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  1. I forget who made the campfire at the end of Bob analogy, but I fully intend to be there.
  2. Sorta nice think to wake up to eh?
  3. This isn't a mere case of protection from harm.. this is a case where mass investment was performed by players on each other, not mere self-development. I agree if it were just a case of protection from personal loss by conventional acts of war or interaction within the world, it'd be absurd, but this ignores the fact that people were intentionally sacrificing their nations and funds to develop others. We can't control who leaves or when they have to leave or how they leave or who dies. I again state that the only reason others haven't benefit.. is they never went through the required motions or believed it possible to ask, and that kept them in the box their perceptions created for them. Case and Point, me defecting on Pacifica is different from a factor outside of this world removing me from it permanently, one is actual political fallout and damage, the other is not of this world.. and the value they have invested in me as a weapon of war to just outright lose would be phenomenal. If I wanted to leave the world for some reason I'd be asking for ways of migrating that back to those who helped me as well. You are correct, the questions where rhetorical, meant for introspection for anyone who held the belief that the moderation team is truly "on the take" or rigged.
  4. Don't be so certain. I do not attest that my own works are in any ways literary masterpieces. After all, you can't much respond to garbage but with more and a landfill. As for the landing operations. If you know someone is on the way out of this world and you helped build their nation, donated to them, and they agree to be raided to recuperate that investment and you are not in the middle of a war so that slot filling is not an issue, why should this even be an issue? Oh wait, it's not. The only reason it's an issue at all is because it meant someone in the opposition was put at a disadvantage (a completely fair one), any rational and objective third party would understand that this is basic and fair asset recapture, but hey.. .. I did say something about morality on this forum. Again, I suspect the people who were refused in the past either were attempting to legitimately abuse the system and did not have the consent of a player leaving the game or simply didn't do the leg/paper work to show their desires legitimate. I refuse to discuss specific moderation activity and decisions, but I know that they have access to a lot more information about where such assets came from than the leaders of our nations, if you elect not to trust them or believe they have stopped being effective at all the question then becomes... Why are you still here? And I do not say that to encourage anyone to leave.. it is a genuine question. If you believe that this world is that far gone, what's the point? There are other worlds you could flee to that Pacifica is also for the most part dominating and even some where we aren't!
  5. Psychoanalysis: +1 Score: 4 It might be escapism.. cept.. everyone knows I'm a dragon and have been since I appeared int his world. You haven't proven no on else is or was allowed to do the same thing. Therefore you have proven no cheating. Cite a case example where someone attempted the same thing and formally posted a request to them.
  6. Sorry.. I'm suddenly blind to the data of the monitoring stations. Must have been a fluke. Not like our operatives had any involvement in its failure anyway....
  7. Heretic, how dare you mention the God Emperor in the same post as me.. go flagellate yourself as punishment, 20 lashings.. no less.
  8. Phew... I was worried it might be at the levels of that recent failed Russian NERVA test.
  9. Psychoanaylsis +1 Score: 3 (It's a good thing I haven't made this a drinking game.) When the commentary is so boring and rehashed.. that it doesn't alleviate even workplace boredom.. it doesn't merit an extensive response. There are about 3 pages of the same garbage. I just don't feel a need to repeat myself indefinitely. You want to be a bird sharpening their beak on a multi-ton mountain sized reptile, you go right ahead. Let me know how long it takes to whittle him away. There is already a short novel on it.. please learn to read. PS: Avoid psychology, clearly not your strong suit. Stick to cheap jabs and insults on tenuous evidence while disregarding other key facts whilst performing insufficient research which requires holes being filled with wild assumptions that are usually provided by Lyser..... you're much better at co-opting other's work.
  10. You literally know nothing about me to say that other than a half shod record that is only 1/2 of my nation's total duration. Thank you for trying to remain relevant, at least you entertain in your own scummy negative way. Do you really want me to apologize for being out of reach of anyone the last 3 years?
  11. Don't worry mogs. I will eventually come down to fight once my goals are achieved. Call it a bucket list before the world burns. There is no real morality on this world and if you knew what I did, you'd understand why I hold that view, regarding your first point... I like hive minds. And yes, I know RIA will and does continue. I suppose you're right, linking RIA to HoT was a bit harsh. There are such benefits, I agree,... you may note there are some aspects of my nation that are not to scale as my peers. There's a reason for that as well. Good to see you here again Mogs. There is a reason.. that none of our adversary's morality and pity plays will reach my ears..
  12. You need to be asking other questions.. like.. why..... ... but you won't. Truth's to painful for your propaganda. It is also the reason why none of you dissenters can hope to phase me. You want to see me bite? Close rank. Oh wait.. you and Hero are both craters who can never hope to close rank.... damn... such the pity. Wonder why that is. PS. It's not the landing program... though it is a tiny fraction... there is much more to it, than that. As a side note.. a lot worse has been done in this world than the authorized landing program.. and Pacifica did none of it. Your alliance is even responsible for some of it.... but you don't dig into that do you? You want to talk about things that truly do cause the leaders of nations to take flight, I recommend you begin with introspection. Get that giant mote out of your eye before you try to wrest the splinter from mine. I conjecture.. you don't even know what this war is.. truly.. about still... and your 'friends' won't tell you.
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