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  1. Tadzio

    What is the most politically active alliance

    Back to the grave.
  2. Tadzio

    Cns Meth Addiction

    Gravedigs are not beautiful. But this one is pretty ironic, given the premise. Locked.
  3. Tadzio

    goodbye CN

    Happy trails. OOC, moved to Open World forum.
  4. Tadzio

    Sengoku-Cowboys war update

    While entertaining, this is spam. Locked. All fits about mod bias should be directed, via PM, to a Senior Moderator or Admin.
  5. Tadzio

    School Project

    The only "issue" that many teachers have run into over the years is multis or the appearance of multis. Your student are welcome to play, and it's great that you want to use the game to teach, but your students absolutely must not log in on the same IP and then send aid or declare war on each other. Whether they are actually controlled by 26 people or 1, it all looks like 1 person. I'm straying a bit outside my mod zone (forums, not game) but this is the general advice. For specific guidance, speak to a Game Mod and/or admin. @Mithrandir is a game mod.
  6. Tadzio

    Imperial Decree from the New Pacific Order

    OOC references have been removed and will not be tolerated.
  7. Tadzio

    New Sith Order Announcement

    Thread brought into compliance, opened.
  8. Tadzio

    New Sith Order Announcement

    This thread is without content, locked.
  9. The OOC derail stops here.
  10. Tadzio


    This would be neat.
  11. This thread has been mopped up.  Any further OOC, real world, derailing, baiting, or other infraction spillage will result in a warning. 
  12. Tadzio

    The bearer of bad news

    Locked for gravedig.  Feel free to start an update thread.
  13. Tadzio

    Hey guys so what's goin on?

    Please follow the format posted here.