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  1. This is amazing! Glad to see former enemies becoming good friends once again, it's kinda like that one episode where Germany lost the war then they became good friends with the guys who were fighting them before and then they had pizza vending machines and stuff to solidify their friendship.
  2. Only 164 days until actual Christmas, so glad we all got an early present!
  3. Outstanding treaty with outstanding people and/or spanish cats!
  4. Here's to great teamwork and an amazing outlook on things to come!
  5. This is absolutely false and borderline slander... Morphine was not invited to AM (II). Apocalypse Meow holds the highest of standards for its membership.
  6. I'd like to thank Junka and SNX for helping me get my next wonder! Its been a long journey but I couldn't do it without them! 2,193,174 Attacking + 2,898,500 Defending = 5,091,674 Casualties
  7. Pineapple, onion and meatball is the best pizza, and Junka is a terrorist. These are the facts of the world we live in.
  8. We were warned of the dangers of pineappleism and told of the threat it poses to the nations of CN with their WMDs and terrorism. Many stood by and failed to address it, letting it fester and multiply like a virus. Appeasement has failed as a policy! How were so many leaders here on Bob blind to the fact that SNX its self is a WMD and is kinda like some sort of space plague that can somehow feed off of other life forms but doesn't seem to really harm them kind of like a leech but more like a stingray kind of thing that Donald Sutherland only, a great Irish-America, can figure out how to destro
  9. We all know who they are... the orders of Cheese Pizzas and Hot Dogs. Apocalypse Meow intercepted communication that the leader of CRAP specifically ordered $10,000 worth of so-called "Hot Dogs". We're onto this, we know exactly what these SCUM are doing! We won't abide by it, as any decent feline shouldn't. We will fight them! Stop feeling like you don't have power. Stop feeling pathetic and weak. Break out of your two-click-a-day-induced trance. It starts with a war growl. It starts with getting fired up, staring at yourself in the mirror, and showing some teeth, and saying "I'm a feline. I
  10. Andrew Cuomo said that college is FREE!
  11. Like I keep reminding people, I was one of the last 20 something (if that) cybercitizens left. Stop freaking out and help make CN great again!
  12. I didn't want to start a new topic for this but... Apocalypse Meow hereby recognizes Jerusalem as the true capital of Nordreich
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