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  1. Nationalism and producer-ism are the enemy of nations. When one is adopted and accepts themselves as part of a whole, every victory is yours.. even those that are not your own. To new nations, my advice would be this.. find people you trust, and specialize your roles. Only then will you excel on this world. Also, hello Zigur.
  2. Hey Mael, still doing CNRP? It looks pretty dead.

    1. Maelstrom Vortex

      Maelstrom Vortex

      It is very dead, sadly. Jesbro and I kept it going for a short while, but a two person rp can get pretty stagnant.

  3. 1. They were in their own way. There was no singular cause to that entire mess. There were many problems at the top. You're right, the loss of Dilber and Philosopher was a setback. I question your definition of competence. A competent person does not disregard the sources of information at its disposal because the information is inconvenient to one's whims. 2. Speaking from within. I know that Triyun and Vektor both influenced this hubris and helped grow it. 3. You weren't the only group that needed paid attention to and Triyun and Vektor clearly weren't listening to anyone but themselves in that regard, but agreed that TOP was neglected, but I think you greatly underestimate Triyun and Vektor's role in that. They were heavilly lackluster in their performance. The claimed labor where little was seen. Thus, as you said, TOP's feeling of neglect. 4. Please note, you said Moo and his gang of Cronies.. of which inexorably.. Vektor and Triyun were just that. Since they left I have never seen any other legates ignore the reports of their subordinates in such a manner. You could say it's one of the lessons the order took to heart in the war. 5. Vektor and Triyun were fools who knew I joined just before and sacrificed much in Karma for our order while they fled to the safety of other homes. I served in my capacity quite well, it's not my fault they were too foolish and headstrong to heed warning or read the reports they had me generate. Perhaps if they had, maybe Top would have actually HAD some attention and maybe even the war might have been reconsidered. But no, they had their agenda, they pressed it, and they got our collective butts handed to us. Their resentment only grew when I pointed out their very personal roles in helping bring that war about so their judgement.. ahem.. not exactly clear headed or unbiased and intentionally intended to harm. My rants have always been megalomania-cal.. if they're not I'm sick. And yes, you did do just that (telling us to take a hike). I still enjoyed getting my revenge later, crater. 6. You're actually doing better than Cent.. who is the one I have a greater qualm with. You never were one to mock.. But Cent.. Oh how I loved cratering him. I was just using you as a point of comparison as I fought you and he not long apart.. if not simultaneously during equilibrium for a brief period. You went inactive and are still out pacing him in recover. Perhaps he's gone inactive too. I'm like you, I only hold grudges against horrible human beings.. and there are at least 3. Lets just say that if either of the other two had been able to be targeted during equilibrium I'd have been after them as well. I take great pride in the work and contributions i've given since those days, when others fled and I stood firm. One thing I may say that they may not, almost everyone in the Order would agree it wouldn't have been the same without me.. and that's why I couldn't give any care for what you or any other think of my role within my group or this game. You don't have to tell me my history. I lived it with my brothers and sisters. Twilight years? Moribund game? I've been in this position for almost a good 2-3 years now at the very least. It's still here. These sounds like the justification of one who does not want to see their fall in a clearer light. 7. It's not dead yet. You can still bring new life here, it's just apparently people've forgotten how. Or perhaps they've just lost the will to fight. Also, if I don't hold grudges.. it's hard to take enjoyment out of annihilating someone. I feel.. more satisifed.. when there is equal weight moral imperative to destroying my targets. You just happened to be an alliance leader, a trophy to collect. Other targets i have a more visceral taste for. There've even been a few targets whom I held in high regard that I literally held my nose while nuking because I would rather have stayed their allies, but sometimes the will of the world doesn't shape out the way needed to grant one such luxuries. Good seeing you around again.
  4. <Begin Salt> I despised Triyun. He and Vektor and others had the gall to mock my inefficiency and say I'd never be a power. (Probably because I kept reminding them of how much of total failures they were for disregarding my work.). I wish they had remained around to annihilate. I at least got a hold of Centurius before he bailed. They (Tri and Vek) CAUSED Karma. I can tell you internally I warned them about Karma and they did NOTHING to prevent it. I was over Aqua-sphere at the time and predicted the outbreak of hostilities at least a month in advance. The report still exists somewhere in the depths our forums I hope. They were so full of self-interest that their personal political goals were all that mattered and in the end they lived a coward's existence on "retirement aa's". They knew I was coming for them when they left the order and I started gaining strength. If They'd succeeded NPO would likely be wrecked.. and they were also part of the toxicity that lead to this world's decline.. so IMHO, good riddance. Dragons are vengeful bastards when you tell them they're scrawny and they grow up on you. So @Centurius Just have to ask.. how's your efficiency doing? Dismantled you and @Crymson in tandem.. .. them were the good days. Looks like he's even beating you in the recovery race. In doing my duty I never cared much for my pixels, but others would always remind me how much they were valued to them. You could say that war was my Karma War. </end salt>
  5. Sounds like you're just re-describing meritocratic, Francoism. I challenge you Junka to highlight the differences between your charter and Francoist philosophy as I see few besides well, the absolute power of the Emperor.
  6. Methrage, are you on your way out? Have I truly outlasted you?
  7. I haven't posted in ages, but.. epic move admin.
  8. I suggest using a pan on the car. Prevents the mark. Actually if you just use a dark pan, you may not even need the car.
  9. Am not! Oh, wrong Dragon. Gratz!
  10. Maelstrom Vortex

    The 'C' word

    I'd offer to devour your cancer for you Dajobo, but alas, I think you have found one of the few things I can't stomach.. blech. Get better and return soon.
  11. KY all the way. That's the only part of the bracket I can fill out with any certainty.
  12. I play to watch people like you scream because they can't understand why we play when it is actually thoroughly enjoyable and has made me a lot of friends.
  13. All life is an act of consumption.

  14. Justice is my stomach. Those who need it end up there.
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