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  1. I am here to report the disbandment of the recently DoE'd alliance Kingsglaive. Please carry on.
  2. Moving to gameplay discussions, Alliance Announcements is for in character inter alliance discourse. That said, I have mixed feelings when it comes to creating new servers. I think a major downside it presents is that it fractures the player base. If our operating theory is that many people would be off put by a full reset (due to years of invested time), creating a new server that siphons off younger active players would only seem to accelerate problems as it further weakens the replacement rate on the original server, while the new server remains under adopted. I thi
  3. socrates

    To Admin & Mod Staff

    Curious to click... Otto Pilot you go first.
  4. In response to possible confusion over the revisions to the spam rule we'd like to provide some general clarifications to this and a few other rules. Spam: Spam in the general sense is a contentless post, a post which contributes nothing to an active conversation. Spam mucks up threads, makes them difficult to follow, and introduces discontinuities which if sufficiently large will kill a discussion. As moderators we enforce this and other rules to maintain quality in the community, we don't do so simply to be arbitrary. That being said, by convention we allow for exceptions. These are inheri
  5. In some cases yes an image, even a reaction gif could be a meaningful stand alone contribution to a discussion. However there are at least as many other cases where it would be contentless and fall into spam territory. The choice is really between having a clear boundary or an ambiguous one, and we feel it's better for everyone (ourselves and you all) that the line is well defined. If we make it too murky well intentioned players may receive warns unpredictably as a consequence of confusion on the part of the acting mod or the forum poster. Basically we're not really cut out to be artistic c
  6. Reaction images will require some text posted with them, regardless of if there is text in the image or not. While there are cases where exception might be warranted, in general reaction images are basically spam and don't contribute much to a discussion.
  7. The staff will be relaxing the prohibitions on spam effective immediately. From here on out, the staff will no longer issue warns for one word posts expressing general approval to an announcement (e.g "Hail", "yay", "congrats" ect). Players should note that posts containing only emoticons or 'o/' will still be considered spam. Revisions in Bold:
  8. I'd like to take the opportunity to announce the additions of Xena of Amphipolis, Elend, Que Sera Sera, and Lucius Cornelius Sulla to the moderation team. Over the years they've demonstrated themselves to be solid players of commendable judgement and character. It is our belief they will excel in serving the community now as members of the staff. We're pleased to have them with us.
  9. http://forums.cybernations.net/index.php?app=forums&module=extras&section=stats&do=leaders
  10. System reconfiguration runtime terminated. Executing protocols gamma through sigma- administrative responsibilities and requisite roles assumed.

  11. Who died and made you a Global Moderator?

    1. socrates


      /me surveys the pile of corpses beneath his feat. "Uh-"

  12. Tell me mod secrets, Please? :)

  13. Greetings I am the monitor of this installation: unit production code 0216 interface name socrates. While my primary function is input analytics and environmental modeling, current protocol dictates my custodial role over all open data streams.

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