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  1. After the Nasheed, Samaira commented with applause, "We admire the level of conviction in your fighters, Zainab. While we have watched your people work from afar to rebuild society here in Mosul, we have hoped to gain an ally in this region; one in tune with local culture, traditions, and customs." He took a drink from the offered beverages, then continued. "We're aware of you displacing the Kurds, but we're willing to tolerate that because the world has been in chaos and they have many places they can relocate to. So our question to you is; beyond the caliphate what is the nature of Ghurabaa
  2. An retinue of Indian, human males, dressed in formal suits as if they'd just walked out of a board room exited the plane. At the head of them was Samaira Kumar, the nation's leading expert in Middle Eastern politics and an actual practitioner of Islam though much likely a more liberalized strain of it than is being practiced locally. He scheduled their arrival an hour before the noon prayers were to begin. "As-salamu alaykum." He greeted the other team and its lead, Alawad. He continued in Arabic, "What is the itinerary for our visitation?" Several of the diplomats carried laptop bags and
  3. They arrived at Mosul airporton an airliner of Dragon Air, the official airline of Dragonisia. Each had the imperial seal on the rear part of the Cabin near the rear exit hatch. As it touched down the aircraft would move to the taxi way following all tower instructions. In this case they were riding the shorter variant of the liner family, flight tagged: B-HSH. While in the taxi process, the retinue aboard waited to disembark, curious the kind of greeting would wait them. The pilot contacted the tower and notified they were ready to disembark and asked for the procedures they'
  4. I have no idea who is still active or not and I'm the worst map maker on the planet, but I tried.. here's an update based on current known remaining players, the 2015 world map.. and Dragonisia's last known broad-scale manifestation. Most remaining nations are likely ghosts and most of the map is likely free. Dragonisia's holdings and positions are based on a much older map back from before the Dragon Empire's merger with Tianxia. Old Ref: List of known actives, whose land cannot be claimed: Maelstrom Vortex : Empire of Dragonisia Jesbro : Tiaxia Vilmares: Ghurabaa
  5. The reply came back in the same language the broadcast had been returned in, most likely an iraqi dialect of Arabic, "While many of our people have embraced the islamic faith and are welcome to practice here as this government welcomes the practice of all faiths, we are not your Caliphate. That would put us in competition with you for sovereign right over your faith. We wish no such right. We are a secular government. Our Emperor, personally, does not and will never share your faith, however is very tolerant of its practice and permits its open and unfettered teaching as it does for all other
  6. There was silence on the ground as contrails passed so high and at such speed over the deserts that the local radars had trouble keeping the airspace violator on screen. only the larger military displays could keep track. It was doing at least mach 3. An unpiloted hypersonic imaging drone from the Dragonisian Empire flew overhead, capturing images of the events, troop dispositions, armaments and forces that had popped up on the ground with the new popular uprising of the apparently new Muslim Caliphate slowly forming in Iraq. Radio and em broadcasts were listened to and after a determination w
  7. What.. white peace.. and no months of reparations? Something just feels off.. *chortle*
  8. Pity the answer to that is: "You're just standing by and defending the wrong set of people." It's really that simple.
  9. "Damn, y'all almost adults." Rumbling laugh. "I tease, been fun spreading fall-out all over the world with you guys. Of all the earths, I think this one is the most hellish I've run into."
  10. Rumbles irritably as he is awakened again, "Dammit.. what is it this time? Oh.. we're actually in the fight this time. I guess I better sit up and watch." Turns on massive view screen in his lair. "Go team smash the snakes and non-grata!"
  11. "So sad, yet so true anymore." Scratches free a few loose scales on his aging flanks. "I've worn pants into battle before? Sorry, big fan of Dilber." "That would be one extremely expensive pair of pants at this point.. and no, not worried at all. I just like watching the fireworks." "The Paciifican dragon who gets bigger every year its neighbors lets it sleep did. Going back to hibernating.. you folk have fun obliterating each other..." He yawns, fluffs the foliage on the side of Mount Franco.. and goes back to sleeping on it.
  12. *Slowly opens a serpentine eye from his long hibernation* Am I seeing actual shenanigans? I might actually have to wake up and watch.
  13. Is it close enough to the apocalypse that I'm allowed to eat Shuka yet? *The dragon flosses an eats a mint in case the answer is yes.*
  14. A massive, 60 foot long dragon in powered armor lands at the border of the Congo. "I'm here to talk to your leaders about trade." It rumbled to the guards at the border outpost.
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