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  1. Mogar

    I shall take my leave now

    I have done more for this community in any given year I was a part of it than you have in your entire career, and I will outlast you, this is my third nation total, my second was banned at rank #35 for casualties post Karma, I fight in every conflict I can because the true purpose of this game was not to sit around for 5 years collecting taxes and tech. When this game was fresh, it was to fight for things that actually mattered more than simply sitting around and dying slowly of inactivity, but because of a suicide pact you agreed to so long ago with NPO it's gotten to the point that it doesn't even matter, several alliances besides NPO individually could roll IRON as has been shown but your inability to deal with things in the lower tiers and due to the spread of NS, most of your alliance is going to do absolutely nothing for the rest of their existence because you'd rather hold onto your husk allies than acknowledge they're dead and toss them aside, and the other half is going to be tech farms that will get demolished every war you fight since the only opposing alliances are those who have been rolled over and over again. It can certainly be helped that the IRON war machine is efficient at choosing the winning side no matter what allies get screwed over in the process, your history is not one I would be proud of years from now when the plug is finally pulled on this world. What you will never understand, especially in a thread regarding Cuba leaving of all things, is losing is sometimes the better option, keeping statistics in a spreadsheet game from 2005 is probably not something you want to be bragging about. If and when you hit me on the way down, I'm not going to give a !@#$ because it's all meaningless numbers besides casualties.
  2. Mogar

    I shall take my leave now

    Consider fighting a war or two and you'd not have been able to collect all that bloat. me: Number of Soldiers Lost: 3,174,612 Attacking + 7,025,537 Defending = 10,200,149 Casualties Casualty Rank: Ranked #143 of 3,195 Nations (Top 4.48%) you: Number of Soldiers Lost: 863,218 Attacking + 2,082,786 Defending = 2,946,004 Casualties Casualty Rank: Ranked #836 of 3,195 Nations (Top 26.17%)
  3. Mogar

    I shall take my leave now

    IRON would be the better target, since it would offend less people and it would be easy to burn off nations if you actually hit any of the various inactives taking up the top 250.
  4. Mogar

    I shall take my leave now

    What was the point of growing if you didn't intend on burning it all off?
  5. Aiming for the same score next round, the harmony was very pleasing.
  6. what are you doing still poking around these forums lol

    1. Mogar


      Barely existing just like everyone else

  7. Mogar

    Wait, I thought he already deleted...

    It was a pleasure meeting you and chatting with you over the years.
  8. Mogar

    Nothing Important Happened Today

    Two alliances I enjoy signing paper, wonderful!
  9. Friends defending friends, always good to see.
  10. Mogar

    Roq It 'Til The Wheels Come Off

    Have fun boys and girls!
  11. Mogar

    Treaty of Sippin' Sweet Tea

    Sounds like a good pairing, congratulations to both parties!
  12. Mogar

    A Farewell to Arms

    I hope you guys have fun, it was a pleasure to interact with you all over the years!
  13. Mogar

    Imperial Decree - New Polar Order

    My question is how does he live with 77 highlights.
  14. Mogar

    The Anarchist Cookbook of Cybernations

    I genuinely believe you can take a step back and recollect yourself before you get yourself run out of the planet.