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  1. Do you hate yourself then? I have no idea what you're banging on about <Filter Evading Word Deleted>, go be someones elses gimp monkey boy.
  2. At least you've won something huh.
  3. Do you want a bag of <Filter Evading Word Deleted> as your prize? Orhave you won that already?
  4. You should quit, the fuk do you get out of this. The days when cn was any good are long gone. Mods never invested where they needed to, didn't sell to anyone who could have improved cn and banned active players for bs reasons. I seriously hope this sh1te game gets plugged and I get perma banned.
  5. I hereby declare war on CoTM. They are not even a real alliance. I'm not a real alliance. There are no more real alliances. I hope it all finally ends. Then we can all stop going on about what happened in a time when we all had more free time and none actually cares about because we have no more time. Is this important? NO Does it matter? still no. I hope I can make enough dent to make someone actually quit this mess, just like umb is doing to OBR. OBR itself has always been a mess, I feel sorry for them. Should have disbanded, but I guess himes lets pretend I have a hole, but it's really a tadpole, kept them stringing along for this long.
  6. yer man its been a long time, unfortunately, the game is filled with utter [unt$ and the mods are foking retards, no wonder it's died a death.
  7. How is everything still going. I'd thought everything be gobe by now. &#036;%&amp;@ me sideways.
  8. Or even selling if done correctly, biggest periods of internal growth I've seen from my old alliances have been when there was a systematic internal push to fill slots.
  9. Thank-you for your consideration. I will keep some slots free next year for you. Tbh AM are decent folks and I genuinly wish you guys the best. Coftm are also decent folks, they just seem to hae had some stupid ideas relating to black team econ that affects higher tiers. I am pretty kushty either way in lower tiers.
  10. This is more complicated than it needs to be. From an individual sense tech dealing rates are low priority, from an alliance point of view, the actual tech rate is irrelevant. Ensuring there is some kind of tech dealing aka slots being filled, is far more beneficial. This ensures some kind of systematic growth for larger number of peeps. Otherwise you create a situation where 3 to 5 players grow and the rest become stale. Hence maintaining activity aka slots filled, creating wider growth where you have mid/higher tier you can then have a small number of people staying active in some sense to push forward an fa agenda, make "friends" and lead the alliance.
  11. Not everyone has to agree, at least it's someone who doesn't matter hey!
  12. what a load of &#33;@#&#036;.
  13. OCC comment, please don't ban me. Hahahaha This reminds me of the way warfare was conducted in the root game of some major alliances like 'cifica, ODN etc and members when cn first came along.
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