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  1. Maelstrom Vortex

    Transdimensional Invasion

    First Steps Maelstrom put on his new uniform and quietly put his flintlocks and his ammo belt around his waistline. The portal hummed to life as Tank and Gild configured its aim for the chosen incursion location. They had select a plaza. He looked like one of the citizens of the targeted world in his new outfit. Given this world had dragons and beings that perpetually portaled in and out, he would seem innocuous among its citizens. The gate crackled and hissed and snapped as the portal slowly opened. Maelstrom looked back to Koudoawaia who gave him a nod. Snowflash, his son gave him a hug around his hips. Maelstrom would likely scratch Snowflash's scales around the base of his growing horns. "Nay worry, I will return. And this world may hold more promise than we might have ever hoped for here." "Be safe, A'meo." The little one said. "I miss you." He sighed and patted Snowflash gently before pulling away gently and stepping through the portal. The first difference was the smell of the air. Irradiated air filled with hostile particulates had a distinct, putrid, somewhat ozone like smell, he didn't get that here at all. Bob, on the other hand.. was a war torn world where you would struggle to avoid such odors. This air, by comparison smelled pure. He glanced around where he had exited.. He was in a plaza among some very tall structures. Dozens of people around, none seemed even aware he had arrived and they continued to mill about as if his presence were the norm, even though his figure was titanic by comparison to them. "Well, that's different..." Then he saw his first meta-human fly overhead without wings, seemingly powered by their will alone. His head canted at the odd, seemingly impossible sight. "Surely this place has great magic..." He remembered the teachings of his A'mea and A'meo back on Istaria, he put his claws out to his sides and felt the sudden tinging of immense energy. "Wow, it is definitely here..." He slowly drew it in, crafted it, shaped it, and then vented the energies into the surrounding air. It took form, making a funnel beneath him as the primal induced winds levitated him from the ground. He felt an old friend crackle across his form as lightning traveled from the tip of one talon up his shoulders and arcing over his back down his other shoulder to his other talon tip. Primal lightning was easily drawn here. A broad smile crossed his muzzle. He began to meditate.. plunging the depths of the well to see just how much power was in this world and found the depths of it to be vast, so much so it had trickled into the human population. He stepped down.. and headed towards a social hot spot, a pub that was peculating with activity nearby. He shifted to his khutit form and entered the building and once inside began to mingle. He soon discovered he was in Millenium City, formerly Detroit.. on yet another parallel Earth. This one appeared particularly unique, serving as a nexus between many worlds, planes and dimensions. Beings ranged from nefarious to heroic as you would find on any world. But one thing was fundamental here, the power of nation states in the traditional means had diminished in comparison to the powers of the individual with some feared more than entire conventional nations. Maelstrom resolved to take advantage of this, to gather individuals of like minds and capabilities to withstand even the fall of one of Dragonisia's home worlds. They would not go quietly into the night, they would instead give it the grandest fight to remain in existence. He walked around surveying the marvels of this new world and began to look for a place to call home. In an ad, he caught a message from one of the world's conventional powers (Russia). They were retiring an old moon base. Isolated.. distant from interference, barely known.. such a location would make a perfect beach head. He took note of the price, one that Dragonisia could easily pay if they would accept inter-dimensional currency, and it appeared they would based on the ad which had many exchange values listed. They still accepted gold. Maelstrom could get that. There would likely be few bidders on this world that would want it as much or pay for it as well as the Empire could, especially if he kept the acquisition secret. He soon discovered by inquiry that the reason that the air was so pure was there were individuals who had powers related to plant life who had the ability to purge it of pollutants. The only way this world would die, is utter calamity. Not entirely impossible given the thrall over which nature was held by its occupants. It seemed most, for now.. were constructive. He would contact the authorities of this earth, a group known as the MCP. He registered himself and his abilities in line with their laws and applied for an embassy. With that stroke of the pen, his intent to bring the Empire to this world was sealed. He would step back to the portal to give his report to the Council and to begin mobilization of the needed resources.
  2. Maelstrom Vortex

    While you guys war.....

    *snorts* Defending.. is that what you call it?
  3. Maelstrom Vortex

    While you guys war.....

    I can understand clinging to your principles. You do not think any alliance out there still represents your values that is active?
  4. Maelstrom Vortex

    While you guys war.....

    The Dominoes are slowly falling old friend. That campfire at the end of Bob is slowly getting warmer, as in closer.
  5. Well Musqueda was kind of a special situation that really inspired the propagandist in me. Right now the only propaganda I could make would just be speaking of Pacifica's greatness as we have no significant entity perceived as directly threatening at this time. In summary. I have no idea who I should propagandize against, if any. All is well. Dragonisia is spanning worlds. We're even invading two others, another Earth (Champions Online has a Dragon Empire of Dragonisia Super Group now with actual citizens) and Orbis. I'd ask you to join us in our expansion, but I'm not sure that you're in a place to do that currently.
  6. Maelstrom Vortex

    While you guys war.....

