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  1. I have a place off the coast, it's wonderful, spanish go by constantly, the Brits don't care too much, solid business options, savvy?
  2. You don't get a vote in this type of scenario, don't declare war on nations with MPs 🤷‍♂️
  3. Imagine thinking that anyone in this chaotic cess pool is capable of being brainwashed, 90% of those left here are so cynical and jaded it hurts to type.
  4. Hypothetical fictional creations, it's what we get for being active with a bunch of amazing !@#$posters.
  5. How dare you change the game up instead of just doing nothing constantly tbh.
  6. As opposed to the repeated times several of your allies also supported the same curbstomped you are railing against?
  7. Typically moving on would require you to not plot an attack against the people you are supposed to be moving on from grudges, but hey.
  8. NG is also responsible for agreeing to a much more favorable senate for CRAP and it's allies than could be all things considered.
  9. All you have to do is be happy you get your upper tier raided 3-4x a year and you too can become a lackey to better alliances!
  10. Let's not do this again, I have been enjoying my retirement and do not want to do things.
  11. Why would they accept peace after someone attacked them repeatedly?
  12. At his size the time required to pay reps equivalent to damage? I don't have a doctorate but uh, long time.
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