6. “Our behavior is different. How often have you seen a headline like this?--TWO DIE ATTEMPTING RESCUE OF DROWNING CHILD. If a man gets lost in the mountains, hundreds will search and often two or three searchers are killed. But the next time somebody gets lost just as many volunteers turn out. Poor arithmetic, but very human. It runs through all our folklore, all human religions, all our literature--a racial conviction that when one human needs rescue, others should not count the price....

  7. Whether it was a joke or not, I wasnt aware. I am aware of the fact that we dont negotiate peace with rogues attacking our allies. That last part isnt up for debate. We talked earlier and you seem like an alright guy, but the facts still remain in the aforementioned statement.
  8. First off, no one offered you peace from the WFF. How would I know this? I am the one who issues orders of peace, war and all the finer points in between; even above and beyond. Looks like your BS didnt get you out of the suck this time either
  9. Surrender? Wat dat? I kid, I kid... Lets kill
  10. Your still awesome dude, I would have been able to start a successful alliances if I didnt learn a thing or two from you. Why dont you calm down for a while and come hang within WFF borders? That is my invitation to you buddy
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