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  1. I feel this could be sanction worthy comments from the supposed neutrals. 🤔
  2. Thank you for reminding me, just bought 50!
  3. This is why I stopped playing since I can't get my actual flag ingame 😭
  4. I look forward to your diplomatic assistance next time I am a one man AA 😂
  5. Doing another pat just in case I replied to my own thing rather than your comment on it. Also, why are your messages disabled? =P

  6. *Pat*

    1. Mogar


      How have you been my friend?

    2. Lynneth


      Been doing quite alright. I kind of miss nation-RPing, but in the end dropping it entirely's been good for my mental health. Do you still do that kinda stuff, or did Sabs' attempts at reworking what worked fairly nicely flounder? That said/asked, how are you doing? 

    3. Mogar


      CNRP died for the most part but there is a few discords for it

  7. Why would anyone want to do this regularly to be honest though? Casualties are quite fun at least, everything must go.
  8. 1% worse slot usage with 1/3rd the membership isn't all that dead.
  9. These two alliances certainly seem to be in the same NS tier. I wonder what possibly could happen next!
  10. I am really sad I missed this post the first time around, well done.
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