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  1. You are welcome to oppose an alliance that has significant top tier nations, the issue is they are all your current allies, do you want to die without another war?
  2. Come have a conversation with me on discord, I would greatly appreciate your insight.
  3. Or because I haven't hosted a show in over a year, but hey!
  4. What gives you incentive to login more frequently?
  5. Come join me on CN Radio you pantless wonder! Maybe we can have an ancient history lesson for the young kids. https://discord.gg/F5xQPWW
  6. I strive for a better tommorow, that has always been my own belief. I gave up on our God a long time ago, even though I was once banned for your forum sins and then reborn a few years later. My persona has never changed, my political beliefs certainly has but that is entirely understandable given I have played this game since 2006. I had once been on the winning side of the dominant power structure, and loyally fought alongside NPO during Karma because I had done everything I could at the time to get NPO aware they were very shortly getting rolled up to and including joining, but for $%&@s sake is it usually a lot more boring to be in the winning coalition beyond a certain point of obvious victory well before a shot was fired. You specifically I could not see myself seeing an interest in beliefs for political leadership, but there is plenty others who may have more interesting idea than "attack former most loyal ally we had spanning several alliances who also has proven to be one of the most capable war happy people left on this miserable planet which has a major inactivity problem after our dead allies were unable to come to a conclusion about due to not a single alliance being able to take leadership of a coalition to fight for the past year and a half." To me that seems like a crappy long term legacy when there is still half a planet not allied to you, and your individual size alone prevents any conflict with any ally you and IRON could ever sign due to the sheer player count and NS spread in the >50k range, and more significant spread in the upper tiers of the two of you. The majority of other top 250 is split between DBDC and several others of note. GLoF and DT are dead shells, and if an alliance the size of Polar couldn't handle an alliance the size of NG currently then I would be incredibly disappointed in my ally, not rewarding them.
  7. Everyone can agree that things used to be better, but rather than make the world interesting, you instead choose to choke any life shown, while also beating your chest over why nobody will do anything. If you want more good memories, change the death song that your Bloc represents, don't expect the rest of the world to suicide because most of your allies died several years ago before you got bored of rolling the same several political blocs that were not completely intertwined with your own.
  8. I am glad to see you represented at the very least in this conversation, it is critical that we all at least have an open air environment to find out what way we can end this world.
  9. Do you not see how ridiculous it is to say "Oh yeah you can hit the dead husks we still hold 3 separate treaties with and won't care!" If you want a longer lasting world perhaps stop hitting the same groupings of alliances and look closer to home to figure out who needs to be awoken with a rolling.
  10. I explicitly said keep IRON, I think that would makes things a lot more interesting.
  11. We all work at this point, keep Mael in the ring though, there is at least a level of respect you couldn't hope for.
  12. I am having a hypothetical conversation, the fact you are so willing to beat your chest over dead allies is sad, if this world means anything, maybe we should change the song. You want the world to fight you while also ensuring there is not other choice but you, so how do we establish a solution that isn't hung on the wall? Handmaid's tale should be a warning, not a solution.
  13. Unless you can promise you are isolationists, we can never have an agreement. I would be the first to sign with NPO from RIA. You want to have a new world you would need to agree to ignore the world reaction to the society you created. Is this something you could actually agree to?
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