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  1. ??????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????? wdym? This and discord are all that matter, otherwise you don't enjoy the stage.
  2. what are you doing still poking around these forums lol

    1. Mogar


      Barely existing just like everyone else

  3. Mogar

    To Admin & Mod Staff

    https://discord.gg/F5xQPWW Let's have a talk.
  4. Same to you guys, thanks for the recent reappearance and efforts to moderate again.
  5. Mogar

    For Galerion

    be like luke not like lando would be at least slightly improved.
  6. Depression is most certainly real, I agree that the best thing you can do is simply be there.
  7. I am happy to see a spam forum as well!
  8. Mogar

    A Decade of Cyber Nations

    What is the point of this game?
  9. Mogar

    The Status Quo

    What keeps you going? Friendships If your nation deleted would you be back? My nation's statistics are irrelevant, it'd just be a matter of spending another 3 years buying up wonders again that would be a bit frusterating, but if it meant we returned to similar numbers as peak, I'd be more than happy to waste the 3 years. Are you awaiting a global war? And if so, would you prefer a curve stomp or a fair bout? Of course, a fair fight would be a wonderful change of pace for the past 8 years. How are you staying entertained in this game? IRC Is the treaty web why we are here? How would you change it? We're in the current situation because preserving your pixels is more valuable to alliance leaders than actually trying for revenge upon those who wronged you previously. It's impossible to change, Pixels > Friends.
  10. I could’ve written novels for what I felt for you — ten words not enough

  11. Creators aren’t gods. They make places, which is quite hard. It’s men that make gods. This explains a lot. Terry Pratchett

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