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  1. Good luck man. There are a few leftist alliances around already though. At the very least approach them about protection/treaties.
  2. Join Kashmir, we'll help you with everything you want to do my dude ?
  3. In the near future NSO may no longer be gracing us with their presence but I know the spirit of the Sith will live on forever on this Bob.
  4. Keep your pseudo-philosophical musings out of this thread about tangible-cyber-things.
  5. You took hakai's bait. We know you like the idea of using your strength to bully your way into war against me and Kashmir. It's a shame you don't see the irony of claiming to have the moral high ground here.
  6. I did. I made a gif to explain it clearly to you and your poets.
  7. Not so much nuked a former TDO guy as nuked a nation on None, who I was trying to recruit in a fun way. I declared war on WillyPete with the reason: "Join Kashmir" and did not launch any attacks until I talk again, here, at the end of these logs. At which point we began launching attacks against eachother. This is where WillyPete started getting upset. Here is where jalap swoops in and asks me to stop raiding WillyPete. I refused because I took offense to being called pathetic. I informed jalap that I would continue raiding until the war expired. I'm not the evil and unreasonable person jalap is making me out to be. Sure I'm not the most polite guy but I WillyPete wasn't exactly innocent either. What I can see happening here is, jalap's upset that his AA is going through some technical difficulties in-game and is venting his frustration by attacking me and strong-arming my alliance for a raid that he himself has acknowledged legal. This was a squabble between myself and WillyPete that jalap stuck his nose into. I can provide all of the logs between myself and WillyPete and myself and jalap. I've posted a lot of them here already. I would like to point out that the message that jalap has called "disrespectfull" was my reply to WillyPete's peace offering, which was the following:
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