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  1. What.. white peace.. and no months of reparations? Something just feels off.. *chortle*
  2. Pity the answer to that is: "You're just standing by and defending the wrong set of people." It's really that simple.
  3. "Damn, y'all almost adults." Rumbling laugh. "I tease, been fun spreading fall-out all over the world with you guys. Of all the earths, I think this one is the most hellish I've run into."
  4. Rumbles irritably as he is awakened again, "Dammit.. what is it this time? Oh.. we're actually in the fight this time. I guess I better sit up and watch." Turns on massive view screen in his lair. "Go team smash the snakes and non-grata!"
  5. "So sad, yet so true anymore." Scratches free a few loose scales on his aging flanks. "I've worn pants into battle before? Sorry, big fan of Dilber." "That would be one extremely expensive pair of pants at this point.. and no, not worried at all. I just like watching the fireworks." "The Paciifican dragon who gets bigger every year its neighbors lets it sleep did. Going back to hibernating.. you folk have fun obliterating each other..." He yawns, fluffs the foliage on the side of Mount Franco.. and goes back to sleeping on it.
  6. *Slowly opens a serpentine eye from his long hibernation* Am I seeing actual shenanigans? I might actually have to wake up and watch.
  7. Is it close enough to the apocalypse that I'm allowed to eat Shuka yet? *The dragon flosses an eats a mint in case the answer is yes.*
  8. A massive, 60 foot long dragon in powered armor lands at the border of the Congo. "I'm here to talk to your leaders about trade." It rumbled to the guards at the border outpost.
  9. We have re-built our colony! The country has flourished and with the abundance brought forth by our many skilled workers we have greatly improved upon our infrastructure! A great day for Dragonisia!
  10. Looks like you need a better ablator on some of your war-head designs.. but not bad. But what will you do when our dragon robots attack from space? (It lands on its legs) Ignore the fluffy frazzled human, it's a pirate broadcaster who thinks it's me. (It's totally me on one of my late night episodes).
  11. Try to launch a missile at one of my lasers and see how well it stands.. *chortles*. I've had some none-heretical wonders. It's just we have escaped normal means. *taps jaw* You must when you're expecting to travel to three other nearby star systems soon. (I need a better processor.. lol. It's starting to struggle to handle the simulation.)
  12. I'm not the only one using this witchcraft.. *chortle* https://www.nasa.gov/centers/dryden/history/pastprojects/Beam/index.html Dragonisia just is so high tech we perfected it. *grin* Time to learn some physics... https://powerlighttech.com/ https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Laser_propulsion https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Space-based_solar_power And personally.. my favorite lecture on why none of this is as easy as it looks: Not witch craft.. just.. .. laser cannons.
  13. Nope, none of this is borrowed. I even make my spacecraft available on the open market. Feel free to look through DASA's showroom and see if you'd like to order any... https://kerbalx.com/Maelstrom_Vortex
  14. Already done that.. with a cruise-missile re-entry stage. Maybe I should be working on an interceptor instead though, kind of like that time I protected Bob from a planet killing asteroid! As for duna... You should try flying on it powered by a tight beam Infared Laser.
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