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  1. I could buy back into range of you but would prefer a 1v1 rather than 5v1 with that large of an updeclare. 🙃
  2. It is a target rich environment my friend.
  3. I look forward to a fruitful discussion with NPO when they choose in order to find a reasonable conclusion, but they are not my opponents here, nor do I have reason to believe that they would need to protect FTW from little old me.
  4. Who needs clones? I am more than capable of hitting outside your weight class. I ask for a Parley to end negative relations but will be acting against FTW until such time as reasonable agreements are made. I act as myself but expect to be treated as one of my stature. Perhaps you have not been here but I have been one to ensure a content ending to all scenarios.
  5. Should anyone outside of FTW be involved I would certainly be incredibly disappointed in them. I would rather cancel on an ally that can't fight one person.
  6. From what I have seen you have been unable to succeed without major assistance from your better allies, let's see how you'll fare against a semi competent opponent.
  7. Dear FTW, You are objectively terrible and need guidance in several fields of value. I would be happy to help if you are willing to stop being stupid and perhaps consider an alternate option of not throwing your allies to death in exchange for your own peace. Reach out at your earliest convenience.
  8. Rage against the dying of the light.
  9. I dislike sitting on the sidelines in any conflict, choosing sides win or lose is better than wasting away.
  10. Mogar


    Positive trends are nice to see!
  11. Reflecting upon this that is something I can entirely agree with, showing everyone at the event their fortnite score perhaps to be a more hip and accurate metaphor. 😉
  12. There is a political convo going on and a child keeps coming in with pictures they drew to be hung on the fridge, I feel like I am at a holiday with my family
  13. Neutrality is the weakness, why give you anything if you aren't the primary billpayer?
  14. Argue whether or not the strategy is effective, there can be no argument that resorting to DBDC's strategy is certainly a moral shortcoming rather than figuring out a way to counteract it considering the size difference and political weights between the parties over the past 5 years. (Hint: go calculate the cost of being at war with your tech level even while turtling). Individuals have been a primary driver of the entire planet, it is silly to think beyond economics that hiveminds make sense to keep anything interesting. You are also naively linking HoT and by extension all of our members history's as part of the same thing, when for about half the game lifespan the majority were elsewhere, and now exist as an internal community which will remain far beyond this planet. We don't need other worlds to retain our friendships. As for discussion of nation ranges that is not a favorable one for the majority of alliances under a certain level, since most of the game realized growth is actually harmful at a certain point, cost benefits are a thing.
  15. You are welcome to oppose an alliance that has significant top tier nations, the issue is they are all your current allies, do you want to die without another war?
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