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  1. A massive, 60 foot long dragon in powered armor lands at the border of the Congo. "I'm here to talk to your leaders about trade." It rumbled to the guards at the border outpost.
  2. We have re-built our colony! The country has flourished and with the abundance brought forth by our many skilled workers we have greatly improved upon our infrastructure! A great day for Dragonisia!
  3. Looks like you need a better ablator on some of your war-head designs.. but not bad. But what will you do when our dragon robots attack from space? (It lands on its legs) Ignore the fluffy frazzled human, it's a pirate broadcaster who thinks it's me. (It's totally me on one of my late night episodes).
  4. Try to launch a missile at one of my lasers and see how well it stands.. *chortles*. I've had some none-heretical wonders. It's just we have escaped normal means. *taps jaw* You must when you're expecting to travel to three other nearby star systems soon. (I need a better processor.. lol. It's starting to struggle to handle the simulation.)
  5. I'm not the only one using this witchcraft.. *chortle* https://www.nasa.gov/centers/dryden/history/pastprojects/Beam/index.html Dragonisia just is so high tech we perfected it. *grin* Time to learn some physics... https://powerlighttech.com/ https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Laser_propulsion https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Space-based_solar_power And personally.. my favorite lecture on why none of this is as easy as it looks: Not witch craft.. just.. .. laser cannons.
  6. Nope, none of this is borrowed. I even make my spacecraft available on the open market. Feel free to look through DASA's showroom and see if you'd like to order any... https://kerbalx.com/Maelstrom_Vortex
  7. Already done that.. with a cruise-missile re-entry stage. Maybe I should be working on an interceptor instead though, kind of like that time I protected Bob from a planet killing asteroid! As for duna... You should try flying on it powered by a tight beam Infared Laser.
  8. As a side note.. I can't help but wonder how many Brigadoon's will show up on Bob now that we've confirmed they exist?!
  9. Yes, but do you have a rainbow space station with modular lattice super structure?
  10. Nope, but good that he's back! It's interesting because you never know quite who will return from the void these days. Eh well, Pax Pacifica was fun while it lasted! Any excuse for a party..
  11. Hadn't bought one in quite some time.. given the last remaining significant threat to me has sort of vanished from the face of the planet, I figured now'd be a good time to return to the moon. *nods*
  12. DNN, Dragonisia's Premier News Network Dragonisian news came on its usual broadcast channel with a special report... "In celebration of Pacifican ascension into the top rungs of international influence, Dragonisia has elected to return to the moon. In a secret launch, DASA was given the go-ahead this morning setting off a global panic of a thermonuclear war between itself and some of the other powers.. something something about Maelstrom having finally achieved his dream of being at the top of the world and now going out with a bang were soon shot down with the announcement that it was actually simply a launch of the initial colony equipment. The base has been established and is operational as of the time of this announcement so as to ensure propagandist success as we would not want to talk about it if we failed miserably.. we'd rather stick to some glum corner of the room." Maelstrom, who currently serves as planetary Governor of Bob rather than Emperor, given that Snowflash Vortex, his son recently inherited the Multi-Dimensional, Multi-Universal, Trans-Temporal Empire's throne.. announced that additional changes would be coming soon. "I have now my son to think about so spontaneous self-destruction is no longer an inherent risk to the planet. I will not be going rogue any time soon.. I think.. so the rest of you should calm yourselves down. We just like space.. a lot.. completely normal for beings capable of flight naturally to want to go up even higher. We've been to mars, but we're not sure Bob will even be around for the completion of a Mars mission so we're sticking with the moon in case we have to do an emergency evacuation of the planet. After all, global warming and nuclear winter are really baring down hard on this old world, and you never know when quantum reality might blink and the thing simply case to exist." The blue scaled broadcaster continued. "Some of you may wonder how dragons even get into space.. the answer is a very large cargo bay and more boosters than even the gods would dare fit on a single spacecraft." "There you have it folks.. per the Emperor Emeritus, there is no longer a threat of Dragon roguery, we're just returning to the moon; quantum mechanics poses the greater existential threat. That's all from DNN for now, have a nice day."
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