    Plan b.
  7. Maelstrom Vortex

    Transdimensional Invasion

    Preparations Days later, Tank and Gild had joined Maelstrom, Emperess Koudoawaia Vortex had finally used the gift to return from the long years long sleep of death and awaken at their binding shrine in their lair below the palace. They had shed their false forms imitating humanity completely, Koudoawaia, a gorgeous black dragoness with white underbelly scales patterned like a tuxedo admonished her Sebeo, "I told you blending in here was futile. The fact I had to remain asleep for so long to hide what we are was not pleasant." "They had to think you dead. The concept of Immortality on this planet would have caused panic, confusion, and most of all they would look into how to do it themselves including and up to potentially torturing it out of us." Maelstrom replied. "We still need to keep your living secret.. but only as long as we reside here." The old grey storm dragon sighed. The sound of hammers rang through the halls as in the room adjacent the transit portal was being construct. As tank and Gild worked, Koudoa and Mael quietly flipped through alternate dimensions and universes checking out the known co-ordinates of Sol and other habitable systems. "On Fire.. at war.. freezing.. at war... destined to be consumed by green house effect(our actual reality and yes, he would skip over it).. extinction events in progress due to super volcanoe.. no magic whatsoever rendering our primal magic impotent.. ahhh.. what is this one?" He had stopped on a world that was filled with humans and other races that appeared to wield a variety of powers. It was developed, had a strong force of protectors.. He remembered a teaching of Magnival Lunus, Where there is strength, go.. make it your own. He continued to study this world in depth and came to eventually realize that it already had denizens of many different universal parallels and dimensions. It was an extremely rare, Nexus World. "I think we have a winner Koudoa. I'll have to study this a few more days, but what do you think?" She smiled, "It looks interesting. I like their culture quite a bit. I'll like it more if they have guinea pigs to keep as pets." He sighed and shook his head, "Still wanting that guinea pig farm, eh?" "You know it." She shoulder bumped him. "I will check for guinea pigs." He gave a contented smile. "I'll also forward the findings about this world to our parents if I discover it meets all of the needed conditions. See if they still want to join us based on our destination." As he spoke a dragon like entity waked across the observation portal, "Hey! Look! They have creatures like us!" Koudoa perked up, her ears going vertical. Maelstrom raised an eye ridge, "I wonder if they are also Istarian..." He shook his head, "I haven't heard of anyone else traveling off world, doesn't mean it has not happened in our absence over these past couple hundred years." Kou reminded Maelstrom, "You know it's possible our families won't want to abandon their homes.. maybe.. if we do go there we could make a portal back home so they can bounce between? Maybe even keep one here on Bob til.. you know.. the inevitable. I mean after all, we have so much here, we don't want to leave these people in their greatest time of need." Maelstrom nodded, "Sure love. It may also convince Tank and Gild to continue to serve in our Research Department." Rising from his seat, the 21 foot tall dragon in advanced khutit form walked on two legs to a far wall. He pulled off his ammo belt and holster for his flintlocks, which in this form were the size of howitzers and slung them over his shoulder. "Where you going?" Kou asked. "I am going to check on Tank and Gild.. see if the portal can transport at least one. If so, I am going to do some early reconnaissance of this world, make sure it is suitable for us." He studied the clothing of the natives and walked down the hall towards the Imperial Tailor with a pattern in mind. Koudoa followed on his heels, "You won't be gone long?" Maelstrom shook his head, "No more than a day if all goes well." "Be safe will you love? That world looks particularly dangerous in that all of our abilities can see parity in its occupants, some even surpass them." Kou said in concern. "I'll be sure to be very cautious and try to blend in what I can. Fortunately, it looks like entities like us are far more common there." He arrived at the tailor and briefly sketched a new uniform for himself to use on the destination world. "It looked from their signs like they are using a variant of english as well." Kou said, "So.. I would speak that instead of trying Eilert Erdoten, unless it's with someone like us." Mael nodded. "Worry not, I noted that as well." The tailor took his measurements again and updated them, then commented, "Sir.. I know it's not really my place, but as your friend you should really drop some of your carb in take." The green dragon spoke in Eilert Erdoten. "Don't worry Chai. I've already done so. went to a diet drink that has Splenda in it. I'm sure the tonnage should shed fairly quickly." Mael sighed. He was already his own worst critic, but he knew his friend was only speaking from concern. "Ah, this is good." Chai smiled as he finished the measurements, "Give us a few hours, your Majesty." The tailor nodded. Maelstrom nodded. He carried his belt and rounds to the portal room and put them on a rack so that they would be there for him when he departed and hung them on a hook. Koudoa observed him racking the weapons and quietly spoke, "You know.. it's possible on this new world you won't need those.. the magic is strong enough there our primal magic may return..." Maelstrom nodded, "That's the point.. I miss my absolute mastery of the skies. If it is so, building the Empire's outpost.. will be simplicity. But I don't want to be without a fall back plan if the magic doesn't work."" He looked to the portal.. the hours of wait to enter it would pass like a small eternity. Such was his anticipation to feel the power of primal force surge through his veins once more. To feel the skies bond to him and his will, the more he thought, the more he craved.
  8. Maelstrom Vortex

