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  1. boo for yawoo

  2. what job you do bud??sopu8nds awesome I want that job haha!!

  3. Oh, I've got a crazy job that is 100% travel. I'm off and on active depending on the internet connection of my hotel.

  4. what about you though bro?

  5. no, work has me busy as anything, but leaving at the end of the month so hopefully it will get better!

  6. I know dude, have you been active lately?

  7. hahaha your nation was going so thought to pm you in here

  8. oh dear u actually on here, I didnt even lol...

  9. long time no see dude

  10. haha niiiiiiiice, man yesterday I was so wasted I thought my sister was a scorpion so I threw my shoes at her and passed out in the attic in an attempt to hide hahaha!fun times

  11. I bN gEtTiN pLaStErEd LyK a GrAnDaD oN mOrPhInE l8lEe SoN

  12. Salve o tricolor paulista, amado clube brasileiro!


  13. eeeka, sao paulo, noooooooo!haha

    palmeiras ftw

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