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  1. All anyone needs to really know, although spoiler: Libertarians win in the end. lol
  2. Why would I need Oculus Protection & not just speak with Oculus directly if some bugs needed to be smashed?
  3. Preamble The Libertarian/Anarchist Nexus will consist of both individuals and alliances, with different commitment levels depending on what they can offer or meaningful connections they establish within the community of free men and women who uphold Liberty & Opposing Tyranny. Membership Levels As a Libertarian Libertarian Monarchy, our members and divisions have full autonomy in their actions; although we come to together to help those who cherish freedom and oppose Tyrants. Anarcho-Royalist Kingdom (ARK) Leaders & Influential Individuals who help . Anarchists Cloud Hi
  4. I guess maybe I’ll decide if there is anything left of this world not dead, but seems mostly dead, lol. Although if people want to start a rebellion & create a sanction free color once more. It might pique my interest.
  5. Kingsglaive We are open recruitment & allow members near complete freedom. Kingsglaive is an elite combat unit & economic partnership. Strength, Liberty, Unity, Growth & Honor are the five pillars this Libertarian Monarchy is based upon. Libertarian/Anarchist Nexus is a decentralized network of mostly paperless allies, opposed to tyranny. All members way defend or assist each other at will. https://www.cybernations.net/alliance_display.asp?ID=16272 Discord
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