    GATO Announcement

    All three excellent recipients, good choices GATO.
  9. Maelstrom Vortex

    Transdimensional Invasion

    Maelstrom had lead Dragonisia back to independence. He headed a movement for autonomy, a gentle break away from the empire that had seized most of Asia.. and restored its old domains. But he wearied of this world and knew it was slowly in the process of rotting from its many wars and radioactive fallout. He initiated a program to use Istarian portal technology to find valid alternate instances of Bob/Earth that may support life and the citizens of the Empire. It would be a very long project.The first part of his project, would be to open a portal home. He would need more tinker gnomes and that was the only place to get them. Istaria was his home of origin, though he served the Dragon Star Empire in this realm, he had not been born among them and collaboration with them had always been intended as a stepping stone to greater projects. He stepped back through an old portal that had been long covered in a tarp. Once he went back on Istaria he looked for the two gnomes that had forged his first portal off of Istaria to Sigil, the city of doors. Tank and Gild, had been servants of his A'meo, (Father) Stratus. His appearance took them by great suprise as they still worked in his old lab. "Maelstrom? Holy.. by Telak! We thought we'd never see you again! Your father has been getting your messages, but.. " "It's good to see you again too Tank." Maelstrom smiled. "You look so different, is it true you're ruling an empire on another world?" Gild stated as he stared at Maelstrom's stately uniform. "It is, and we need your help. Our world is dieing. It is time to move on." Mael stated. Tank was confused about something, "But.. your eyes are glowing green, almost like they're filled with blight, are you okay?" Maelstrom shook his head. "Reincarnated repeatedly after being hit by to many weapons the hominids on Bob call nukes. Radiation from it can make things glow an eerie green. It may subside in time, but I'm likely stuck like this forever. If it weren't for the gift and the bind to the plane of life energies, I'd be long dead." The two gnomes looked at each other and looked back to him, "So.. what do you need us to do?" Maelstrom sighed, "We're doing a dimensional survey. We have to find a new candidate for a world to jump to. So the first thing we will need is an observation portal, and then we'll need a full on gate. Time is not critical, the decay of Bob is slow, but the matter should be treated with some urgency in the event it accelerates. I have everything you need on the other side. Hopefully the world I will be moving to will be a little less on war, a little more on magic attunement to the mystic planes.. so let A'meo, A'mea, A'meo by Bond and A'mea by Bond know that I am moving and they may wish to come with me, but if they do not I understand. Istaria's not all that bad, if you like.. endless warfare between life and death. Once you've done that, I'll meet you on the other side." He stepped back through. The gnomes set to their business. Maelstrom waited. Petram had risen and fallen, Orbis was an invasion in progress, a dieing Bob had him 7th in the world and dominated by his alliance and its allies.. but that wasn't enough for this Emperor. He always, ever, had his sights on the stars and what was beyond them. In Franco's name, he will order the stars again.
  10. Maelstrom Vortex

    Notice to the New Pacific Order

    One watt LED? *chortle*
  11. Maelstrom Vortex

    Notice to the New Pacific Order

    I have the biggest mouth on Bob as given by my lengthy muzzle and you'd be surprised how amusing rambling at you is on a dull day on the Throne. How do you know you aren't already subject to the 5 lights? You live the reality we have imposed upon you whether you will it or not. I don't need a carrot, the stick is working just fine. Dragons don't call it 'whipping a dead horse'. We call it 'tenderizing the meat'.
  12. Maelstrom Vortex

    Notice to the New Pacific Order

    I already understand your premise. I call it influence from the bottom up. The question is are you really manipulating them or are you both getting exactly what you want? Sometimes situations work out odd that way.
  13. Maelstrom Vortex

    While you guys war.....

    Unless you're driving for recruitment and trying to grow again Horus you should really reconsider a new home to spare you from the raiders, or at least look into being someone's protectorate.
  14. Maelstrom Vortex

    Notice to the New Pacific Order

    The true reason for being PZI'd, is despite any potential you may have, your execution gets in your own way.. to the point no one will intervene on your behalf. This is a time of self-reflection. Consider why the world doesn't care if you burn. As I said, I have hope you will rise above this, as life usually finds a way.. especially when it cannot be extinguished, only backed into a corner. Your box is made, traditional means of escape are not possible. There are 5 lights.