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  1. Mogar

    A Farewell to Arms

    I hope you guys have fun, it was a pleasure to interact with you all over the years!
  2. Mogar

    Imperial Decree - New Polar Order

    My question is how does he live with 77 highlights.
  3. Mogar

    The Anarchist Cookbook of Cybernations

    I genuinely believe you can take a step back and recollect yourself before you get yourself run out of the planet.
  4. Mogar

    Imperial Decree - New Polar Order

    Beyond an organized concerted effort, most low tier rogue style nations are effectively safe, since its not usually worth the hassle to most people to even declare the wars in the first place since it means a few months of mopping up before they cry uncle.
  5. Mogar

    Imperial Decree - New Polar Order

    I certainly agree, but I also am a fan of diplomacy and wars without nukes, so I am likely far too old for this place. It is healthy to have an interest in the world again, but ensure it doesn't negatively impact your real life either. Or Lil Peep.
  6. Mogar

    Silent No Longer

    As long as you're checking the boards that much you're ahead of most!
  7. Quality newscasting as always!
  8. Mogar

    Suicide squad

    I will miss you, but am also unsure how you managed to build up such a nice nation without ever saving a warchest.
  9. Mogar

    War on Microagression

    Strangely you were not on the menu. I am glad to see you around still, come join us on discord if you'd like to chat about old times. https://discord.gg/MTApPZq
  10. Mogar

    War on Microagression

    Shangri-La has been our friend for a very long time, we just happen to have more people in the ranges needed here!
  11. Mogar

    War on Microagression

    It's not as though we're doing anything besides what Monster's Inc wants, a response. I suspect that Decimator will be fair and just in his peacemaking ability, and that a resolution will be reached!
  12. Hello there Cyberverse, I am your host as usual Mogar! Today's episode features new government from the RIA, now including myself, Croix, and The Decimator! The main story for tonight however is the continued attacks by Monster's Inc against Random Insanity's treaty partner, Shangri-La, hosted by the lovely Purplemoon! The Decimator has this to say regarding these terrible events. I suppose that is about it for now, but we'll check in again soon!
  13. Mogar

    Silent No Longer

    I am glad you guys are around again!
  14. Mogar

    To Admin & Mod Staff

    https://discord.gg/F5xQPWW Let's have a talk.
  15. Mogar

    Snitches get Stitches

    People are still doubting the 50 Cruise Missile Strat. NOTICE HOW MAINE WON ALL HIS GROUND BATTLES, AND HAS 50 CMS, coincidence? I think not.