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  1. Hey, that mean I won the last to post wins on the ancient NADC forms! We've been slowly going back and forth on it for the last 8 years
  2. We're probably going to drop below 4000 nations within the next 2 weeks, the count is currently at 4011 active nations. Its also that time again where every 2 years I look at the trend data and try to predict CNs future and end date. Lets start with my previous predictions: We did indeed fall below 5000 players in that time range, but we trended worse than expected, which does not bode well for the game. Let's take a look at the player count over time, the dataset I have is somewhat in complete, but it paints the picture we need. The current nation count is the lowest I have on record, lower than even my data points in 2006. What does this mean for CN? Lets look at the tail end, the last 6 or so years, and try to project when cn will end. The colored ranges represent the zone of possibility for cn if trends continue. Absolute worst case cn could be finished as early as early as the end of 2018, best case 2024, where ending is dropping below 1000 nations. My guess is we will hit 1000 sometime between Aug of 2020 and Jan of 2021, assuming the game is allowed to run this long. If 1000 is the cutoff, the game will probably not last more than a few months past 2021. If however 2000 nations is the cutoff, we could see the end by late 2019.
  3. we may finally have a standard for war maps now
  4. you could at least spell my name right room :P

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