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  1. Imagine thinking an alliance primarily infra and military NS based would maintain their statistics while being curbstomped. The people that oppose us are incapable, otherwise they would not have needed to call upon IRON and NPO to participate in this farce of a conflict.
  2. But those alliances you hit are also are effectively blacklisted from participating in global politics. To pretend as though there is no agreements between DBDC and other alliances at minimum due to dual memberships is rather silly. It's alzo alright to admit the goal is killing the planet, not that I expect those actually creating this scenario to acknowledge that to their general memberships, but when it walks like a duck and quacks like a duck, odds are it is exactly what it appears to be.
  3. You hold treaties with CLAWS, which happens to also mysteriously end up at war with alliances a few months after the same alliances get hit by DBDC, on more occasions than could be taken as a coincidence.
  4. The strange part is that even if they just made up evidence, it would still be more effort put into their FA than they have done in about a decade. If the world is dead then so be it, it's so odd to me that there are people who don't simply want to quit the planet, but actively destroy it instead. There is plenty of other options for a conflict which would make for not only actual global changes, but also a more compelling political environment and actually bring entropy back into the picture instead of the slow heat death that has been occuring. Instead we have been stuck on the s
  5. When you make an excuse at least ensure you have an excuse. This is a war simply due to the reality we are active and most are not, this makes is a threat simply for being a bunch of good old boys just having a time together. I don't tech deal, I just want to be left alone. I was at war for over a year and lost less than 20% of my warchest which has been recovered and then a bit. If there was a reason for us to be rolled there would be evidence available. This Saturday afternoon EST I am happy to discuss this with any available parties from the agressive coalition but I would suspect peace is
  6. TBF Polar was also at war with them for like a week, not attempting a war of what amounts to extermination, remember when you were in a similar situation several times previously from the same group currently hitting us?
  7. Come join us my friend, NG is probably one of the best internal communities I have experienced in CN.
  8. To me that's rather interesting, NG is getting hit because Cobra was doing too well in their war 😂
  9. I'm perfectly content getting curbstomped and you making jokes about it as though you did not explicitly break the NAP by changing AAs, as long as you are okay with always being remembered for having contributed nothing but decay to this planet.
  10. I mean they did call in 1/4th of the planet due to losing to a smaller opponent, so they must care about their pixels at least?
  11. All my alliances members are real, too bad you can't say the same, eh?
  12. Not like there is anything else to do lately
  13. You do with your body by participating? This is a political world and you are in control of the storyline you wish to see in the world, I have done plenty of interesting things and now I have been awakened once more over a !@#$%^&* conflict. (OOC: this is a player based political simulator, by supporting, you are choosing to play on the "winning side" at a cost of only getting a few rounds of actual conflict since you have 20 people all fighting for the same slots, how this is entertaining to do to the same web of alliances for a decade is a whole different
  14. If you want casualties try picking a fight with an alliance closer to your owns size, typically speaking the more equal in NS a conflict is the more casualties for the most amount of people. But this would require a level of politics beyond trying to kill the world so yaknow.
  15. Asking opinions is clearly a crime.
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